5. Age of Sparta (WP) Phase 2: Units, Boons, & Faith

Phase 2 involves building everything you need to attack. Boosters are again a key element here as they will reduce the time to create units and boons and the rate at which you earn faith. Setups may vary here, there's no "right way" to do this one. The setup I recommend is as follows:

Military buildings setup


- 1-2 x Sections of land

- 1 x Elite Grounds of Ares or Elite Grounds of Aether

- 16 x Chariot Chariot Statue

- 20 x Arch

Multiply this by the number of Grounds of Ares/Aether you plan to have. The same setup applies to the Elite Altar of the Gods with a few extra altars, statues, and of course more land. You might have noticed that I recommended the 'Elite' version of the building which costs Gems not Gold. This is where I recommend you spend your free gems that you earn by completing quests, leveling up, or in the Hall of Heroes. The Elite versions reduce the cost of training ground and air units and reduce the time required to create boons.

Training 50 units while you build the above will earn you:

Beasts Of The Land

Train 50 land units

Beasts Of The Land
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The final element to cover is 'Faith'. This is what the game uses to determine how many times you may attack other players. There are two elements to it, Faith creation and Faith storage. For Faith creation I recommend a similar setup to the Acropolis.

Faith setup


- 1 x Parthenon

- 24 x Sacred Grounds

- 198 x Arch (optional)

To be honest, it's probably overkill. I recommend it because although you probably won't be able to use that much Faith, you will be able to use the XP that the Sacred Grounds generate. As for Faith storage, it's completely optional due to the amount of Faith you'll be generating. Personally, I put up about 1k worth of Faith storage just to fill empty space that couldn't be used for anything else. Collect Faith via your Parthenon while you build to unlock:


Collect 500 faith

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