3. Adam's Venture: Origins Story walkthroughUpdate notes


Our story begins with our hero sleeping in a chair. Ignore the man talking to him and don’t press the button to wake up. After a wait, you’ll unlock the first achievement of the game.

Heavy sleeper

How can you sleep at a time like this?

Heavy sleeper
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

After the conversation with Adam's father, spin the globe with Y before leaving the office. We’ll do this twice more in the game, earning another achievement. The next globe is coming up soon, but there’s a bit of a wait for the third and final one. I’ll point it out when we come to it.

Open the door and go down the hallway to the right. Continue outside into the rain and then reenter the building. Turn right at the sign for the gallery and speak to the woman standing there. Evelyn is Adam's father's assistant and she introduces the first puzzle of the game.

You need to match the portraits with the heraldry symbols hung above them on the wall:

- The man with the moon behind him goes to the far left
- To his right is the man with the old fashioned record player
- In the center is the man with the snake around his shoulders
- Center right is the portrait with the birdcage in the background
- far right is the man in the military uniform

The code word is "LUMEN". Head back that way you came, cross the hallway then approach the locked door. You need to spell out LUMEN in order to unlock the door. The wheels on the left are connected - turning an inner ring will turn the outer rings as well.

Highlight the far left section and turn the wheel until it reaches "L". Turn the outermost ring until the “U” of the middle ring and the “M” of the middle ring line up. Then turn the middle ring until the “UM” lines up with the “L”. Then simply turn the right rings to line the “E” and “N” up with the rest, spelling LUMEN.


Once through the door, look for a large globe against the back wall, on the right side of this library. Press Y to spin this globe. (Globetrotter 2/3)

Head to the other side of the room and look for a large bookcase with a few ladders attached to the shelves. We need to move these ladders around on tracks until they’re lined up in the correct order on the right side. The ladder on the middle shelf is the top segment, the bottom right ladder is the middle, and the bottom left ladder is the bottom piece. I will refer to these ladders as T, M, and B, respectively.

Move ladder M from the bottom right up to the top right.

Move ladder T from the middle row right, down, and left, to the spot where M just was.

Move B left, up, all the way right, and down. Should be next to ladder T.

Move M down and to the left, to the middle row.

Move T right, up, and left. Should be next to ladder M.

Move B all the way down and to the right, tucking it back where T just was.

Move T back to the right and down, next to B.

Move M back to the top rightmost spot, where it was before.

Move T back to the middle of the middle row.

Move M to the bottom right, next to B.

Almost done now, move T right and up.

Move M up under ladder T.

Move B to the right, under ladder M.

For those who prefer a video guide, here’s one that doesn’t take the quickest path to the solution, but will still get you there in a couple minutes. https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=51s&v=Z6AX5yjyrrE

Press Y to climb the assembled ladder, then head left once on top of the shelf to find the book you’re looking for and grab it with Y. Press RS to crouch and enter the passageway that opens up. Follow the passageway until you end up back in a corridor. Follow this corridor to a door, open it to enter the office you began the game in. Grab the book from the desk and use it on the fireplace, finishing this chapter.

Dominus Illuminatio Mea

Completed the Oxford episode.

Dominus Illuminatio Mea
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline



Dust yourself off, grab the hook from the crate to the right and go through the gate. Use the grappling hook with X to swing over the gap, pressing B to release the hook once on the other side. It may take a moment to get into the swing of things (pun intended) since it requires more precision than most swinging mechanics in games, but it’s nothing that can’t be mastered with a bit of practice.

Drop down and approach the next gap. Press X to hook the raised bridge and then mash X to pull the bridge down. Cross the bridge, pressing A to jump the gap. Be warned, you can absolutely fall to your death in this game, there’s no invisible walls keeping you from doing so. Carefully make your way down this shaft, dropping down to the next level when you can. Take the stairs, then swing across the center of the shaft once you run out of stairs. Drop down a few more times to make it to the bottom of the shaft.

