2. Aery - Little Bird Adventure Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Each spoiler contains a video for each level if you would prefer to watch.

Level 1 (Owl)

Simply fly along the path until you reach a giant owl that speaks to you before it turns into a feather. Fly into the feather to complete the level.

Level 2 (Island with Palm Trees)

The level begins with you flying towards an island. Above a large rock on the shore is the first feather. The next feather can be seen immediately down and to the left by a stone arch. Fly up and slightly to the right to grab feather #3 above a palm tree. Continue straight to be heading toward what looks like a large rock formation with two peaks in the distance. In between the peaks is the next feather. Fly straight into the next island and grab the feather sitting on top of a small rock above the shore. Immediately fly up and to the left over the obstacle to see the next two feathers by some more stone arches. Follow the path to the right over some house to come across two more feathers. One on a wooden bridge, and another above a watchtower. Grab the one on the bridge, then fly up and grab the other. Fly towards the water from the watchtower and you should see the next feather by a small rock. Continue forward and grab the next feather on the next huge rock in the water. Look down-left to see feather #12 above another rock. Grab and fly to the right towards the island. You should see two feathers. One closer above a small rock, and one above it on a palm tree (at the top of the island). Fly into both to complete the level.

Level 3 (Pillars)

You’ll begin the level in front of a giant wall of pink pillars with a large path in the middle. Fly low through the entire path collecting each feather that is in plain view above the short pillars. A higher pillar will stand alone (in the middle of the path) at the end. Fly up and grab the feather on top, bringing you to 5/10. Turn around and follow the wall to the right. There will be a gap soon that you can enter along the wall. On the left side will be feather #6 and on the right is #7. Down in the water to the left is another small pillar with feather #8. To the left is another gap. There will be the last 2 feathers on small pillars as you follow the path again.

Level 4 (Pyramids)

Turn slightly left as you start to see your first feather in the distance (it will be above a pipe-looking thing beyond a rock formation). Follow the gap into the valley after and begin to follow the river. At the start is feather #2. Continue following while looking to the right to find the next feather. Fly slightly up and left, over some obstacles to find feather #4 in a little mining town looking area. Grab the feather and turn around flying out of the town following the pathway to the right. On the right, as you approach the small bridge, there will be a feather to grab. Turn right. Near a fort looking area will be the next feather. As you grab it, the next feather will be in the distance to collect. Turn left and fly up to see feather #8. Keep flying and grab the next feather on top of another mechanical looking structure. Way up in the distance, you can see the final feather all the way on top of a pyramid.

Level 5 (House/Pagoda)

Fly straight through the obvious mountain gap. Follow straight until you see a wooden bridge with feather #1 on it. Turn right and grab the next feather by a couple stone arches. Fly up and toward the right to see a gap in the mountain (with a bunch of bamboo around). Turn right as soon as you get through the gap to find feather #3 on a rock. Fly way up and to the left to see a tree on top of the hill. Right in front of the tree is feather #4. Grab it and fly down the stone path picking up the next feather as you go. Keep following the path into the city, grabbing the feather below a bridge. Continue until you enter the open area. Turn right and fly up the hill toward some pagodas, grabbing the next feather. Fly left and over any obstacles to enter a walled-off fortress. Inside is feather #8. Fly left and up to see the open area from before. A feather will be on top of a solo pagoda in front of you. Keep following the right wall of the level until you see feather #10 in a small open field. Follow this open path until you reach the bridge from the beginning. Turn left and a feather will be located in the area with a bunch of dead plants. Grab it and fly over the wall. Look to the right and you will see feather #12. Fly over the wall again to see the path from earlier. Feather #13 will be under the lanterns hanging across the road (it will be hard to see because of how bright it is).

Level 6 (Ice Mountain)

Start the level.

Immediately, feather #1 will be under a torii (the typical Japanese arch thing). Then, just follow the extremely straightforward level, flying from torii to torii. Each one will have a feather underneath. Just keep going for all 9 feathers.

Level 7 (Moon & Cloud)

Turn right as you start to see feather #1 on top of a small white pillar. Every feather on this level will be on pillars like this. Beyond this floating island is another in the distance separated from everything else. Fly over to it and grab the next feather. Turn around towards the first island and look to the right. You should see another feather pillar. Go to it and collect feather #3. Continue past and fly towards the two large pink pillars. At the base of the left one will be feather #4. Look into the distance. To the right, there will be a single pink pillar. To the left will be two pink pillars. Fly all the way to the right one and grab another feather at the base, then head over to the left two. There will be feather #6 to grab at the base of one of them. Turn right and fly into the center of the pink spiraling stone. There will be feather #7 on an island in the middle. Turn left and fly to the next pink pillar. Feather #8 is at its base, then turn right and up. Way at the top of the white mountain will be a tower with the final feather at its peak.

Level 8 (Stars)

Start level.

This is another extremely straightforward level. Up and forward will be feather #1, then just follow the path collecting each of the next 3 feathers. Upon grabbing the final feather, assuming you have played every level in order, you will unlock your final achievement.

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