Aegis Wing Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

The game is simply too difficult to do by yourself. With two or more people, the game becomes almost a joke on the easier difficulty, and manageable on the harder one. Don't get discouraged if you have no friends that will play with you - xbox live is capable of providing you with one, and since the game is free in most regions, the community isn't dead.

All the achievements are very capable of being done with two people, but by yourself you're going to have some serious issues. The only one that will give you significant issues is the Ace achievement, which I will get to in my guide.

It's a relatively simple 130, a relatively capable 180, and a rather difficult 200.

The achievement difficulties do stack, so you could theoretically just play it on the harder difficulty first, but considering that the game doesn't take significantly long, I recommend you try on the normal difficulty first to get used to the game.

The X button will connect your ship with the other ships around you. The person that presses X becomes a "turret" that can fire using the control stick in any direction. Theoretically there can be four people together in one ship. Although this triggers an achievement when you first do it, I strongly suggest not to make it a theme. Two people on one ship seems to be optimal, since the ship is still capable of navigating between the enemies (four person ship is just too big) while one person can focus more on driving / one person can focus more on shooting.

Be smart with your powerups. Don't be a hog - let everyone have some. Be careful of the EMP powerup as it makes it difficult to see the floating "disabled" enemies. Running into those enemies will still kill you.

When you play in multiplayer an extra powerup is added that can bring your friends back to life. This is what makes multiplayer so much easier than singleplayer, along with the added firepower.

Remember you can destroy asteroids with some powerups.

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