Go through the passageway, up the stairs (Adam won’t go through the other gate yet) and open the double doors. Approach the “Dominus Illuminatio Mea” on the floor and interact with the lever to reveal a large map of the world. This opens the gate in the previous room, return there and go through it, descending the stairs. Cross the bridge and grab the glowing plate you see resting against the far wall - below the torch - then turn left and swing across the gaps. You’ll need to chain these swings together, pressing X when the prompt appears at the end of each swing. Once again, this can take a bit of practice but you’ll get the hang of it.

Continue on, looking for another glowing trinket next to a couple of torches and the white and red shield of a long-dead crusader. The two remaining glowing objects you need to collect will also be found next to torches and a shield, just continue hook swinging across the gaps until you reach them.

Once you’ve got them all, head through the passage to the left and climb up to return to the bottom of the shaft. Then go back to the room with the large map. Interact with the four podium-like things around the map to use the glowing pieces. This pinpoints a location on the map and ends this chapter.

All roads lead to Luz

Completed the Oxford Dungeon episode.

All roads lead to Luz
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline



Talk to the mailman to learn that his car has broken down. Talk to him a second time to be given a wrench. Head to the car and examine the engine. Move the pieces of wire around to connect both sides.

Get back in your car to end this brief chapter.

Pairing up

Completed the Road to Luz episode.

Pairing up
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline



Interact with the red doors when you can, then drag the wooden crate and move it onto the blue conveyor belt at right. Examine the boiler to the right of the elevator. Press the +12 button, then +8, then the -5 button, activating the elevator. Follow Evelyn up the ladder and speak to Professor Jacques. Climb the crates to the left and pull down the bridge with your grapple.

Cross the bridge and interact with the open control panel for the windmill. Plot the correct path through the panel, which is as follows:


Zip line to the next rooftop and grapple the two bridges down. Take the left bridge to another rooftop with another windmill panel puzzle. The solution:


Zip line to the next building, climb the ladder and solve the final windmill panel puzzle. The solution:


Zip line back to the previous roof, take the bridge to the one before that, then take the other bridge you lowered earlier over to where the professor is waiting. Go down the ladder once the hatch is open.



The third and final globe we need to spin is in this room, between a closed wooden door and a tan cloth or tapestry of some sort. Assuming you didn’t miss the two globes in the first chapter, you should unlock an achievement.


You've spun all the globes around.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Interact with the projector on the table and change the nine dots until all six lights are on at once. There are a few solutions but this one will work:

Top row: Outer ring, middle ring, middle ring.

Middle row: Center ring, center ring, outer ring.

Bottom row: Center ring, middle ring, outer ring.

Head through the doorway, go down the stairs, and through the teal door. Follow the street into a graveyard. Interact with the four bells hanging from the archway. Ring the bells in this order: far left, far right, center left, center right, far right. Go down the stairs and turn left at the bottom. Grab the torch, then light it. Proceed into the crypt and burn through the large spider web at left. Crouch through the tunnel and pull the lever near the green glow in the next room. Inspect the now-accessible crate.

Onwards, to paradise!

Completed the Templar Church episode.

Onwards, to paradise!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline



Make your way through the canyon until you come to a crane. Head up and to the right and use the mine cart there. Use your Grappling Hook on the switch when you come to it to open the gate. At the end of the track, take the path that leads up to the left. When you meet the professor at the top of the path, retrace your steps and interact with the small wall covered in pipes that’s at the bottom of the path you just went up. Rotate the pipe segments until they’re all connected and there’s no “loose ends”.


Pull the lever to get some dynamite and return to the top of the path. Leave the dynamite near the red barrels and use the plunger near the Professor to set it off. Enter the cave you just made and then jump down the hole with a reckless disregard for your safety.



Make your way along until you see a giant stone head. Swing over the gap and take the path to the left. Continue through the narrow passageway and climb up until you reach a ledge you can hang from. Shimmy your way to the left across the gap. Go up the stairs. Pull down the bridge, swing across the gap, climb the ledges and then ride the zip line. Pull the lever to restart a waterfall and raise a circular elevator platform. Crouch through the tunnel and make your way down to this platform, riding it down further. Continue through the cave until the loading screen.



