3. Afterparty Playthrough 1 (Side With Lola)Update notes

Before we begin Playthrough 1...

This first playthrough will be your longest and most in-depth (5 - 6 hours). This page will hold your hand through the entire game. If you skipped the previous page I highly recommend you glance your eye over it, but in summary, you will need to side with Lola (female protagonist) wherever possible, drink 20 unique drinks, drink 40 drinks in general, and complete various missable tasks. As such, please be attentive, but if you follow this walkthrough you won’t miss a thing, as it goes through all missable and cumulative achievements in depth. Unless I tell you otherwise, presume you can select any conversational option.

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You will start at a college party, where you are introduced to your two protagonists Lola (female) and Milo (male). For this scene, there are no meaningful decisions to make or dialogue options you have to choose. You’ll get approached by a student called Allison, who you can then follow to the makeshift bar for a drink. This drink will be Unique Drink #1/20 (Double Vodka). From here, simply go around and talk to everyone to progress the story.

After talking to some other party-goers for a few minutes, two people will gate-crash the party and deliver some news to Lola and Milo. However, it becomes quickly apparent that something isn’t right. They will begin to act weird, and eventually, the scene changes. Surprise! You’re dead, and you’re in Hell. The party was an unfortunate prank by some demons. When you gain control, move all the way to left and exit Feisty’s (quick note: you play as both Lola and Milo in Afterparty, but who you play as is auto-selected throughout).

Once you exit, the bartender will inform you that you need to go to get “processed”. Proceed to the right, up the stairs, and go right until you reach a green passage where you can go downstairs. Head to the right again, and to another green passage to go downstairs another level. At the bottom, head left to an obvious stand that says “processing”. Once here, wait a while and the processing demon will summon Lola. Pick whichever dialogue you like. The demon will then speak to Milo; again pick whichever dialogue you like. After this, head to table 2, directly in front of the red passage in the backdrop, and an amiable “auditing demon” called Barbatos will make your acquaintance.

You’ll now go through your “audit” and Barbatos will ask you some personal questions for a few minutes. Pick whatever options you like. Thereafter, you’ll meet your “personal demon”, Sister Mary Wormhorn (referred to as Wormhorn herein). You’ll return automatically to table 2 after this. Proceed right, and you’ll be caged. Fortunately, you’ll avoid being assigned torture-duty, and are “free” to explore Hell until tomorrow.

Proceed to the right, and you’ll meet a demon called Sam (the main NPC in this game). Accept the ride, and then follow to the right. Select the prompt to enter the taxi.

1st & Izzard

During your cab ride, Sam will explain that Hell is made up of various “islands” across the River Styx. In essence, each island is a different story area, but aside from a couple of instances, your progression through these areas is largely linear. Once you arrive at 1st & Izzard, follow Sam all the way until you reach a bar called The Schoolyard Strangler. After the bouncer throws out the guy, you can enter.

Once inside, Sam will go upstairs to a private “Death Day” party with her friend Forneus. For video game reasons, you don’t have clearance to enter, and will have to figure out a way to get upstairs. This is the first part of the game where you start having multiple options, so pay attention here. Wait for a human named Tommy to go to the bar, and follow him. Sit at the bar, and have the mandatory Brass Bull with him for Unique Drink #2/20 (Brass Bull). Pick any dialogue you like when chatting with him.

During the conversation, a drunken idiot will come over. This will introduce a new mechanic to you, which is that when under the influence of “hellchohol” you will see an additional orange conversation option. Use it on the drunken idiot, and he’ll clear off. Finish the conversation, and Tommy will go over to play some Beer Pong. At this point, you can choose to leave (your seat, not that bar itself, we'll be drinking again shortly). By doing this, you’ll trigger a mini-scene where the same drunken idiot you just dealt with is arguing with his friend.

At this juncture, you have two options: 1) (Lola’s choice) Encourage these two to continue fighting, so the bouncer gets distracted and kicks them out, or; 2) (Milo’s choice) Beat Tommy’s friend at Beer Pong. As we’re siding with Lola for this playthrough, we’ll be doing the first option and encouraging their argument (this negates an opportunity for “Lucky Shot”, but fear not as we’ll be getting it at the end of this playthrough or, if you prefer, the same point as this in the next).

