1. Adventures of Pip Walkthrough overview


Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Adventures of Pip. You play the part of the titular Pip, a lowly pixel making his way in the world. One day, a sinister force wreaks havoc on the kingdom and kidnaps all of the villagers. It falls to you to rescue the villagers and defeat Queen DeRezzed.

Through the course of the game, you’ll gain the ability to transform into an 8-bit version of your one-pixel self, and eventually, a 16-bit version. Each version has its own strengths and weaknesses. The pixel form runs slower and can’t jump as high, but it can bounce higher off of enemies and mushrooms and can ‘float’ by holding cn_A. The 8-bit version, while slower than the pixel and not as bouncy off of enemies and such, has the ability to jump further horizontally, run faster, and wall climb. The 16-bit version loses those longer jumps and wall climbs, as well as the speed, in exchange for a powerful sword used to open paths and defeat foes.

You’ll have to cycle through the three versions within the levels in order to solve the puzzle-platforming elements and rescue all of the villagers. Fret not though, as this game is extremely easy. Even the least-skilled platformer player should be able to finish this game without breaking a sweat. Don’t let that get you down on it, though. It’s a fun little game, yet another trip down nostalgia lane for those raised on the 8- and 16-bit generations, and an easy 1k to boot. So strap on your adventurer’s garb and get ready to save the world! Erm… The villagers!

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