Cross the bridge and hook swing up to the ledge in front of you. (You’ll need to swing back and forth a few times to build up momentum.) Proceed into a large chamber with massive stone pillars. Pass the torch and the gymnast bars on the left side and turn around to see some ledges. Climb them, then turn around and hook swing from the two huge stone arches and land on the tall scaffolding in the distance. Turn left and pull the lever with your grapple.

Now you’ll need to jump down (don’t worry about fall damage, there is none) and repeat this same process with the ledges, scaffolding, and lever on the other side of the chamber. Drop down and grab the item from the sphere that you opened by pulling the levers. Exit the chamber.

Return to the chamber where you hook swung up to the ledge and swing up onto the ledge to the right. (The ledge that was to your left when you first entered this chamber.) Continue across the narrow stone bridge until it ends in a T intersection. To your left and right are levers you’ll need to pull with your grapple. Do so in order to open another sphere and grab the item inside it.

Return to the previous chamber, drop down, and interact with the pole. Rotate the pieces as follows: “So these three things remain”, “faith, hope, and love”, “but the greatest of these is love.” This will open a gate, grapple swing up and go through it.

Grab the item from the podium to the left, then pull down the bridge. Swing across a gap and interact with the puzzle on the wall. There’s five pieces you can turn to display different Roman numerals. Set the top right piece to V, the middle right piece to IV, and set the bottom row to II, VII, I. Proceed though the passageway.



Use the flame to light your torch, then burn the spiders web to clear the way to your right. Cross the bridge and go through the waterfall. Turn left and climb up the ledges, then pull down the nearby bridge. Cross it, jump down, then climb up to the platform and interact with a pole similar to the one from the previous chapter. Rotate the pieces to read: “Everything can distract you”, “Look beyond the material world”, “Take the leap of faith”. This opens a gate.

Ride the nearby zip line and go back through the waterfall. On the other side of this area is another waterfall, go through it and pick up the lever from behind the gate you opened. Head back through the waterfall, make a sharp right and use the lever on the slot and pull it. Hook swing through the waterfall.

Continue on through the cave and across the bridge to a puzzle similar to one we solved earlier. Set the top right dial to “VI”, then set the middle row as follows: II, VI, II. Finish the puzzle by setting the bottom row to: V, III, II. (Note that this is just one possible solution, there are others.) Go through the door.

Leap of faith

Completed the Leap of Faith episode.

Leap of faith
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline



Pull down the bridge, cross it, and enter the large room on the left. Descend the stairs and interact with another pole. Rotate the pieces to read: “I am the light who follows me”, “will never walk in darkness”, “but will have the light of life".

Continue towards the back of this room and climb up towards a platform with a purple light. Turn around and get ready for a series of hook swings that will take you to the other side of the room before turning around and leading towards a ledge high up in this chamber. Once up there, pull the lever, climb up and zip line across the chamber to another ledge. Pull the lever over there as well, then drop down to ground level. Push the head in front of the beam of light and into the correct spot to send the blue, yellow, and red beams into their respective points. Exit the room via the gate that opens.

Press onward and zip line across the gap. Ledge shimmy to the left, then drop down and follow the path. You’ll reach another of the Roman numeral puzzles. Set the top right to “VIII”, the middle row to VII, II, I, and the bottom row to II, VII, I. Enter the door.



Run along the shaky looking wooden walkway until you reach solid ground. No tricks here, just watch your footing and don’t fall. This next part isn’t the most straightforward but all you need to do is zip line down and go the only direction you can, climbing and jumping as needed. After another zip line climb up and cross some more shaky looking walkways. Crouch under the overhang and rope swing twice more on the other side of the walkway. After one more bridge and a rope swing, you’ll end the chapter.



Proceed forward up the stairs and climb up to the puzzle pole. Rotate the pieces to read: “The wind blows where it wills”, “And you hear its sound”, “So it is with all born of the spirit”. Head down to the large puzzle board and move the three objects over the pipes blowing air. Climb up and out of this area, then bear right and pull down a bridge. Continue on to see a small stone building on a small pond. Grab the object from inside, then continue on past the pond and climb up the series of ledges. When you reach the end, turn around, jump, and swing. Enter the tunnel.

