The Adventures of Tintin Achievements

Full list of all 50 The Adventures of Tintin achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Complete artist

    Finish a Tintin & Haddock mode level without losing any coins! (Apart from the side-car levels).

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  • Cane juggler

    Bounce 10 objects off Thom(p)son's cane!

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  • Champion catcher

    Catch an object in full flight with the grappling hook!

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  • Passenger in transit

    Change characters in flight with the parrot!

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  • Supersonic parrot

    Finish "The mystery of the talking bird" in less than 3 minutes 30 seconds!

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  • Ever-dry

    In the PLANE challenges, stay near the water for 7 seconds!

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  • Untouchable

    Finish a SWORD challenge without getting a scratch!

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  • Motorcycle ace

    Finish a SIDECAR challenge without crashing into a wall or obstacle!

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