1. Agatha Knife Walkthrough overview

This is an odd game, but it's worth playing through for the first time without a guide. Interact with everything and speak to everyone. Click all the things!!!!!

Agatha Knife

Just a word of note; you need two play throughs because you need to do one without spending any money (and you cannot do this by saving and reloading). I would advise to not worry about not spending money in your first play through.

But if you want to get through this as quickly as possible without any enjoyment, then follow the guide for spending no money in the first play through, then you only need 1.5 play throughs.

Play through: Spend money

There are some actions which you can only do if you're spending money; and some if you aren't - depending on your play through - these are highlighted in a box with the play through number at the top.

There are also some optional (missable) interactions that you only need to do once, these are also in a box, but not linked to a specific play through. Some have a point of no return, so best to do them when they are mentioned.

Stan Lee

You met one of the game's creators.

Stan Lee
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