Agatha Knife Reviews

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    14 Apr 2019
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    Does Agatha Knife appeal to a sharp mind, or is it too dull to function?

    Agatha Knife Review

    Agatha Knife is a short point-and-click adventure game that follows young Agatha as she aspires to create her own religion that will ultimately attract customers to the butcher shop her mom owns. She runs about the town gathering items as she is guided by her mentor Sandro.

    The game's style is simplistic and reminds me of something I'd find on the Internet when flash games were all the rage. Agatha, Nika, and the animals are made to look very "cutesy", which is nicely juxtaposed with the occult and bloody images that the game contains. The music is usually relaxing and has a somewhat small city feel to it. The game also contains loads of "geek" references including but not limited to: Adventure Time, Star Wars, One Punch Man, Blade Runner, and much more. The town itself is nice and has all the essential landmarks such as a church, a library, a diner, and more. The townspeople are somewhat fluid, which gives the town some life.

    The game presents a pretty standard point-and-click style of gameplay. You have an inventory, you talk to many people, do favors, create/gather items you need, and solve small puzzles. You can run while outside in the town but can only walk when indoors. The town itself is very linear as it exists on a single horizontal plane. While it is nice that you can teleport from the left side of town to the right side, you cannot do the opposite, which I was was possible. The worst part of the gameplay is having to run from one end of town to the other. It's not a huge con since you can run, but there is a very brief loading time because the town is broken up into sections. Another aspect of the game is the inclusion of money. Aside from achievements being tied to its use (or non-use), it does provide the player optional shortcuts if you decide to spend wisely. It's a unique element that I think could have been expanded on a bit more. Outside of that, the gameplay will rank on your personal opinion on point-and-click games. There isn't much to really differentiate the game in that regard.

    Completing the game requires at least 1.5 playthroughs. It's a very short game if you don't take the time to explore or interact with all the NPCs. Aside from having to play through the game twice essentially, I very much enjoyed the achievement list. There are plenty of missable achievements that will reveal some fun easter eggs. While I did just praise the inclusion of money, for pure completionists like myself, it was more of an annoyance since money is the reason you need to play twice. A second playthrough really doesn't add anything to the story. I will admit that I did notice a bit more, but not enough to appreciate playing again.

    Final Thoughts
    Agatha Knife was a delightful romp that only slightly overstayed its welcome. I very much enjoyed my initial playthrough. The game is quirky, dark, funny, and fun to play. A second playthrough didn't add enough to feel it was warranted, and I felt like more than a quarter of the game was just running through the town. The game isn't dull, but it could be sharpened just a little more.