Adam may yet surprise you!

Completed Eden's puzzles.

Adam may yet surprise you!
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline



Ride the zip line and take the path left. After the cutscene, look at the puzzle on the floor. Rotate the outer ring four times and the inner ring five times. Then place the pieces on the pillar in accordance with the symbols on the inner ring.

Knock knock...

Completed the Eden episode.

Knock knock...
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

After another scene, turn left and ride the mine cart. Exit the cart and continue on until you reach the plane.



Examine the door to get a hairpin from Evelyn and use it to pick the lock. Press the pins in this order: far right, center left, far left, center right.


You escaped the airport prison cell.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Take the zip line and continue right behind the building. You’ll need to dodge some spotlights. Wait for the light to move to the right, then go past it to the left between a shrub and a fuel storage depot. Proceed into a trench and follow it until the fork to the right, then go around the fence and into the building. The getaway car needs fuel so go through the garage and crouch through the hole in the wall of the building beyond.

Time for a stealth segment. Stay crouched and wait behind the shelves with boxes and keep an eye out for the guard. (Look for his lantern beam to see where he’s looking.) When the guard turns his back and walks away, head down the aisle behind him. When he gets to the end he does an abrupt about-face, so make sure you hide in the nook to the right. Once the guard continues on, go further down the aisle and turn right into the far back corner of this building. Interact with the glowing gas can. We’ll need two more.

Leave the way you came in and look for the guard. If you can, cross the aisle and hide behind the center shelves. When the coast is clear, head for the exit opposite the corner where you grabbed the fuel. Go right and crouch into another building. To your right should be an aisle, stealthily follow the guard down it. Take the first right you can, go under the shelves and turn right again once on the other side. The next gas can is on a crate down the aisle in front of you a short ways. Crouch behind these crates if you need to avoid the patrolling guard. If you continue this clockwise circuit of the room, you’ll be able to crouch under another shelf, then go under the shelf you did before. Avoid the guard and, as before, exit the building via the doorway in the right corner.

Head right towards the tents and enter the far one. Wait for the guard and the red light then exit the tent. Cross through the area with the covered tables and approach the fence with the airplane on the other side. Climb the ladder, jump the gap, and climb up another ladder. Head left, swing across, and drop down on the other side of the building. Go left to return to the getaway car.



Follow the road into town, turning left at the broken wall. Since the guard at right stops you, head through the gap to the left and go towards the tree, then into the building to the right. Climb the ladder inside, climb the stairs, and swing across the gap. Head through the market, drop down, and turn right. Continue on before going through an arch to the left. Follow the street until it ends in a wall with stairs left. Climb the wall and proceed to meet Evelyn. Follow her to a gate for a cutscene.

Turn 180 and follow the wall until you reach an awning, climb it. Swing twice - building momentum the second time - and climb up to find another boiler puzzle. Solution: -10,+7,-10,+7,-10,+7,-10.

Kill two stones with one bird

Completed the Jerusalem episode.

Kill two stones with one bird
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Climb down through the hatch and proceed through the now-open gate.



Enter the first tent you come to and interact with the board inside. Put the name tags in the correct spots, from top to bottom: William, Catherine, Brian, Alan, Rose, Thomas. Now that Adam and Evelyn have some borrowed uniforms and are armed with assumed names that’ll check out, proceed to the left to a panel near a tower. Turn the dials in the correct positions.


Climb the tower and ride the zip line. Talk to the guard in front of the tent down the path on the right. Use the radio inside and select the correct wires like the engine puzzle on the road to Luz. Exit the tent and follow the (very slow) soldier. Talk to him and then examine the boiler. Solution: -9, -9, -9, +23, -9.

Enter the gate to the right and drop down to solve another boiler puzzle. There’s no visible numbers on the buttons this time. Solution: Center, Center, Center-Right, Center. Climb the ladder, ride the zip line, and go left along the path until you reach the hole in the wall.