Before doing anything else, go sit back down at the drinks bar (you're still standing here). Each bar in Afterparty has 4 hellchoholic drinks unique to that bar. The one perk of Hell? All drinks are free. Ensure you always drink all drinks at each bar twice. The first is to get progress towards “A Real Connoisseur”, the second is entirely optional but makes for natural progress towards consuming 40 drinks for “Its fine if you’re already dead” to significantly reduce our grind later on (trust me, its monotonous otherwise). After drinking each twice, you’ll have Unique Drinks #3/20 (Bloody Stool), #4/20 (Famous Last Words), #5/20 (The Great Emathian) and 6/20 (Pear of Anguish).

After this, make sure you are under the influence of either “Pear of Anguish” or “The Great Emanthian”. Then go up to the drunken idiot and his friend and choose the most confrontational conversation options, especially any additional orange dialogue. After a while, they’ll get into a fight and get kicked out by the bartender. You’ll now be able to sneak upstairs and get into the Death Day party.

Once upstairs, move all the way to the left and you’ll encounter Sam and Forneus. Dialogue options don’t matter here. During the conversation, Sam will point out Satan’s mansion across the way, and explain that the only way out of hell is to “out-party” him and defeat him in a drinking contest. Once the conversation has concluded, you’ll earn the following achievement:

At this point, go back downstairs, exit the bar, and proceed all the way back to the left through the street until you get to the River Styx (Wormhorn will have a chat with you when you get close). Get in the taxi, and proceed on.

Welkin Way

We’ll arrive at Welkin Way to a huge queue leading up to Satan’s House. Fortunately, we can skip it by proceeding to the right and taking a cage “elevator” to the 2nd floor. We’ll need to repeat the process three times by going all the way to the opposite end to that where you land, getting in the cage, and proceeding up a floor. Once you’re on the 5th floor, you’ll be at Satan’s. Go to the entrance and the bouncer will, to no-one’s surprise, turn you away (this becomes a re-occurring theme).

After a brief conversation, Milo will search through Bicker (Hell’s version of Twitter) and find that two people are willing to give an invite to Satan’s party with help; 1) (Lola’s choice) “Fela”, who wants help apprehending someone; 2) (Milo’s choice) “Lynda”, who wants someone to buy them a drink.

Before doing anything else, press the select button on your controller, and then use cn_LB to scroll to Bicker. For a very easy achievement, simply leave Bicker open for 20 minutes.

This requires no active participation whatsoever, so go get something to eat, watch something on YouTube, or do anything else you want for 20 minutes.

After this, go back to the cage elevator to go back down to where we started this area. Fortunately, you now have the “express” option and can go straight down to the bottom (there is zero benefit of going floor by floor, not sure why it’s even an option). At the bottom, go left and meet Sam at her Taxi. Lola and Milo will need to choose which one they wish to help – you can only pick one. As we’re siding with Lola, you will want to go assist Fela (this negates Lynda, and our only viable option to get “Fancy Footwork, Nerd" due to another achievement I won’t spoil also spoiling that dance opportunity. We'll come back to this in Playthrough 2).

Proceed to travel to Bobolyne Park (not Little Rantalia). This is important, as the next section is entirely missable if you make the other choice.

Bobolyne Park

Arrive at Bobolyne Park (where we started in Hell). Head left to the green passage, and head upstairs. In-front of the security stand is a short demon, who is Fela. He needs your help in capturing a human from Feisty’s bar who has made the questionable decision to take a coma-induced “vacation” to hell. Follow him upstairs, then all the way to the left whilst he conceives a pretty questionable plan to anonymise his identity.

