4. Afterparty Playthrough 2 (Side With Milo)Update notes

Before We Begin Playthrough 2...

If you got all your endings through save manipulation and didn't miss anything, you will only need to play until the point where Lola and Milo fight for your completion. If it didn't work, or worked the first time and not the second (or hell, you just want to actually play the game through again), you'll need to finish this playthrough also.

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This playthrough will be more straightforward, with far fewer missable achievements. In essence, we will be making the opposite decisions to the ones we made in Playthrough 1. We will want to side with Milo in every instance, so its Milo we end up playing as after their fight as opposed to Lola. We also will want to ensure we choose 20 conversational options with swearing on this playthrough, which could have been done naturally, but it is far easier to simply farm with an objective path only possible by siding with Milo.

On the basis that you’ve already played through this game once, and that the majority of the game is identical, I will be somewhat less prescriptive with repeated instructions (i.e. I'll tell you where to go rather than the path to get there, etc.)


There is nothing missable here whatsoever. Finish the opening college party sequence by having some drinks and conversing with party-goers. Once you arrive at Feisty’s bar in hell, realizing it was a prank, proceed to processing by exiting the bar, and awaiting directions from the Bartender. Go down 2 levels, and to the processing stand. Go through the story here and the auditing demon section, until you are told to explore the city until the next day. Go to the right of this area, meet Sam, and accept the taxi ride to 1st & Izzard.

1st & Izzard

Proceed to The Schoolyard Strangler. Play through here until you’ve finished having drinks with Tommy, and get the option of either 1) (Lola’s choice) Encourage these two to continue fighting, so the bouncer gets distracted and kicks them out, or; 2) (Milo’s choice) Beat Tommy’s friend at Beer Pong. This time, we are siding with Milo wherever possible, so go the right side of the screen and beat Tommy’s friend at Beer Pong (or lose, it doesn't matter).

If you earned "Lucky Shot" during your first playthrough, simply finish the game of beer pong, proceed upstairs, and meet with Sam to learn about the drinking contest, then leave 1st & Izzard via the taxi (skip to Welkin Way sub-heading). However, in my opinion, this is the best point to try it as for some reason the frames of reference advised worked much better here.

Important note to save time if going for "Lucky Shot" here! The checkpoint by default here is before you sit down with Tommy. To get a fortuitous checkpoint for repeated retries of this mini-game, go over to Tommy by the beer pong table on the right and start talking to the group. However, when next presented with conversation options, don't select anything and just let the conversation time out. The game will give you a new checkpoint right at the table. Without doing this, you would have to go through the entire drinking conversation with Tommy again to re-try (Credit: Its Dan)

To win perfectly, you’ll need to throw the ping pong ball in all 3 cups without missing one. If you miss one, you quit out to the main menu and restart!

Similar to before, these are the frames of reference that worked the best for me (Credit: Indiscriminator). For all shots, ensure there are 4 dotted lines (you control power with left/right on left analog stick).

  • 1st Cup (Nearest): Across Milo's Forehead/Hairline.
  • 2nd Cup (Middle): Look above Milo. You'll see an angled rock. Aim roughly 1/3 between Milo's head and that rock.
  • 3rd Cup (Furthest): Similar as above, but this time aim 2/3 between Milo's head and that rock.

If your opponent sinks their shot, just drink and wait 20-30 seconds so you are no longer under the influence (shots are much easier to make this way).

Once you win perfectly, you'll unlock:

Once you've gotten your invite from the drinking game, proceed upstairs and talk to Sam on the left side of the top floor. She’ll tell you about the contest, and that to escape Hell you’ll need to outdrink Satan. Proceed out of the bar, and all the way left until you can get a taxi to Welkin’s Way.

Welkin Way

Skip the queue and take the cage elevator floor by floor to Satan's House. Once you get to the 5th floor, go to the entrance and the bouncer will turn you away.

