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Kinect Share Disabled, Takes Many Achievements With It

With almost 12 years gone since the Xbox 360 landed on the Marketplace, support and features for it are in a steady decline. Microsoft has announced that support for the Kinect Share feature has become officially disabled.

Posted 4 years ago by Kelly Packard

Kinect Fun Labs: Musical Feet Released

The winner of the Kinect Fun Labs election was by and far the 'Keyboard Anywhere' app. After the vote concluded not much was heard of the competition and its winner. Today, we finally see the release

Posted 10 years ago by litepink

Kinect Anniversary Celebration Sale

Has it been one year already? No, but almost, as Kinect released November 4th of last year. Microsoft is celebrating Kinect's first birthday with some discounted marketplace items for a limited time.

Posted 10 years ago by litepink

Air Band Released for Kinect Fun Labs

Five days ago, we brought you details of the latest Kinect Fun Labs gadget to hit the marketplace, Kinect Fun Labs: Air Band. As you may have guessed from the title of this article, that gadget has n

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Next Kinect Fun Labs Gadget Announced

Microsoft has announced another Kinect Fun Labs gadget that will be heading our way fairly soon. Allow me to introduce Air Band. Those of you w

Posted 10 years ago by Rebecca Smith