Head inside Feisty's. Predictably, Fela is found out pretty quickly, so you are left to your own devices. Move right, and you’ll see a bar. As we did at the Schoolyard Strangler, drink each drink twice. In the process, you’ll get Unique Drinks #7/20 (Bang Bang), #8/20 (Giganticide), #9/10 (Frightening Visitor) and #10/20 (Ling Chi) and some progress towards “Its fine if you’re already dead”. As you're drinking, you'll see a guy called Charlie addressing his stag party gang. Ignore this for now and keep drinking to progress the above. Once you've gotten through your 4 drinks twice each, move over to the right and speak to Charlie.

After this conversation, you will be able to talk to Pete, who is sat down on the right hand side. He'll (rather hilariously) tell you why the group landed in Hell, and recommend you investigate two more people - Greg and Eliza. They are sat between Pete and Charlie, chatting to a random demon. After chatting to them, Wormhorn will briefly turn up, before Lola and Milo deliberate on whom to condemn. You will, again, get two choices; 1) (Lola’s choice) Greg; 2) (Milo’s choice) Eliza. As always, side with Lola, who will pick to rat out Greg.

At this point, talk to Greg again (he's stood on the right side of the drinks bar now). Chat with him, and he'll offer a drinking contest. Accept this (you may still be able to compete irrespective of your response, but we need to drink with him here for a missable achievement and can't verify what happens if you refuse). After this he'll move to the left and take a seat between the drinks bar and the bar entrance to prepare for a drinking contest. Talk to him, and you’ll be able to begin.

For this section, we will be looking to win the drinking contest (a stacking game) without making a single mistake (i.e. without smashing a single glass). To do this, down a drink with cn_RT and then stack all the empty glasses with cn_A to the white line on the screen. To summarise, you need to stack 6 glasses in a row without smashing one and still win. If you smash one, you need to quit to the menu and restart (fortunately there is an autosave right as we go to challenge Greg to the drink-off).

This is the easiest opportunity to do this, but the mini-game is finicky nonetheless. The more hellchohol you drink, the less control you have over the positioning of the glasses. However, Greg is reasonably slow, so take your time when positioning your glasses (you have more time than you think). The stack can lean somewhat, but you need to try and stack as accurately as possible. There is no exact science to this, but it will come with trial and error. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy. If you think you’re going to lose, play it safe and quit to the main menu and restart, as the autosave is almost immediately after you win or lose.

Once you eventually win without making a mistake, you will unlock:

You'll also get Unique Drink #11/20 (Drinking Game Drink) during this contest.

After, finish your conversation with Greg, then go back outside and speak to Fela. Tell him you think Greg is the guilty party (not the others, so we continue to side with Lola!) Unfortunately for him, it means an eternity of misery. Fortunately for you, you’ll get your invite and unlock

Make your way right to the green passage, go downstairs, and go right to another green passage we can descend. Get to the taxi point, and Wormhorn will intervene with a “review”. This will happen every time you complete an objective with decisions. In all instances, you can respond to her however you like, and none of the conversation points matter. You’ll proceed back to Welkin Way automatically once this scene is over, and you get in the taxi.

Welkin Way (2nd Visit)

We’ll arrive back at Satan's. Sam will say she has two pieces for advice for you as you get out, but will get interrupted, and eventually only have time to tell you one piece of advice. It doesn’t matter which you pick. Head to the cage elevator on the right, and get the express service all the way to the top. Go to the entrance, and you’ll now finally be allowed in.

Once you’re in Satan’s House, something won’t feel quite right. Lola and Milo will ponder whether it was another prank before Wormhorn intervenes again. This time, Wormhorn tries to get under Milo’s skin about his family. Play through these sequences however you so desire. After, you’ll be able to move right and enter Satan’s house.

Once you’re in Satan’s house, move right until you accidentally bump into a Demon. Respond however you like, and eventually, Satan will come along (random fact – if you’re a fan of Telltale Games, you might be interested to know that Satan is played by Dave Fennoy, who also voices Lee Everett). After he's finished introducing himself and you regain control of your character, keep heading right. You will see Satan, who we will shortly need to chat to, but for now, keep moving right instead. You’ll eventually come across a dog, which you can pet. This will unlock:

We do pass this dog again at the very end of the game, but you may as well get this out of the way now. Now go back to Satan, and speak with him. Follow him whilst you engage in dialogue. He already knows you're here to challenge him to a drinking contest. Go through dialogue however you like. Eventually, he accepts your challenge, on the basis that you get 2 out of 4 seals from Hell’s Monarchs (other Fallen Angels).

