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The gaming world has not seen a solid edition to the Age of Empire series in quite some time, but Smoking Gun Interactive aims to change that with Age of Empire: Castle Siege, released September 17th, 2014 for the Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. Age of Empire: Castle Siege is a free-to-play strategy game, with micro transactions that definitely enhance the gameplay. I will be reviewing the Windows Phone version today.

Castle Siege’s initial selection screen is simple and straight to the point: you are tasked with choosing your society of choice, and then setting up your main base. Later, you are tasked with going through a well put together tutorial. This tutorial shows you the basics of the game, how to play it, and useful strategies when initially setting up a building. Moreover, I felt that Age of Empire, for a free-to-play game at least, was well designed. The controls were easy to find; the user interface was good; also, I found the level of customization to be just right – not too in depth, but “just right.” Additionally, the game was well executed: things are where they need to be, and the things that are there are superb. With these things in mind, Castle Siege is very addicting, and it will have you playing it for hours on end and playing it whenever you’re in the waiting room, on lunch break, etc.

Furthermore, to address the hotly debated issue of microtransactions: yes, Castle Siege has them, but no, they are not shoved in your face. They are completely optional, but do immensely add to the game if you are looking to swiftly conquer the world on route to world domination, or even if you are casual player looking to get a building done faster than it normally would have. With that said, these microtransactions are completely optional, but, again definitely do add to the game in a big way.

In conclusion, Age of Empire: Castle Siege is a solid edition to the Age of Empire franchise. I would argue to say that it is the second best to date. Smoking Gun did a fantastic job making the game; I can only hope they will continue to support it for some time to come as it is good.

Overall Score: 4/5 – Castle Siege definitely offers a good bang-for-your buck (it’s free). Actually, I would say with a little more polish of the games servers and a bit on the user interface, Castle Siege has the potential to be better than Clash of Clans.

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