Examine the tree painting at the end of the room. Around this room are four pictures and lists of names. You’ll need to select the correct name to go along with each picture.

Planting tree: David
Sprouting tree: Shinea
Sapling: Shobab
Grown tree: Nathan

Interact with the central pillar to adjust the beam of light. Point it at the name “Solomon” and shine the beam through the red and blue lenses to project a purple beam.

Head through the door, drop down, go right and find the levers near the entrance the the maze of platforms. From left to right, pull the second and third levers. Go through the maze as far as you can go and pick up the lever on the ground. Put this lever in the slot with the other levers. Now from left to right, pull these levers: fifth, fourth, third, third, second, fifth. Go through the maze and exit the other side.

Continue along, hook swinging when necessary. Pull down a pillar to climb up to an elevator you can ride down further into the temple. Once at the bottom, pull the nearby lever and continue to the end of the hall. These wheels are another puzzle. It’s all about setting the wheels in motion with the proper timing and it may take a few tries to perfect.

Activate the yellow ring on top and it will start turning in 1/4 turn increments. When it is halfway through it’s first turn (or in other words, made 1/8th of a turn) activate the purple ring. The channels in the yellow and purple rings should line up with the channel in the red ring on the bottom, allowing the water to flow, solving the puzzle.



Light your torch, then light the brazier on the left. Follow the flame left, then right, to another puzzle. You’ll need to move six pieces labeled with Roman numerals up or down in order to line them up with the symbols they represent. Solution: I - 2nd from top. II - bottom. III - 2nd from bottom. IV - top. V - center bottom. VI - center top.

Head through the door that opens and press on until you reach a room with grates in the floor. Pull the lever and drop through the grate. Another wheel puzzle. Activate the purple wheel and let it turn once, then activate the yellow ring and let it turn once before activating the red ring.

Continue ahead to the elevator, ride it, then talk to Evelyn after the cutscene. There’s a third puzzle, this time with four wheels. Activate the purple (top-center) wheel and let it move twice. Then activate the yellow (top) and red (bottom-middle) wheels as quickly as you can. When the channel of the purple wheel is in line with the blue (bottom) wheel, activate the blue wheel. This is one of the more difficult puzzles in the game and may require a few attempts to get the timing right.

Follow Evelyn, light the torch and then light the four braziers here in the follow order: near right, near left, far left, far right. Proceed and pull down the pillar for a bridge over the pool. Take the elevator, hook swing twice and make your way through a cave. Cross the bridge and examine the puzzle.

You need to move the glowing pieces around and make four crosses, each in a different color. Match the colors to the center of each cross, or in other words: the top one should be green, the right one blue, the bottom yellow, and the left red. Start by loading pieces of the correct color into each plus sign, rotating them to prevent correct pieces from being moved away by the middle piece. Then get one piece of each color onto the center cross in the correct order and rotate it into place to finish.

Go up the spiral ramp and interact with the book for a cutscene. Then run back the way you came in, hook swinging to safety when necessary.

Adding a bit of wisdom

Completed the Solomon's Throne Room episode.

Adding a bit of wisdom
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline



Head forward and climb up to the left after the cutscene. Climb the ladder, crouch through the tunnel and drop down. Ride the mine cart and use the hook to pull the lever, opening the gate. After a fast descent and a 180 degree turn to the left, hook pull another lever. After another quick descent jump the track ends so you’ll have to hook swing four times, following the large stalactites to the right.

Ride the elevator up, climb two ladders, and take the zip line. This will bring you to a large maze. Stepping on the floor tiles marked with different symbols will raise and/or lower certain walls. Step into the maze, on the tile with the red symbol. From there go one tile up, onto the green. Return to the first tile and go two tiles to the left, then up once. Next go right, onto the glowing tile with a plus sign. Go down twice to the blank tile, then right, and down. Go left twice, then up once, then back down again. Finally go left, up twice, and exit to the left.