With this, proceed out of Satan’s house, and take the cage elevator express-style back down to the very bottom of Welkin Way. At the bottom, proceed to the left and meet with Sam. She explains that Beezlebub and Onoskelis are otherwise occupied, leaving you to get your seals from Asmodeus in Thrall City and Apollyon in Little Rantalia. Go to the cab, and choose which one to go to. Unlike previous choices, we do need to do both eventually. For now, proceed to Thrall City to get Asmodeus’ seal.

Thrall City

For this section, we will be progressing in a very specific way, so you will need to follow this guide reasonably closely. We’ll basically be sacrificing the ability to get “Nice Footwork, Nerd” but instead earning the more missable “Match Maker, Match Maker”. The former is also very easy to mop-up in Playthrough 2, as we get to a mandatory dance section by following an alternate path early in the game.

Go up the stairs in Thrall City, and through the passageway. Then, proceed to the left for some time, down a hill. Whilst walking towards a bar called The Significant Cellar, you will get crushed by a large demon called Beth. She will proceed into the bar; unfortunately for us, we won’t be able to as once again the bouncer won’t give us clearance.

Go all the way to the right of this level, and go through the passage. Then continue to go right, and you’ll reach a large elevator that takes you up. At the top, go through the overhead bridge, and take the blue passage to the top level through a blue passage. Proceed right until you reach a bar called Skoll illuminated red. Enter.

Once inside, you will want to go to the right and to the drinks bar on the same floor and drink all drinks twice. In the process, you’ll get Unique Drinks #12/20 (Look Out Behind You), #13/20 (Bluebeard's Last Wife), #14/20 (Red Parilla) and #15/20 (Literally Acid) You’ll also earn progress towards “Its fine if you’re already dead”.

After drinking, go down and to the right of the dance floor to find Asmodeus (he has a lampshade on as a hat). Follow him, and get any drink at the bar to start your conversation. These are the same drinks as upstairs. After conversing for a while, you’ll end up doing a shot with him. This won't give you a unique drink, for some reason, but its no problem.

Once you’re done, follow him to the elevator to go up a level (warning: a weird and annoying glitch happened to me twice in my four playthroughs making this guide where Milo gets stuck by the elevator, unfortunately, if this happens you'll need to go through this 3-4 minute conversation again. I think its related to you not following Asmodeus closely enough, so just make sure you're on his tail). Follow him up to another level and eventually, after doing a Death Day announcement, he’ll offer you another shot called the “The Unapologetic” which again doesn't give you a new unique drink. Something weird will happen to Milo, where his conscience will leave his body as a green ghost and change his personality dramatically (fortunately, temporarily). Wormhorn enters, takes a shine to Milo’s conscience, and takes him to the VIP section on the lower floor.

We now have the following options 1) (Lola’s choice) Re-unite Beth with Asmodeus; 2) (Milo’s choice) Defeat Asmodeus in the dance contest. We’ll be siding with Lola, and re-uniting the two former lovers, which is the more convoluted way of getting through this section.

Go all the way back to The Significant Cellar (where Beth fell on you at the start). Exit Skoll, go left, and head down the blue passage, across the bridge, down the elevator, then through the purple passage and all the way to the left. Once at the bar, allow Milo to be his "new" self, and the Bouncer will now allow the two to enter on account of their abysmal morality. Then proceed into the bar.

