1. Afterparty IntroductionUpdate notes

Hello all! Welcome to Afterparty, the second game from developers Night School Studios who also developed the hit indie classic OXENFREE. Afterparty is a more focused and guided experience than its spiritual predecessor, with less narrative nuance or plot development. However, it does a superb job of creating a vibrant and unique take on Hell, with interesting characters and brilliant writing.

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Afterparty is an easy completion, although the majority of achievements are highly missable. If you got all the achievements in OXENFREE, your experience will be similar. You will get some unmissable story-related achievements along the way, but most achievements are related to certain decisions, or only possible when taking these decision paths. As such more than one playthrough will be required (see below for how many) There are also a bunch of cumulative achievements, which need to be completed within one playthrough, although these won't be an issue at all.

This walkthrough will intend for you to get you the completion in 2 playthroughs (technically 1 and 3/4). TrueAchievements walkthroughs make you commit to a single number in the playthrough column. I've committed to 2 playthroughs as you'd have to have issues with cloud saving twice in a row and/or repeatedly miss rather easy missable achievements for you to have to need a 3rd playthrough. With this walkthrough, neither should happen, as it has been specifically made to make the missables as easy and "natural" as possible. There are 3 endings, but with save manipulation you should be able to quite easily avoid the 3rd run. To put 3 playthroughs in the overview wouldn't be reflective of how long it will likely take you to complete this game.

As Xbox One’s cloud saving system is more cumbersome than USB backups on PS4, this isn't an absolute guarantee. However, you can go into this with a high degree of confidence that it'll only take you 2 playthroughs, just be warned and prepared for at least the slightest possibility of a 3rd playthrough. If you are the unluckiest person in the world, the absolute worst-case scenario is that you play a 3rd time for an easy 4 hours rushing to the end.

The next page will give you a roadmap of which achievements you can expect to earn in each playthrough in chronological order.

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