Latest Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (EU) News

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Screenshots and Trailer

Those that are familiar with Games Farm s.r.o. know that they have developed both arcade-flight-action games, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers and Air Conflicts: Secret Wars. Today, bitComposer Games

Posted 11 years ago by Graymouse

Retail Releases: Week of September 26th, 2011

Most gamers are still recovering from the spell casted by the release of Gears of War 3. But, as we all know, gaming never sleeps. This week, gamers can control the destiny of their very own mutant i

Posted 13 years ago by Perpalicious

Retail Releases: Week of August 29th, 2011

Last week, gamers saw their gaming drought come to an end with the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. With its release, a cascade of new games are on the horizon to help gamers maintain their elit

Posted 13 years ago by Perpalicious

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Detailed

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an "arcade flight simulation" set during World War I and World War II. A variety of the aircraft from that era will be available for players to use, and each plane will

Posted 13 years ago by Rebecca Smith

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