Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Alright, first we'll talk about the "platinum" achievement, Pirates of the Enchiridion. PotE is supposed to unlock after you get every other achievement, but it doesn't always unlock as it should, and so far no method to obtain it if it glitches has been found. This means you could finish the game and be stuck at 35/36 forever. Or maybe you'll get lucky. Reading through the threads and solutions it seems there are 4 possible situations.

1. You get the "Bath Time" achievement (henceforth referred to as "pulling the plug") last. In this scenario, sometimes the platinum unlocks, and sometimes it doesn't.

2. You pull the plug without reaching level 10 with all characters, essentially saving 4 achievements to do after pulling the plug. In this scenario, sometimes the platinum will unlock, and sometimes it doesn't.

3. You purposely avoid unlocking one achievement that isn't level-related until AFTER pulling the plug. After pulling the plug you can do this last achievement and everything will unlock. So far, I haven't found anyone who did this and had it glitch.

4. You purposely avoid unlocking Bad Cop! and then get every other achievement. This will unlock PotE (even though you don't actually have every achievement). Once you pull the plug you start a new game and get Bad Cop!

Solution for Pirates of the Enchiridion in Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

This solution is where option 4 comes from, and it's the method this walkthrough uses. I kept the "Flaming Goodness" achievement and got it, and someone else did the same. So if you're reading this and already have the Bad Cop! achievement, you can try what I did.

As for the game itself, it's a turn-based RPG. You'll get a total of 4 members, each with their own skills. There are a few differences from most RPGs. The first is that there is no mana or MP, characters use energy for skills and every character uses energy from the same pool. The other one is that items don't actually take a turn. So you can toss a healing potion or revive someone and still attack, unlike your Final Fantasies and Dragon Quests.

Other than that the combat is quite simple, though the shared energy pool means that you can't just go around spamming everyone's skills to finish battles easily. Still, the fights are pretty simple. You'll generally be using regular attacks and tossing up healing items as necessary, and saving your energy for your most powerful character's skills.

There aren't any missable achievements, but it does seem that some of the side stuff can glitch if you do it after the story, so I suggest doing things the same time I do in the walkthrough.

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