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    01 Dec 2009 06 Mar 2012
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    I noticed three reviews and I thought about skipping this one. But honestly they are all pretty short (which is kind of deserved), so I felt I'd give it a shot.

    Aegis Wing is free in North America. I highlight that first. At least it was free last time I checked, I don't want to be that guy that dissapoints you. But anyway, should still be free. What does this mean to you? It means you expect this game to suck. Why would they give something away for free if it doesn't suck right? I'd disagree, let me explain.

    Well the game is a side scrolling shooter, plain and simple. You're a ship. You have a laser. You shoot the bad guys coming at you. You beat the bosses at end of levels. You have lives. There are some power ups. yada yada.

    The multiplayer is interesting. As in you can't beat the game by yourself really, unless you've been practicing religiously. I lost in the first half of the first level when I played by myself the first time I played. I convinced my g/f to play and we beat the game without a game over. Let me repeat that. I got my G/F to play - a girl that's last game that she played was Super Mario Kart on the SNES. Yea.
    With the multiplayer no more enemies are added, so it basically just makes it easier. Plus you can revive your teammate if he runs out of lives. Plus you can combine ships so that one person steers while the other person is able to shoot like a turret in any direction. You can combine up to four people. Of course you sacrifice speed/manueverability for power.
    Yada yada.

    You know how you used to play the Simpsons game in the arcade with three other guys you didn't know but you had that one goal of "finally seeing the ending of this stupid game"? Same thing. You'll religiously play this with your friends until you all beat it on the hardest level and then drop it like a bad 90s boy band. Sure, you might become vigilant about the "Ace" achievement (getting a lot of points), but more than likely you'll go "that was fun", give a sigh of relief, and move onto your next game.

    Is it fun while you're playing? Yes, in the same way that any arcade game is fun while you're playing. You know how exciting it is when you beat Time Crisis in an arcade for the first time and see the final cutscene where "Maddog" dies or whatever. If you stick in your next quarter to restart the game you'll lose that "drive" to beat the game again.

    Good quality about this game - number one good quality - Really easy to pick up. I got my girlfriend playing, like I said. I got her roommate playing who had played about 1 hour of video games in his life up to that point, and I do not exaggerate. Really good for novice gamers who you want to pull into video games.
    Something else that is nice? The xbox live multiplayer is pretty good. As of last time I played I could still find people pretty fast to play with me. I once left my xbox on all night while I was hosting a party and woke up to 14 messages of people yelling "start the game".
    The achievements are interesting and fun if you're interested in that. you'll see ones like "beat a level without firing a shot" and "beat a level while destroying every enemy" that will keep you interested a little longer.

    Overall, I remind you, it's free, in NA, and to that extent I definitely encourage you to pick it up and at least give it a try. If you honestly don't like it you only wasted about 10 minutes of your time since the learning curve is so low.
    3/5. It gets an extra half a point because it's free basically.
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    SpectreSubZeroSide scrolling space ship arcade games are my favorites. I wish this game had more than 6 levels!
    Posted by SpectreSubZero on 01 Dec 09 at 02:26
    ThinkOnThoughtsUndertow was the game that Microsoft gave away for free because of the Christmas connection issues (it is no longer free). Aegis Wing is free because it was developed by Microsoft interns.
    Posted by ThinkOnThoughts on 01 Jun 10 at 17:13
  • UniformWinterUniformWinter39,695
    08 Feb 2009 10 Feb 2009
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    Aegis wing is a side scrolling shooter with 2 difficulties and 6 levels. You can play with up to four players. The enemy difficulty doesn't seem to change with number of players, although there are new enemies as the levels increases. Standard movement applies with the joystick (U,D,L,R), with "A" (R Trigger) shooting and "B" (L Trigger) deploying one of four specials that you pick up. When playing with multiple players, there is the option of joining ships together with "X". The primary ship controls movement and the remaining ships act as turret blisters that are joined to the primary. Turrets can shoot in any direction. Joined ships have increased special powers.

    Aegis Wing is a fun little game. And it's free! I give it 4 out of 5. I'd give it more if it had more levels.
    05 Dec 2009 26 Feb 2011
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    Review according to (FREE*) download from the Xbox Live Arcade:

    Aegis Wing is an alien-themed spaceship side-scrolling shooter.

    It's actually kinda fun. You can play by yourself or with up to 4 players in local or Xbox Live co-op. The game is pretty basic and not that hard on the easiest difficulty with friends, although, the easiest difficulty is somewhat challenging to beat by yourself. The Insane difficulty is ridiculous by yourself and still pretty hard in 4-player co-op! (Not for the faint hearted)

    The music is OK, pretty much what is to be expected. Not that good, nor really bad.

    Overall, it's a fun little game, especially since it is free*. It is NOT a horrible failure such as Yaris was. So, don't expect something GREAT, but expect a fun little time-killer.

    *apparently it's only free to members that claim to live in the US.
  • Funnyman FordFunnyman Ford247,310
    15 Oct 2012 15 Oct 2012
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    If you are looking for a fun side-scroller of a game, then this is the right game for you. Besides being free, most of the achievements are stupidly easy to obtain. The reason that most people give this game such bad ratings is primarily because of the level of frustration people can have when it comes to trying to fully complete the game.

    The game takes place far in the future when humanity is on the brink of extinction and the only ones in between the aliens and Earth are piloted Aegis Wings. Aegis Wings were still in the process of being test for flaws and to check for parts of the vehicle that could be upgraded.

    To keep this short and sweet, you have to go through six levels that are not really that long until you get to the last level. The game is actually pretty fun to myself and some of my friends and does manage to retain some replay value. For a game that costs a total of ZERO microsoft points, the value just cannot be beat.

    ***EDITED: Only free in North America and I believe it is unavailable in the UK. Please comment if otherwise
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    01 Jun 2010
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    this game was a free multi-player in the Xbox Live Arcade. Got it to play with my friend, most of the achievements are easy. Some take a while. 200 free achievements (if you can get them). Just fly around and shoot stuff up, play online with other people to complete the easy and hard campaigns. one achievement you need either three friends or three more controllers and connect all the planes together. i read about this game in Xbox magazine, the same one were i read about this site, i got a friend to downlaod it also and connected with him and played, in the article it said there was hardly anybody online but when i was there were a lot of people
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    You goal is to defend the world against evil ships coming after you . This is an incredible Side- scrolling shooter where you get a certain number of power-ups which you press L2 for. These powerups are good for dodging the circle one , Lasers that can wipe whole rows of enemies out. The shield enables you to move anywhere without getting hit. Unlike other shooters out there this game is unique b/c while you play online over Xbox Live you can form 2 ship , 3 ship and 4 ship formations with all the ships attached together in one. This method helps b/c more than one player can alternate b/tw power-ups and more enemies can be defeated this way. I reccomend you stay in 4 ship formation through the whole way for Insane level. there are 6 levels and many good players are online that also will help you control the ships all attached together. Best of all it's a free XBLA title and very fun. Even though this game was released in 2007 there is still a very active community for this game. I rate it a 5/5.
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    06 Nov 2008 06 Nov 2008
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    Aegis Wing has 6 levels and 2 difficulties. You can play split-screen and over xbox live with up to 4 players. It is a third person game and has simply controls, Left analog stick controls your ship moving up,down, left, right etc, "A"shoots, and "B" deploys your special attack which you pick up through levels. It is a fun game to play with your friends on a rainy day. there is really nothing I could ask for that was not in the game but then It is a xbox live arcade game.

    Aegis Wing is a fun and free xbox live arcade game and I give it a 3... out of 5