Go to the drinks bar inside and drink all drinks here twice; you’ll get Unique Drinks #16/20 (Hydrophobia), #17/20 (Headless Groom), #18/20 (Tommy Gun) and #19/20 (Unmarked Grave). You’ll also earn progress towards “Its fine if you’re already dead”. After drinking all drinks, head to the right and you’ll encounter Beth and her friends. She’ll say that she doesn’t want to get back with Asmodeus. Go to the drinks bar after her friend’s move to find them again, who will tell Lola and Milo that Beth isn’t as over Asmodeus as she claims and can’t stop thinking of their song. Proceed to the right again, and just before Beth’s table, you’ll see a Jukebox. You’ll conveniently find their song on the jukebox. Play it, and Beth will ask whether Asmodeus is at Skoll. Confirm that he is, and you can go with her all the way back up to Skoll.

Proceed up to Skoll (you should know the way by now), and Beth will separate off once you’re there. To get admission into the dance party, Milo will need to get his conscience back. To do this, try and get access to the VIP section on the left-most side of the lower level to be predictably denied (even though you get denied, you need to be rejected to be able to do the next step). Go to the bar on the upper floor and drink a “Look out behind you”. Then move over to the left, and as Lola you'll be able to notice the VIP section below you. Then drink as Milo, and whilst under the influence position yourself in the exact same spot (above the VIP section). With his liquid courage, Milo will get the conversation option to jump down and after doing so will forcibly collect his conscience. Say goodbye to this lovely version of Milo...

Now go to the dance floor, and confirm your entry in the dance contest to the DJ. Press cn_A to dance. After you're both introduced, Asmodeus will see Beth, and will want to impress her. He’ll offer a new deal; intentionally lose the contest, and he’ll grant your seal anyway. Agree. As previously mentioned, this will negate “Nice Footwork, Nerd”, but after throwing the contest, Beth and Asmodeus will re-unite, which will unlock:

You will also get your first seal, and additionally unlock the following:

We’re done here. Make your way back to the start of Thrall City to get a taxi to Little Rantalia. (You’ll get another Wormhorn “review” sequence, where your choices don’t matter”). Quick note: I got 2 crashes when playing Afterparty, and both were on the walk back here. Not quite sure why, but if it happens to you, you'll restart back at Skoll bar after the dance off.

Little Rantalia

As we decided to go with Fela for the invite to Satan’s party, this will be our first trip to this area. This seal is a bit quicker than the first. Go right to find the entrance of The Sealed Knot. This time the bouncer lets us in! Just joking. The bouncer won’t let us in, on account of your human status, and again will need to find an alternate route. The..."demon" who entered gives you a clue as to how. Anyway, proceed right for some time until you reach a pink passage, and you’ll be able to go upstairs. At the top keep proceeding right, and you’ll find a witch offering some snacks by a cart.

During the conversation with the witch, ask her for her dress (if you ignore the first section you won't get this option, you need to get turned away from The Sealed Knot first to trigger this). She’ll agree, if you rave about how good her awful food is. Do this, and she’ll give you her dress so the two of you can piggy-back and “disguise” yourself as a demon. Go to the left, go downstairs, and proceed back to the Sealed Knot. The bouncer will let you in.

Apollyon (or Polly, as I will call her herein) is sat down with her friends as you enter. Before engaging with her, go to the bar. If you’ve been following precisely up until this point, you should only need to drink 1 of 4 drinks for Unique Drink #20/20 (Hoard and Squander / Blue Devil / Grand Exhibitionist / Hearse Chaser) unlocking:

If you were a few behind, you’ll have up to 3 more drinks to choose from to get your tally up.

UPDATE 14/01/20: At this juncture, keep drinking any drink you over and over again until we get "Its Fine if you're already dead". Theoretically, this isn't the final opportunity you have to do this, but to be safe I recommend doing it here. Just keep ordering any drink, sink it, and then repeat. It’s a bit of a tedious process, but if you’ve been following my advice to drink each drink twice you should have at least 70% progress to this achievement already. You earn around 2 – 3% per drink, so just keep drinking until you unlock:

The reason for this update is that a few people in the forum (correctly) pointed out that my original advise recommending you do this is closer to the end is problematic, as whether you decide to or not to speak to Wormhorn at the bar locks you out of ordering drinks. Some were affected, others were not. I tested this guide 3 times, and yet never knew this, so I can only apologise to those affected! This update should fix it. Thanks for your feedback!

