2. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers General hints and tips

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This is a simple beginner-type aerial combat game, combat is aided and forgiving, objectives are not challenging, and the achievements are gained through a single easy playthrough.

You are given the option before most missions to choose your aircraft and their weapons, these can be important and in some cases if you choose poorly it will render you completely ineffective. I will advise what weapons to take before each mission for maximum efficiency.

You do not need to bother with the training but it isn't long and it gives you a few good tips, you can just take a quick look at the controls below and I will detail anything you need to know along the way.

cn_RT or cn_A - Fire Machine Guns

cn_LT or cn_B - Drop bombs or Torpedoes

cn_Y - Speed up

cn_X - Slow down

Hold cn_RB - Focus on target

cn_back - Lower landing gear, holding it will swap aircraft mid-flight

cn_LB - Switch weapons

cn_LSc - Bomb view (on torpedo planes with bombs equipped)

Enemies are marked on your HUD and radar with a white circle. When you are in range of your target you will notice a target reticle, aim for the target not the plane, this 'leads' the target so the bullets aim into the plane's path. You'll sometimes run out of machine gun ammo, just hold the cn_back button and swap to another aircraft, do the same when you run out of bombs or torpedoes.

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