Search through Bicker with Milo, and you'll find that two people are willing to give an invite to Satan’s party with help; 1) (Lola’s choice) “Fela”, who wants help apprehending someone; 2) (Milo’s choice) “Lynda”, who wants someone to buy them a drink.

Go back to the cage elevator to go back down to where we started this area via the express option. At the bottom, go left and meet Sam at her Taxi. Lola and Milo will need to choose which one they wish to help – you can only pick one. As we’re siding with Milo this time, you will want to go assist Lynda. Head to Little Rantalia (not Bobolyne Park). This is important, as the next section is entirely missable if you make the other choice.

Little Rantalia

This section completely replaces the part of our 1st playthrough where you help Fela for the invite, and we will be earning 3 achievements. This is the area where you get Apollyon's Seal in the back half of the game.

Proceed right, past The Sealed Knot bar some way until you reach a bridge. Keep going right until you see three medieval monk looking characters in stocks. Engage with them and, to the behest of Lola, pick up their flute and return it to them. This will makes things a bit easier for us shortly. After this, go right some more until you reach a bar called Hurdy Durdy Gurdy. Enter.

Before we do anything, go to the drinks bar in the middle of this floor to set up a farming method to get "Rated M for Reasons" (Credit: Jinsoku Kitsune). Order "The Black Death" but don't drink it yet (drink a sip if you're struggling to get up). Then go over the right side of the bar to see Lynda (sat down with a guitar, short hair). Get through conversation with her and keep sipping your drink as the conversation tree appears so you can always choose the optional orange options from being under the influence of this drink. This opens up conversation options that we will shortly use to farm this achievement in one fell swoop. I'm not precisely sure which exact option triggers the later farming option, but I ran out of booze after 2 consecutive options with the F word in them and had no issues. During the conversation, she'll explain that she can't go to Satan's party (or give you your invite) as she is contractually obliged to play in this bar for eternity.

To try and get her out of the gig for the night, head downstairs, and go all the way to the right. You'll see her manager Onoskelis and her assistant Valac hearing an audition. Through the conversation, you'll convince them to let Lynda off for the night, on the proviso that you fill her slot with another act.

Before we comply with this story request, we will want to get our swears out of the way. Go upstairs, go to the drinks bar, and again order a "The Black Death" drink. Go over to Lynda whilst under the influence and you'll get the option to say "Still Damned, Huh". This counts as a swear, and you can repeat this over and over! Just keep going under the influence of "The Black Death", going over to Lynda and saying this option. It's a bit tedious, but once you've done this 20 times you'll unlock:

Now to find an alternative act to free up Lynda. You have the option of trying to acquire the act that was auditioning for Ono and Valac downstairs, who is to the left of the drinks bar - however, you can actually fail this conversation as they want payment and are somewhat up themselves. The easiest thing to do is to instead exit the bar and return to the monks in the stocks to recruit them instead. As you helped them with their flute, it will be easy to convince them to play the gig.

Once done, head back to Hurdy Durdy Gurdy. Go downstairs back to Ono and Valac to inform them that you've found a replacement. However, they want to see dancers perform with them first before they commit to the act. This is where we will finally get the achievement for doing a perfect dance sequence.

The dance mini-game is extremely easy, and you'll likely get this first try. All you have to do is copy the button inputs of the other AI character when they perform a move in the correct order (this is always 3 inputs or 4 inputs). The button inputs on-screen have different colors to the Xbox controller but correspond to cn_A, [cn_B], [cn_X], and [cn_Y] respectively. The timings are there to throw you off, completely ignore them. All that matters is you perform the button inputs in the correct order. If you make a mistake, quit out to the main menu and try again (we get another opportunity to do this later in the playthrough if you'd prefer).

