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Posted on 20 October 17 at 13:40, Edited on 20 October 17 at 13:40
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Welcome to the latest addition from Artifex Mundi, as usual it is a point and click/hidden object game with some puzzles thrown in for good measure. Despite owning a fair few of their titles this is my first outing so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The premise of the game is, your partner has gone missing on his latest scuba diving expedition and you go out searching for him. Simple right? Until you get to where he went missing and find Rapture Eden. The similarities between Bioshock's Utopian world are great but that isn't such a bad thing. It gives for a beautifully designed environment where lots of small details add up to a nice world to explore. The graphics are well done and the transition between cutscenes and gameplay are smooth so you don't lose that immersion. There are some cheap jumpscares in there but none seemed to affect me and i'm easily scared.

Gameplay is as you'd expect, you search for items to help you progress through Eden, some are used in the same area but most require some backtracking to previous rooms . Some sort of fast travel between areas would have been nice, I did get lost a couple of times backtracking but that might have been on me. Hidden object puzzles one of the most common puzzles to get story items. They're really well done though and don't suffer from the cluttered mess that similar games give you to make it harder. Most of the objects are hidden in plain sight and they fit in with the surroundings. If these aren't your thing though you can do the whole game without doing a single one. Instead, a press of down on the d-pad will let you play a game of dominoes instead. You'll need to create a line of dominoes that go over each blue symbol, each of which count as an object in the puzzle. This is a nice alternative if you're struggling with a particular one. Other than that there are some random puzzles in there which you may struggle with but overall aren't too taxing.

Sound wise it's pretty forgettable, I can't recall any background music or effects while playing so I was either engrossed in the story or there weren't much. Dialog is ok but the voice acting could be improved but I get this isn't a AAA game so it's passable.

Achievements are mostly easy, you will need 2 playthroughs of the whole game and one playthrough of the dlc story from the pc release to get the full 1000. You're looking at 3-4 hours per playthrough without a guide and 2-3 with one. I'd suggest going solo on the first run as it makes it so much more enjoyable.

Overall, a pretty fun game for point and click fans. Decent gameplay and easy gamerscore which everyone loves.
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