Agent A: A puzzle in disguise Reviews

  • A Big RadroachA Big Radroach560,523
    11 Nov 2020
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    Agent A: The “A” is for Awesome!

    The first title developed and published by the independent Australian company Yak and co, Agent A is a Point and Click adventure with heavy puzzle based injection at the core.
    We are loveable Agent A assigned to uncover the plans of the nefarious spy killer Ruby La Rouge and to seek revenge for the assassination of our handler, Chief Skies.

    I had a good feeling about this title once it popped on my radar, followed by the anticipation as my backlog concluded. I wasn’t sure if it was the James Bond feeling, witty monologues, the relaxed art style or the spy clichés. Agent A was a game I knew I could take my time with. Just enjoy at my own pace. Be involved in its humour than just watching it unfold.
    Test your mettle as the plot thickens. I have a great amount of respect for the puzzle’s versatility and range of difficulty. Some trial and error but the solution is always within arms reach.

    Having little experience with the Point and Click genre myself. I found Agent A: A puzzle in disguise to be both entirely memorable and bubbling with personality. Be warned though the game is challenging and not afraid to make you put in the work for progression and testing your patience. The homage to early gaming adventures was respectfully recreated.
    My only problem laid within a speed run achievement which personally, isnt for me. The sensitivity meter for the cursor feels like one notch change is either too fast or too slow. Maybe that was just down to my ability.

    The Brief:
    - A great little adventure with a nice challenge for speed runners and a casual pick up for the brainiacs. Contained in great volume of content. I’d recommend Agent A. Being one of my favourite games of 2020’s. I mean how long has it been since I was even had to write down codes and translations?
    - Speed runners will get 2 hours gameplay whilst the causal approach will take you possibly 5 hours.
    - For the TA users. You’re looking at a 1.3 Ratio for the time being and walkthrough guides on YouTube.
    - £12.49 price tag which is a win for the Point and Click enthusiasts and not so for those looking to bump up their Gamerscore. Sales tend to be 30% - 70% off. Either way. Wish list it for a bargain.
    - 1.68GB storage space.