After a perfect dance-off, you will unlock:

Once you're done, they'll accept the act. Inform Lynda she has the night off, who is in the same place as always on the right-hand side of the main level of the bar. Get through the conversation, receive your invite, and you'll unlock:

We'll now be heading back to Satan's (not before a Wormhorn sequence; as always, just get through it however you see fit). If you have been following the guide properly to date and were also able to secure all endings, you should only have one achievement remaining, which is to control Milo after their fight later in the game. However, this playthrough will proceed to the end of this playthrough just in-case you need to try again.

Welkin Way (2nd Visit)

This area hasn't got anything missable. Once you arrive back here, take either piece of Sam's advise, head up to Satan's House, and simply proceed through until you meet Satan. Converse and follow him until he gives you the objective to get 2 out of 4 seals from Hell’s Monarchs.

With this, proceed out of Satan’s house, and take the cage elevator express-style back down to the very bottom of Welkin Way. We'll need to get the two seals again, and this walkthrough will keep the same order for continuity, so head over to Thrall City to get Asmodeus’ seal.

Thrall City

This section will be much quicker this time around; we don't even need to meet Beth. This time, head straight up to the Skoll bar at the top of Thrall City. Enter, and find Asmodeus to the right of the dance floor (he has a lampshade on as a hat). Follow him, do the shot with him, then continue to follow him until Milo does "The Unapologetic" shot where his conscience leaves his body. Wormhorn will again take his conscience to the VIP area.

We now, have the following options 1) (Lola’s choice) Re-unite Beth with Asmodeus; 2) (Milo’s choice) Defeat Asmodeus in the dance contest. We’ll be siding with Milo this time, and beating Asmodeus in the dance-off. In fact, at this juncture all we need to do is exactly that - get Milo's conscience back and win the dance-off to earn the seal (you actually earn it anyway even if you lose).

Go down to the VIP section, which is on the lowest floor all the way to the left. You'll be denied entry, but need to do this first (otherwise, you won't get the option to jump down and reclaim your conscience). Go up a level, drink a “Look out behind you” from the bar, then quickly move over to the left and position yourself above the VIP section you just got denied from. With his liquid courage, Milo will jump down and forcibly collect his conscience again.

UPDATE: 21/10/20 – Before starting the dance in the next step, ensure you have definitely gotten Milo’s consciousness back! I wasn’t even aware you could do this, but apparently, you can start the dance before this story-related encounter we've just completed, which can cause a game-breaking glitch where you are unable to proceed (Credit: Mystic Weirdo)

Now go to the dance floor, and confirm your entry in the dance contest to the DJ. This time, you'll be competing properly. This is another opportunity to do the dance-off perfectly if you missed it before and decided not to re-try it (however, this is your last opportunity!) Exactly the same advice applies. Simply match the controller inputs in the order they occur (3 or 4 per move). The timing doesn't matter, only the order.

Once you win the dance battle (or lose, doesn't matter) you'll get your seal. Leave Skoll, and head out of Thrall City to Little Rantalia. (You’ll get another Wormhorn “report” sequence, where your choices don’t matter).

Little Rantalia (2nd Visit)

This section will start the same as before. Go to The Sealed Knot, get denied by the bouncer, and then proceed right until you reach the pink passage. Go over to the witch's wagon on the right hand side, and bargain with her by eating her food for the dress. Then proceed back down to The Sealed Knot bar, where you will be allowed to enter.

Polly is sat down with her friends as you enter. Go over to Polly and her crew to talk to them. Get through the conversation however you see fit, and you will be able to follow Polly. She'll recognize you, and offer you the drink-off if you condemn Roberto as guilty in a trial.

You then get transported to a courtroom, re-disguised. We once again have two options 1) (Lola’s choice) Ensure Roberto is found innocent; 2) (Milo’s choice) Comply with Polly’s request and ensure Roberto is found guilty. This time, we will be siding with Milo and fixing the trial. Allow the trial to proceed until your associate Andy reveals the confession evidence. Be sure to say "It's a forgery", which the court will accept as truth. Congratulations, you just caused an innocent man a life of eternal damnation.

You now need to head out of Little Rantalia and go back to 1st & Izzard as before to finish this mission.

