1. Adam's Venture: Origins Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello and thank you for reading this Walkthrough for Adam's Venture: Origins. This is a a relatively quick and easy completion, as 13 of the mere 15 achievements are story-related. There is one collectible achievement that only requires three simple interactions, two of which are in the first level. The remaining achievement is easily unlocked at the very beginning of the game. But if you should manage to miss anything, there’s a chapter select feature. The TA ratio is low for a reason.

Aside from a few somewhat tricky stealth segments, the gameplay consists of puzzles and grappling hook swinging. There’s some fairly linear portions of this game and sometimes I’ll use language like “continue down the path/corridor/etc.” that may seem vague at first glance but are really all that’s need to describe some bits. For the sake of brevity, you won’t see things like “walk forward, then turn left, then turn right, then...” in this walkthrough when there’s only one direction for the player to go. Also, at several points in the game you’ll need to wait for lines of dialogue to conclude before you can interact with objects or progress. I do not mention it when this happens, just know that if interact prompts aren’t appearing, it’s probably because you need to wait a moment.

That being said, Adam’s Venture is a game you may need to play with the brightness setting turned up. On the default setting you may find yourself struggling to find the way ahead simply because it was too dark to see. So make things easier on yourself and turn that brightness up if you need to.

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