3. ARK: Survival Evolved Story walkthroughUpdate notes

In case you skipped the first few pages; this game can no longer be completed without purchasing the Genesis Pass DLC. If you are playing ARK through Game Pass, you will not be able to get the 100% as the Perfect Explorer achievement requires content from the DLC.

HOWEVER... again, there may be a workaround. There is a code that will (currently) allow you to attain the items from the Genesis Pass DLC. Therefore, unless you want to play the DLC content, do not purchase it until you try these methods.

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First Moves

Let's make sure those DLC achievements pop! That way you know whether or not the paid DLC is required.

EDIT (5 Oct 2020): A patch has changed the previous method. The following steps currently work. (Future patches may similarly change things.)

Press cn_back, then press (simultaneously) cn_X + cn_Y + cn_LB + cn_RB. Next, enter this code, and press ADMIN COMMAND: GiveAllExplorerNotes

These should then pop:

Next, we'll need to manually get one note. Enter: setplayerpos 327200 -332000 -43000

Move forward and open the box in front of you to obtain one note. Afterwards, re-enter this: GiveAllExplorerNotes

The following achievements should then pop:

If all of these popped, you're ready to go! YOU ALSO WILL NOT NEED THE DLC.

If this crashes your game, don't fret. Reload the game and keep going.

Miscellaneous achievements

Pause, then press (simultaneously) cn_X + cn_Y + cn_LB + cn_RB. Next, enter this code, and press ADMIN COMMAND: cheat setplayerpos 0 340000 -49000
No need to resume, it will pop in the pause menu.

Now switch to this code: cheat setplayerpos -97500 -51700 46000
This will spawn you at the highest peak. I wasn't able to calculate the exact point, but this will get you to the plateau. You will need to unpause and walk around a bit, or go down a slope a little.

The next is simple: survive your first day and night. Pause and enter this code: cheat settimeofday 06:30:00
If the achievement doesn't pop, enter it again and go through another day.

Now let's see some dinosaurs!!

Enter this code: summon rex_character_bp_c

You'll see the T-Rex spawn right over you. Quickly: resume, look up at the T-Rex, and pause again.
Then type: dotame
You'll have the opportunity to name your dino, and this will pop:

Unfortunately, you need a saddle to ride owned dinos. So spawn another T-Rex (summon rex_character_bp_c), but this time use this code: forcetame
You can ride this T-Rex. Walk up to its leg and press Y. Walk around a bit for:

We're going to repeat with another dino. Spawn and ride a Giganotosaurus by typing: summon gigant_character_bp_c
Forcetame it and ride it.

Now dismount. If you die falling off, it's okay. Just respawn.

Type: addexperience 99999999 0 0
Press B to go into your inventory, and level yourself up to level 105 by clicking on the + signs on the right to boost your stats.

NOTE: The title updates for this game have increased the level cap to 115, so you will have to enter this command instead:

playercommand AbAscend3
Skip the credits and respawn
addexperience 1000000000000 1 0

If you have a physical copy, uninstall the game and go offline. Install the game disc again, start a new game, enter the code and level up to 100. Go back to the main menu and go online, your achievement will unlock at that point.

Flying Time!

Now for exploration! You're going to summon a flying creature, pump up its stats so that it flies faster, and then go back and forth across the map in order to have "explored" 80% of the world. You can take a look at your map by pressing the cn_back button. But first, we'll get another achievement in the process.

Enter: summon ptero_character_bp_c
Then: forcetame
Press Y to ride the dino, then: addexperience 99999999 0 0
Then press X. Go to the right of the screen where the + signs are, and increase the stats of the dino. Once you've allocated all the points and the pterosaur is at level 75, you'll get this.

However, this isn't enough to keep this next achievement from being agonizingly slow...but there's a fix for that. Dino speeds have been reduced dramatically. So we get aaround that by speeding up THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Enter: slomo 7

This speeds your world up by 7 times. (You can adjust this if you like.) Now it's just a matter of flying back and forth across the map until the achievement pops. You can press LS to get more speed. If you press RB, you can get a first-person view while flying. That way you can keep an eye on your map to see if you're missing any gaps.

When you've finished, you're going to want the world to go back to normal speed: slomo 1

The Cure

Next, the one rather miscellaneous achievement in the game. You to cure yourself of swamp fever. The problem is...you don't have it yet. Have no fear! We'll go get it!

First, the antidote so you can, well, cure yourself. This is a long code, and it breaks the walkthrough code. Copy it exactly as written below, except delete the space in "/Items/ Consumables"

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/ Consumables/BaseBPs/PrimalItemConsumable_CureLow.PrimalItemConsumable_CureLow'" 1 0 0

Now you need to get infected: cheat summon Leech_Character_Diseased_C

The cute little leech will attach itself to you. Press B to get to your inventory, then RT on the antidote. Pop! (You may need to quit the game to get rid of the little fella.)

NOTE: This is tremendously glitchy. You may have to turn off God mode and infinite stats, quit your game app and reload it, or start a new character to either get the leech to latch onto you, poison you, or detach from you.


For this next part, we need to kill some nasty bosses. Make sure you have god and infinitestats enabled. Also, make sure the boss moves around a little so the game recognizes that it is present. After killing the bosses, make sure you stick around long enough for their hologram card to be added to your collectible list.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

And for all three:


Here's where the fun begins. There are a lot of collectibles in ARK.

First, let's get the Artifacts. Most of them can be spawned wherever it's convenient, like on the beach. Here are the codes:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

And now you get this!


Please note: The following list of codes should no longer be necessary in order to achieve 100%, as the code GiveAllExplorerCodes should now grant you all of these. However, I am leaving these in the guide in case they are needed for a future update. As this point, you can ignore them for now.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

As of the title update on 7/18/2017, additional dossiers have been added. However, the achievements in the base game only require the dossiers below. You will receive separate achievements as you progress; these are related to the title update, but all collectibles contribute progress toward those. More in the next section.

Creature dossiers:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

NOTE: As of v755, I've been told that this has popped after the dinosaurs above have been entered. If it doesn't, it should pop after the next section. All of these are required for the title update achievements.


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

And with that, these should pop:

Whew! All of that cutting and pasting is making me want to get something to drink. Cheers! toast

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