Age of Wonders: Planetfall Achievements

Full list of all 70 Age of Wonders: Planetfall achievements worth 1,480 gamerscore.

The base game contains 50 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, and there are 3 DLC packs containing 20 achievements worth 480 Gamerscore.

  • Invader

    Complete The Invader quest

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  • Emissary

    Complete The Emissary quest

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  • Builder

    Complete The Builder quest

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  • Warmonger

    Complete The Warmonger quest

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  • Diplomat

    Complete The Diplomat quest

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  • Operator

    Complete The Operator quest

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  • Economist

    Complete The Economist quest

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  • Technologist

    Complete The Technologist quest

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  • Negotiator

    Complete The Negotiator quest

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  • Conqueror

    Complete The Conqueror quest

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Add-on: Revelations


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Title update: Revelations Title Update

Revelations Title Update

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Revelations Title Update
Add-on: Invasions


0261 (4%)
  • Shakarn Loyalist

    Win the Invasions campaign for the Shakarn.

  • Nihilist

    Win the Invasions campaign for the Voidbringers.

  • Shakarn Defector

    Win the Invasions campaign as an ally of the ELOP Confederation.

  • Master Infiltrator

    Complete the Celaudius-2 mission on high difficulty without your cover getting blown.

  • Hear me roar!

    Have a hero inject DNA to take the form of an Apex.

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  • Against all odds

    Defeat the Invasion during a regular scenario game.

  • Line 'em up!

    Use a Shakarn Deadeye to hit 3 units by using a single ability.

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  • The superior version

    While holoshifted, use the Infiltrator to kill the unit it transformed into.

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  • Now you see me…

    Capture an enemy colony while covered in Reflective Dust.

  • Hide and Seek

    Over the course of a single game, find at least 15 hidden Shakarn sleeper agents.