1. Age of Sparta (WP) Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Age of Sparta walkthrough. This game is very easy to complete, though it can take quite a bit of time waiting for counters to count down. There is a campaign for you to play which gives some nice bonuses, however, it's not necessary or even important to play it. The majority of the gameplay will be a casual form of luck based PvP. There are no missable achievements. Only one potentially problematic achievement is in the game called "Vengeful" which requires involvement of at least 1 other player. Unfortunately boosting is virtually impossible so we'll have to get creative to ensure we get it to unlock. Most everything else is cumulative so you can jump right in!

A note Free-2-Play:

At the time of writing this walkthrough this is a rare Free-2-Play game, or as I call it Free-2-Pay-More, title which does not put up ridiculous barriers to actually playing the game. That is subject to change with later patches. Everything is attainable, and while there are some timers that are somewhat inconvenient they aren't absurd like some other games.

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