Now go over to Polly and her crew to talk to them. Get through the conversation however you see fit, and leave the conversation at your first opportunity. After this, go right and find Polly. After passing through some entryways, she’ll tell you that she knows who you are and remove your disguise. She agrees to drink with you anyway, so long as you ensure that an alleged “serial killer” Roberto is condemned as guilty in a trial she now wants you to help fix.

You then get transported to a courtroom, re-disguised. Contrary to her request, we still have two options; 1) (Lola’s choice) Win the trial with Andy and ensure Roberto is found innocent; 2) (Milo’s choice) Comply with Polly’s request and throw the trial to ensure Roberto is found guilty. For the last time, we’ll be siding with Lola and winning the trial (this won’t jeopardize the main objective, do not fear).

At the start of trial, you’ll be offered a drink. Consume any you like (you can also drink another new drink here, but you absolutely shouldn't need it if you've been following). Then, pick any conversation options until Andy reveals that a Warlock provided a true confession prior to the trial. Just ensure that you allow Andy to use the confession as evidence, and Roberto will ascend to heaven.

You now need to head out of Little Rantalia and go back to 1st & Izzard (the island with the Schoolyard Stranger) to finish this mission. Go right, and you'll see two thugs. Then keep going right, down to the bottom level and all the way to the left to get a taxi, automatically taking you there (you'll get another Wormhorn review scene here).

1st & Izzard (2nd Visit)

Go right to The Schoolyard Strangler, and you'll see Polly downstairs in a now empty bar. Follow Polly as you converse. She will express her disappointment in finding Roberto (rightfully) innocent, but will still honor the drinking contest as you were trying to do the right thing.

You now need to complete the drinking contest. It doesn’t actually matter if you win or lose, as you’ll get your seal irrespectively. If you accidentally messed up the drinking contest when you were helping Fela earlier in the story, this is another opportunity to complete a perfect drinking game (although more difficult as Polly is a quicker opponent). Either way, once the contest is completed Polly will grant you with your seal (you can also find out how you ended up in Hell, if you so wish) and you will unlock:

We need to head back to Satan’s house on Welkin Way at this point. Exit the bar, go all the way to the left and get in Sam’s Cab which will automatically go to Satan’s (not before another review, though).

Welkin Way (3rd Visit)

This is an annoying story section, as you end up going to Welkin Way rather pointlessly, only to go straight back to 1st & Izzard where we literally just were. C’est la vie.

As before, head to the cage elevator on the right and get the express service up to the 5th floor. Enter Satan’s residence. Wormhorn will mess with you here, and put Lola and Milo in a party, separating the two. All conversation options here are arbitrary, but the end result is that Lola and Milo end up fighting and splitting off. The "winner" is who you control for the next 5 – 10 minutes, and purely depends on who you sided with during the game, which is why we sided with Lola for the playthrough to this point. As we didn’t favour Milo, it is he who storms off. For this, we will unlock:

Now proceed into Satan’s place and after he condemns Wormhorn, follow/converse with him through his house. After all that effort, Satan informs you that as well as the 2 seals, you also need 3 additional buddies to have a proper drinking contest. Fortunately, it won’t take us long at all to acquire them.

Leave Satan’s, and head back down to the bottom of Welkin Way via the usual express service on the cage elevator. Sam will text you, telling you that Milo is back at the Schoolyard Strangler. Get in the cab and you’ll automatically get there.

1st & Izzard (3rd Visit)

Be aware of quite a few very missable achievements here, especially one that starts immediately after entering The Schoolyard Strangler again (I missed this first time around). Proceed to the Schoolyard Strangler as always, but do NOT go upstairs just yet. Instead, go to the drinks bar, and Sam will inform you that Wormhorn is also here (right end of the lower floor). She’s naturally a bit down. Choose the nice conversation options, and offer her a game of beer pong. She temporarily declines, telling you that Milo is upstairs and to get him first. Don’t forget about Wormhorn, though, the related achievement isn’t done yet.

