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Posted on 02 September 17 at 18:49
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It’s a typical day in Seoul. It is one of these days where the new bad boy – Doctor Babylon – in town decides to occupy the town as the beginning to take over the earth by force. Having a lot of expendable men and special technology that basically makes him a wizard, the Earth is doomed. If it wasn’t for Mayhem, a secret agency having a handful inexpendable agents and their own technology that can stand up against Babylon and his hordes of men. There’s more to it than Babylon. He has accomplices that he hired to help him out with their own technology – but they have their own agendas.

Somewhere between the explosions, the jokes and the generic gameplay, there is some brilliancy to be found. The huge roster of weapons, upgrades and add-ons for the weapons and abilities that changes how you deal with your enemies, that also changes completely every time you change an agent. There’s much fun to be had with Agents of Mayhem, but don’t expect some deep touchy story to discuss for the evening – the story is on the level of a B level cartoon, but the jokes sparks some good laughs.

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