2. Adventures of Pip General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The controls are very basic. You navigate with the left thumbstick, use cn_A to jump, cn_X to attack in the two larger forms, and cn_B to “derez” yourself, aka revert from a higher form down to a lower one. Derezzing from 16-bit to 8-bit, or 8-bit to pixel form, releases a shockwave that will kill enemies, damage bosses, and destroy purple blocks. Sword blocks require 16-bit version to destroy.

You may assume it best to always be in the higher versions, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The pixel form is very versatile, with its higher bounces off of enemies and mushrooms and its ability to extend jumps by holding cn_A to ‘float’.

To get the full 1k, you simply need to play through every level and save all three villagers in each one, then grind out the remaining pixels you need to purchase all of the upgrades and the three extra hearts in town. I would suggest playing through without this guide at first, as it will actually save you time. Watching a 3hr longplay video and/or reading a guide will only slow you down for many of the simpler levels, and a LOT of the game’s villagers are plainly obvious to locate. Revisit the walkthrough after you’ve finished an area if you missed any villagers or after you’ve completed your playthrough.

Purchase the Midas upgrade first, followed by Pixel Magnet. You’ll be tempted to buy a heart first, but it isn’t worth it. Midas will generate pixels for you MUCH faster as you play through the game, and the magnet will save you time stopping to pick up every stray pixel, as it will pull them to you. You can grind out the remaining pixels you need after you finish the story rather easily in level 1-1.

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