Go upstairs, and get through the conversation with Milo however you see fit. Then proceed downstairs, and continue to reconcile your differences over a drink (again, options don't matter). Once you’ve hugged/hi-fived, you will unlock:

We’ll also need to do one more thing before proceeding for the final showdown, so pay attention. Now, we'll be finishing our achievement related to be-friending Wormhorn. Go over to the beer pong table on the right-hand side (we skipped this at the start of the game) Offer to play a game with her, again being nice in the conversation options.

For Wormhorn's achievement, the outcome to this game of beer pong doesn't matter, but if you win the game perfectly you'll unlock the 2nd achievement. This is an annoying achievement, and find that the below frames of reference work much better when trying this game at the start of Playthrough 2 rather than here (same table, not sure why, but it was noticable). My recommendation is to wait until the start of Playthrough 2 to try this. However, if you want to, you can go for it here.

To win "perfectly", you’ll need to throw the ping pong ball in all 3 cups without missing one. If you miss one, you quit out to the main menu and restart! Fortunately, the checkpoint is right by the game of beer pong.

These are the frames of reference that worked the best for me (Credit: Indiscriminator). For all shots, ensure there are 4 dotted lines (you control power with left/right on left analog stick). As noted, they worked particularly well for the first drinking game opportunity and less well here, even though its the same table.

  • 1st Cup (Nearest): Across Milo's Forehead/Hairline
  • 2nd Cup (Middle): Look above Milo. You'll see an angled rock. Aim roughly 1/3 between Milo's head and that rock
  • 3rd Cup (Furthest): Similar as above, but this time aim 2/3 between Milo's head and that rock.

I noticed that if Wormhorn makes a shot and you down a drink, these become more unreliable. If you wait 20-30 seconds the hellchohol effect wears off (no black banner at the bottom). If you're really struggling, wait; I can assure you these frames of reference are easier at a different opportunity early on in the next playthrough.

If you do decide to leave "Lucky Shot", be sure to at least finish the game of beer pong for Wormhorn's achievement!

Irrespective of if you win or lose, you'll unlock the following for befriending Wormhorn.

If you do happen to win the beer pong game perfectly (again, don't worry if you can't here), you’ll also unlock

Now proceed out of the bar, and head left towards the taxi.


You will be heading towards Welkin Way for the final showdown, but en route Sam will ask if you can make a quick detour. You need to accept this, or you will miss another missable achievement.

The detour itself is very linear, the only real missable part is choosing whether to accept it. If you do, you’ll arrive at a new small location. Sam will unveil something I won’t spoil. Once you finish your conversation and are back at the taxi ready to leave, you will unlock:

After this, you’ll continue your journey towards the final Showdown. Be aware of another easy but highly missable achievement here. You now have Milo back on board, but will need to recruit another 2 people to join your party. For the missable achievement, simply refuse everybody that Lola proposes you invite. When you start running out of options, you realize you have no choice but to recruit that drunken idiot from the very first bar in the game, and Fela. Doing so will unlock:

Welkin Way (4th Visit)

UPDATE 21/10/20 - Originally I recommended you prepared for your cloud saves here. However, I'm moving the cloud saving trick forward 10 minutes. A user very kindly informed me of a final checkpoint after the one I originally recommend you perform a cloud saving trick on. This will save you a good 20-30 minutes overall (Credit: LitaOsiris). If you're very risk adverse, you can do these steps now as originally recommended, as long as you don't mind playing for a bit longer between endings.

Proceed to the top of Welkin Way in the typical express fashion. Now, go into Satan’s House, and you’ll get a prompt that this is the point of no return.

Enter, and you’ll remind Satan of your challenge. Simply proceed through the conversation however you see fit, and eventually, Polly and her crew will appear to try and initiate an intervention. He will effectively ignore them, and lead you to a Beer Pong table to begin the final challenge after some more dialogue. If you missed petting Satan's dog earlier, you can do so again here for "Satan's Best Friend".

