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    "Adventure Time, you can't grab your friends."
    "You can't freely explore the, distant lands."

    The game had a lot of potential, but fell short. I am a huge fan of the series and have to admit I was let down by this repetitive and unimaginative interpretation of the animated series.

    Graphics and Appearance - 1 out of 5

    Graphics are less than average to be honest, PS2 level. The game does not use the basic imagery of the cartoon I hoped for, but a very rounded 3D style graphic. Due to this style, some of the characters are quite a bad likeness to the Cartoon Network Series originals. The environment transitions are flawless as are the graphics in battle, but only because of the underwhelming simplicity of the design.

    Sound - 4 out of 5

    The theme at the beginning is ripped straight from the series, so perfect for this game. The voice actors seem to be the same and give the characters the justice they deserve. The characters dialogue is inventive and fits into the series really well.

    The audio within combat and normal roaming is poor but can be forgiven.

    Story - 1 out of 5

    The game had a great premise but restricted the player massively. You find yourself doing 5 "investigations" around the seemingly very small world of Ooo. Each investigation is more or less the same as the one before. You find a combination of items and give them to some of the leading characters of the series.

    But again a lack of variety and ingenuity.

    Gameplay - 1 out of 5

    You play as Finn & Jake, but has no multiplayer. I thought that a game with Finn AND JAKE, would lead to a potential split screen or online co-op, but an opportunity was missed.

    You can't step outside the story at all. With the World of Ooo being just that a "World", I had high hope of a slight Free roam element. The pins you to story set rooms and does not budge at all. You have about 3 or 4 "rooms" per area to explore. Sure there are some iconic points such as tree trunks house and Ice kings palace, but I felt the game failed to deliver the vastness of the candy kingdom and the rest of Ooo.

    The combat is also an issue. In essence there is far too little, but because its so bad, the lack is a good thing. Its repetitive and extremely limited. You find some of the fan favorite weapons throughout the game, which you can not freely equip. Once you find a weapon your stuck with it and can not change it, until you find the next one.

    Achievements - 1 out of 5

    With the endless fun to be had in the world of Ooo, the achievements by comparison were quite lacking. There are only 24 and over half are unmissable story related, a bit variety would have been nice.

    If you have watched the series, there was potential for endless stupidity such as the battle train or MAX TOOTS!!. But instead you are greeted with achievements that make no sense for a player to do without aiming at a guide. Prank calling 10 times, there is no requirement or need to ever do this in the game, nor was it fun or creative.

    Good news was there is only 1 collectible achievement, but wait, there is no chapter select or new game+, so if you miss it, you have to start the story again and your previous progress gets wiped.

    Disappointing, if you love the series, I don't think you will love this. I can't recommend this.
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    The best part was when Lemongrab said "Unacceptable" in that really high pitch voice.
    Posted on 13 Mar 16 at 21:40
    Posted by TheGearGuard on 14 Mar 16 at 10:03
    Dark Death 90" Once you find a weapon your stuck with it and can not change it, until you find the next one."

    Not true, actually. You can freely switch between any of the swords you own while in combat. Can't remember which button, RB perhaps? I mostly switched between the electric sword and the zombie sword (or whatever they were called.)
    Posted by Dark Death 90 on 01 Sep 17 at 07:31
    Baby SheamusI think the best part is when you put the honey on the ant hill!
    Posted by Baby Sheamus on 21 Jul at 05:16