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Aaero Achievements

Most Earned

Kicking It5 (5)Complete 'Bass Cannon' on Normal
Brightness5 (5)Complete 'Pure Sunlight' on Normal
No points for you! (0)Fail a track
Sequenz abgeschlossen6 (5)Complete 'Sequenz' on Normal

Least Earned

You can stop now10 (10)Complete 'I Can't Stop' on Master
Unfiltered electromagnetic radiation10 (10)Complete 'Pure Sunlight' on Master
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl10 (10)Complete 'Stigma' on Master
Omega10 (10)Complete 'The Edge of Tomorrow' on Master
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Aaero Achievement List Revealed

We have just picked up the achievement list for Aaero. There are 66 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 4 of which are secret

Posted yesterday by Rich Stone, 3 comments

Aaero Developers Provide Release Date for Upcoming Rhythmic Shooter

Mad Fellows, the developer behind the upcoming space-shooter rhythm game hybrid Aaero, have announced the release date for their upcoming title, and it is only a few weeks away.

Posted yesterday by Chanse Wareham, 1 comment

ID@Xbox Brings Many Titles to GDC17

At ID's fourth Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft showcased 46 titles between a press preview event and the Microsoft Lobby.

Posted 15 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 12 comments

Screenshot Saturday March 11th: The Long Dark, Days of War, Aaero and More

Last weekend saw many developers and publishers attend PAX East. For those of you who were unable to attend, they provided screenshots and gifs for their upcoming titles. We have images from 16 titles for you to peruse.

Posted 16 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 3 comments

Weekend Headlines Feb 24-26th Part 2: Updates, Dates, Trailers and Screens

Now that all of the announcements are out of the way, lets look at all of the other news to creep out of the weekend. We have updates, release dates, trailers and screenshots to peruse.

Posted 27 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 3 comments

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