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Posted on 28 July 19 at 09:28
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Welcome to my review for Ascendance: First Horizon. A first person adventure game, with a puzzle element to a game that came out a while back named Refunct. Similar in appearance and price. Is this worth getting? Read on.

As many here will be wanting to know, I'll clarify for you right now. Ascendance is a reasonably quick game, that with a guide can be done I a round an hour. Depends how quick you are following a guide, as each of the three levels have ten collectables. Otherwise it's a straightforward completion for the full 1000g on offer.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Ascendance is very similar to another Indie title Refunct. With the main difference being that Ascendance has three levels to complete instead of just the one. Working your way through a level requires that you head towards the bean of light to activate it and spawn in new sections of the level as you go. New platforms, jump pads and even moving platforms will appear, allowing you to practice your parkour and complete each level. Nothing overly difficult, and even without a guide, it's not a difficult affair, and you'll only really need help in finding all hidden collectables, as some are previously hidden.

Ascendance offers a low poly look, with vibrant colours which makes it look like the contrast has been set to high on your TV, and this was a bit much even for me, as I do like colourful games. But aside from this, the game is fairly basic looking, with all the pillars and platforms dotting the landscapes.

Accompanying the game is a relaxing and chilled soundtrack, that gives the sense of euphoric feelings, but eventually fades into the background, and left me almost ignoring it. Not that it's a terrible experience, but it doesn't give off that "wow" factor. In the end, you can take it or leave it.

Controls are simplistic, in that you can kove around and jump. That's it really, and given that it's as simple as it gets, youd expect the controls to be tight and responsive. However, it feels loose and fidgety when trying to land a jump or aim for a small platform, and often you may will end up falling off the level into the water below.

Overall, Ascendance is a game youd buy for that sweet 1000g boost to your total Gamerscore. Not the worst ever, but there is nothing special about it either. Just bang average truth be told. Grab a guide for the collectables, and around an hour later you'll be removing it from your HDD and moving onto something new.

Developer: Onevision Games
Publisher: Onevision Games
Release Date: 9th May 2019
Price: £4.99

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