Upon exiting the maze, take the path to the right and get in the mine cart. Crouch down and ride it to the end. Exit the cart and go forward, crouching when needed. Continue onwards and climb over a row of crates. This begins another stealth portion of the game.

Go between the barrels until you see a guard up ahead. Wait for him to look right before you run past him to the left. Run between the two stacks of TNT crates to find a bomb in an open briefcase sitting on a chair. Interact with it. To disarm it, you’ll need to place three connectors in the correct spots. The first on the top row, right side. The second on the middle row in the left (and only) spot. The third one row down (2nd from bottom) right side.

Go left from the bomb and climb up the crates and onto the ledge for a cutscene. Drop down behind the wall of red barrels, out of sight of the patrolling guard. Wait for the guards off in the distance to turn away, then follow the first guard around the large boulder. Run towards the crates and pillars, keeping an eye out for the guard ahead. Use the stack of crates for cover and go right when the guard goes left. Climb up, jump the gap, and ride the elevator.

Enter another maze. Go left twice to a red circle, up to a blank one, then left one space. Next go down, back up, right, and down again. Go left to a green circle and then return to the right. Head down and then right to land on the glowing tile. Finally go left twice, up, then left twice more to complete the maze.

Exit the maze via the left path this time. Hop in the mine cart and crouch. After the second left turn, hook pull a switch. Get out when the cart stops and go around the left side of the gate. Climb the wall and go up the stairs, jumping the gap at the top. After the cutscene, run up the ramp, jump, grab the ledge, and shimmy along to the left. Drop down and approach another mess of barrels and boxes.

There’s another guard patrolling in here but avoid him like all the others. Look for the flashlight, avoid it, and find another bomb sitting on a chair behind a big stack of barrels. Interact with the bomb and place three connectors just like before. The first can go on the left side of the second to bottom row. The other two can go in the two spots in the row above this, the middle row.

We’re almost done with the stealth parts but this is the trickiest bit. Go left from the bomb and into a room (of sorts) with a guard, a table and a stack of TNT crates. Let the guard make his way to the far corner of the room and while his back is turned run and hide behind the TNT. When he goes to the other side of the room, go past where he was (towards the large spool) and make two lefts.

Hide behind the crates by the barrels and wait for a couple of things to happen. Obviously you’ll need the approaching guard to turn and head back the other way, but you’ll also need to dodge the flashlight beam of the previous guard, who can spot you if you stray too far to the left. When you have your opportunity, continue on ahead and hide behind the large barrel stack. (Do NOT follow the guard to the left.) He will soon turn around and come back your way. Let him go by and pass him to the right. Bear right as you leave this area because you can be caught when the guard turns around.

Crouch through a long tunnel and start running when you exit. Go down the hall and turn right at the end, then bear left, keeping the walls dividing this hallway between you and the guard. When the guard goes back the other way, continue on up the stairs. Climb up the ledges, drop down and go left to the elevator. Call it down and ride it up.

After the cutscene, jump to the maze and go through it. (No decisions to make this time, there’s only one way.) On the other side there’ll be another cutscene. After it, get in yet another mine cart.

Nerves of steel

Completed the Mine I episode.

Nerves of steel
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline



Stay crouched to avoid the gunfire. As you approach the water tower, get ready to hook pull the switch by the track. After you do that and after a long left turn, you’ll pull alongside the other cart. Use your hook again to detach a cart. On the second lap repeat those steps as before: use the water tower to cool your carts wheels and then use the hook again when you pull alongside the other cart to free the other person.

You’ll eventually see blue sky in the distance as you approach the exit of the mine. There’s three switches in this final stretch and you’ll want to only pull the second and third. If done correctly, you’ll move over to the right track and the villain will move to the left track ...and go right over the cliff.

It all ends with a bang

You've defeated James Saint-Omair

It all ends with a bang
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

All that remains is the closing cutscene, as cliche - yet amusingly self-aware - as the rest of the game.

Hero of the day

Completed all episodes.

Hero of the day
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineStory Completed

That wraps this Walkthrough up (unless you managed to miss a globe spin or two, in which case thank your lucky stars for chapter select) so thank you all for reading!

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