1st & Izzard (2nd Visit)

Herein, your playthrough is identical to the previous one. Find Polly in the empty Schoolyard Strangler bar, and talk with her. Follow her upstairs, finish the conversation, and finish the drinking contest (win/lose, doesn't matter). Once you've finished, you'll earn your second seal.

We need to head back to Satan’s house on Welkin Way at this point (after a Wormhorn sequence, where options don't matter).

Welkin Way (3rd Visit)

Head to the top floor to Satan's via the express cage elevator service. Enter Satan's, and get through the Wormhorn sequence. As we've been siding with Milo the whole time, it will be Lola who will storm off this time. If you've followed the guide perfectly to this point, and also got all three endings via save manipulation, you will unlock your final achievement here:

Congratulations on your 1000G if so! toast If you were less lucky, follow through to the end.

After condemning Wormhorn, follow Satan for him to tell you you need buddies for the final contest. Leave Satan’s, and head back down to the bottom of Welkin Way via the usual express service on the cage elevator. Sam will text you, telling you that Milo is back at the Schoolyard Strangler. Get in the cab and you’ll automatically get there.

1st & Izzard (3rd Visit)

We have none of the missable stuff to worry about this time if you've been following up to this point. Simply go upstairs, speak with Lola, and head back downstairs. Go to the bar, continue to reconcile your differences, and after a hi-5/hug, you'll be ready to head on to the final showdown. You can choose to ignore the detour, it will save you 5 minutes or so. Invite whoever you like to the showdown, it doesn't really matter.

Welkin Way (4th Visit)

Proceed to the top of Welkin Way in the typical express fashion. At the top, STOP.

If you're here, it's because you had an issue with the save manipulation method. The method remains the same, so please ensure you read the advice VERY carefully.

Once you are on the top floor, and outside Satan's house, you will get an autosave (bottom right). At this point, you need to go to the Xbox dashboard, close the game app, and re-load the game. Herein, do NOT close the game again manually. The way cloud saves work on Xbox One is that your save creates a backup upon closing the application. By closing here, we are essentially "banking" this autosave. This is really important.

We will be going ending by ending at this point. As soon as you've earned the achievement for each ending achievement, you will want to go to Xbox dashboard but DO NOT close the application manually. With the application still open, go to your Games & Apps > Afterparty > Manage Game and Add-Ons > Press Start > Delete CONSOLE save. DO NOT DELETE ALL SAVES, or your progress will wipe! Go back to dashboard, and your app should automatically close, going from "Resume" to "Launch".

Once it says "Launch", open Afterparty, and continue. Your saves should sync here, and after you continue you should spawn back at the top of Satans. If this worked, go for the 2nd ending, and rinse and repeat for ending 3.

Presuming you followed my advice of beating Satan first, get through the beer pong game which is irrelevant to ending process. Once you're in the alternate realm, your other endings will likely be 1) To lose to Satan (at the final drink off in the alternate realm, lose the stacking game twice, and then choose "We'll just take the loss") and; 2) To intentionally lose to Satan (at the final drink off in the alternate realm, never start it - keep choosing the dialogue option instead of "(Start the Game)" for 5 minutes)

Do either/or ending. As SOON as you earn the achievement IMMEDIATELY quit to the Xbox dashboard but do NOT manually close the game app. As stated above, clear your console save only (not all saves) for Afterparty. The game will then automatically close. Reload and after your saves sync/re-load you should be back outside Satan's house.

On the basis it works for you this time, you should earn the following achievements:

If this save method didn't work again, and you were still only able to get a second ending, I'm afraid your only option is to replay the game a third time. This is highly unlikely if you read through the save manipulation steps properly, but if you are so affected, just go through this page again and choose your remaining ending at the end. It'll take you 3-4 hours as you should be very familiar with the game by now.

Whether it took you 1 3/4, 2, or 3 playthroughs, I do hope you enjoyed this game, and congratulations on your new completion!

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