6. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (2018) (Windows) Title update 10Update notes

For this update, I made a world where you can earn all achievements except for the win with wonder, ruins and artefacts, and the win a ranked match. All the others work! Credit to FGNZ DEBROIN for making the first version of this scenario! First, download the scenario here:
Copy the file to the desktop.
Now in Age of empires, go to Editors->Campaign editors->Open Scenario folder.
A folder will open, copy the file you copied to the desktop to this folder. Now back out and reboot the game. It is a bit glitchy, but after one or multiple attempts, the file should be visible in the list of scenarios in the campaign editor (ACHIEVEMENT WORLD TRUEACHIEVEMENTS). Now select this scenario and click 'Add scenario'. Now at the top of the page, give your campaign a name and now select 'make campaign'. Now go back to the menu and select campaign, and go to custom campaign. Start your freshly created campaign and start it on easy.

Upon starting, select ENTER on your keyboard and type in STEROIDS and select enter again.
Now click on the town center and advance 3 times, all the way to the iron age.
Upon winning the match that should pop you:

In the meantime, start assigning villagers to gather:
- Wood (from trees)
- Food (from farms, bushes with berries and animals)
- Gold (from the large and few smaller mine locations)
- Stone (from the large and few smaller mine locations)

This will start you getting progress towards:

that also these achievements don't pop until you finish the game.
The food one is probably the hardest one and will take multiple games. Now while your villagers are gathering resources, you can start researching all of the technologies (which will speed the resource gathering up also. Besides, you can kill the Medusa and the 20 heroes in the East) Start with the latter. Select one of the many race cars (Big Daddy's) and let them perform the ground attack move on the area where the heroes are trapped (note: I could only do this with a left mouse click). This should allow you to kill at least 1 Medusa and 20 heroes, thus unlocking these 2 achievements.

Now start researching all the technologies. There are 10 buildings which require technologies to be researched. They all should be built already, but feel free to build additional or new ones if you have to. For the buildings that build fighting units (docks, stables, barracks, archery, siege workshop), it are almost always just the options on the middle row which you will need to research. For other buildings, it can pretty much be all options. Please note that you need to go through the buildings multiple times as researches unlocked in the market and government building, for example, will open up new technologies in other buildings. THIS ACHIEVEMENT WILL POP IN-GAME, SO KEEP RESEARCHING UNTIL IT POPS!

Now there are ruins and artefacts on the right-hand side, and besides, you can build a wonder. However, I could not get these to pop in the campaign and thus you will need to go for them in a custom game.

The last 4 achievements can not be directly obtained by using premade maps/scenarios. There is one online achievement and 3 achievements are related to winning a match in a specific way. You can combine these by for example beating your boosting partner by holding ruins.

The online achievement requires you to win a ranked ELO game. I would suggest finding a boosting partner for this, as it is much easier and quicker than actually trying to beat an online opponent legitimately. The person hosting should adjust the settings in your advantage so that the game is easier to win. For example enable full tech tree, start in post-iron age, play on a tiny map and play at full speed. You can also change the victory type to one of the three victory types mentioned below.

Start a custom game with the following settings:
2 players, map visible, low resources, post iron age, easy difficulty, normal speed, full tech tree and allow cheats. DO NOT enable deathmatch. Victory type depends on which achievement you go for. Note that Ruins and Artifacts can not be always found on a map. A small river map should always have 5 artefacts.
Artefacts are objects, which you can move to your base once captured. Capture all 5 and wait for the countdown to run out to win.

For the ruins, start a large map. Ruins are locations on the map which you need to occupy. Wait for the countdown to run out to win.

For winning with a wonder, build a wonder with your villagers. Wait for the countdown to run out to win.

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