2. Age of Sparta (WP) General hints and tips

If you want one tip that will get you through the entire game and you can stop reading the walkthrough now it's this:

Tip 1: Exploit "Boosters" whenever possible. Surround everything with them and you'll do fine.

That one tip will allow you to increase your gold production needed to buy items, reduce the time required to train units and build boons, and allow you to attack other players as fast as you can train units. Further tips are optional, they may help you understand a few mechanics that are fairly self-explanatory anyway.

Tip 2: 1x1 Boosters will only boost what they are next to, however, 2x2 boosters will boost items 2 squares away so you can double up your boosters!

Tip 3: Place higher % Boosters between multiple buildings to maximize their effect and the lower % Boosters around the edges

Tip 4: Bigger buildings are not always better in this game. Wheat Farms will produce more in minutes than other buildings will in hours of waiting.

Achievements to watch out for


Attack 10 enemies in revenge

1 guideOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCommunityCumulative +

This achievement requires others to attack you, win the battle, then you must revenge attack them and win. It's a problem for a few reasons, first is that you don't always get attacked very often. At the time of writing this walkthrough I've yet to be attacked at all. If you are lucky enough to be attacked, they have to beat you. This may mean you have to put off building up a decent defence in order to attract attackers.

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