The first stage of the final drinking contest is a game of beer pong. The outcome of this contest doesn’t matter, and you’ll progress to the drink-off anyway. Do not try and get "Lucky Shot" here if you moved on from the Wormhorn match, just wait until Playthrough 2. You are relying heavily on below average AI and would have to sink 4 cups in a row. I'm not even sure if its possible here unless you bring two characters which abstain, which isn't the case here, as you're not playing more than half the time.

After the game of beer pong, more conversations will happen, and eventually, Satan will teleport you to an alternate realm and prepare to initiate the final drink-off.

As soon as you get an autosave, STOP!!! The following is critically important, so read the following very closely if you want to get all endings through save manipulation.

I want to be as clear as possible and explain the whole process before we do it.

UPDATE 21/10/20: These cloud save instructions have been updated, as the new dashboard has changed a couple of things.

Once you have been transported to a different realm for the final drink showdown, you will get an autosave (bottom right). At this point, you need to go to close and re-load Afterparty. Once you've done this, do NOT close the game again manually. Repeat, do NOT close the game again manually.

We will be going ending by ending at this point.

  • 1) As soon as you've earned the achievement for each ending achievement, you will want to go to press cn_guide, hover over “Afterparty”, press cn_start, and select “Manage Game & add-ons”. DO NOT close the application manually.
  • 2) The application will still be open, and you’ll be in a new menu with Afterparty at the top, “Updates” in the middle, and “Saved Data” and the bottom. Go to Saved Data > [Your Gamertag] > Delete from Console. DO NOT delete everywhere or this will wipe your saves!
  • 3) This will close your application now. Now, re-start Afterparty and allow your saves to re-sync. After you continue you should spawn back in the alternate realm preparing for the final drink-off.

If this worked, go for the 2nd ending, and rinse and repeat for ending 3.

We have some options here, as there are 3 endings; 1) Win the Drink-off; 2) Lose the Drink-off; 3) Refuse to Compete.


First, we'll beat Satan. To beat Satan, just win the stacking game. You don’t have to do this perfectly (you should have this achievement by now also, if for whatever reason you don't you can try again here). It’s also not a problem if you don’t win first time, Satan will give you more attempts. I can confirm that you can fail at least 3 times and get a 4th attempt to win (Credit: BetaSigX20), but it shouldn’t come to this as the game isn’t too hard (I actually won perfectly 1st time).

Upon beating Satan, you will unlock the following:

As SOON as you earn the achievement IMMEDIATELY press cn_guide, hover over “Afterparty”, press cn_start, and select “Manage Game & add-ons” (but do NOT manually close the game app). Clear your console save only (not all saves) for Afterparty as detailed above. The game will then automatically close. Reload and after your saves sync/re-load you should be back in the alternate realm preparing for the final drink-off.


Once Satan sets up the drinking game a second time, start it but lose by purposely messing up the stacking game repeatedly (just keep smashing glasses). He'll then give the other character a go. Do the same again; start it, but lose by messing up the stacking game. After you've both lost, he'll offer you yet another go. Choose "We'll take the loss" instead, and you'll unlock:

As SOON as you earn the achievement IMMEDIATELY press cn_guide, hover over “Afterparty”, press cn_start, and select “Manage Game & add-ons” (but do NOT manually close the game app). Clear your console save only (not all saves) for Afterparty as detailed above. The game will then automatically close. Reload and after your saves sync/re-load you should be back in the alternate realm preparing for the final drink-off.

If you were successful, prepare for your final ending here (doesn't matter as much if you messed it up the 2nd time, you'll just need to continue on after Lola and Milo fight to the end of your 2nd playthrough which takes 30-45 minutes).


Once Satan sets up the drinking game a third time, and says are you ready to begin, always choose the dialogue option, and never choose (Start the Game). The options switch sides, so be attentive. For the next 5 or so minute, let Satan talk, and continue to choose dialogue rather than starting the game. Eventually, he'll concede that you want to stay in Hell and you'll unlock your final ending

Onwards to Playthrough 2!

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