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Posted on 15 June 17 at 18:22
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Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition is available on the Xbox One released on 15th June 2017 and is priced at £11.99, it is classed in the Music genre on TA.

The description from the publisher and developer reads as :

Air Guitar Warrior is is a rhythm shooter for everyone who enjoys a good measure of over-the-top rock attitude in their indie games. The gameplay combines classic side-scrollers with rhythm games. Your guitar is a weapon that you fire by tapping buttons in time to the music. Find the legendary sword-guitar and challenge Heavy Metal Zeus in the Temple of the Rock Gods!

With the following features:

Rock your way through 50 hand-painted levels, from post-apocalyptic ruins to the pits of pandemonium
Destroy flaming skulls, ghost vikings, aliens, demons and more
Duel with 13 giant bosses
21 crazy vehicles including dinosaurs, sharks with lasers, tigers and jet-powered crocodiles, featuring different gameplay for flying and ground vehicles
8 guitar weapons, including a customizable sword-guitar
5 unique fire modes per guitar: switch modes tactically to survive

I had previously had a couple of minutes playing Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect so roughly knew what I was getting with this game with the main difference being in the title that this one can be used with a gamepad or a controller as most of us call it. I was intrigued to see how this would work as obviously the Kinect version has a degree of skill and manoeuvrability to it but with using a controller I was interested to see how the gameplay played out and how the controller affected the game.

There is only one game mode available to play which is single player which is a big shame as I could see a multiplayer battle across the levels really adding to this game but sadly this didn't make it ito the game.

The basis is that you are on some sort of vehicle scrolling along the screen killing various enemies with your guitar, its that simple in terms of gameplay. You have 5 fire modes which are mentioned in a tutorial and all are fairly easy to use and understand but you only have limited use of each and once it runs out you have to recharge it so need to use a different fire mode. As you progress you unlock more guitars and better special move which help progress through the levels.

There is two difficulty in medium and hard, I played through the majority of the game in medium and only died a handful of times throughout the game so if you fancy a challenge playing on hard maybe best for you.

You work your way through 10 albums each with 5 tracks / levels on each, once you complete 4 tracks in each album a boss battle awaits you at the end which you need to beat to unlock the next album.

Different guitars are unlocked as you progress through the game which have better fire rates and special attack. They fire different types of bullets so looks different to other guitars but nothing special here.

The game does have a variety of enemies but these all perform in the same way even though they loo different so the game can get a bit repetitive, each level last 1-2 minutes so at least you are moving on quickly and easily but it can get repetitive as you work your way through the 50 levels.

The bosses are slightly different but as you progress you again notice the same patterns forming so makes it easier and also a bit more repetitive.

Each levels background is well presented and usually incorporates cartoony backgrounds which show of the game well but apart from that there isn't really much to look at graphic wise.

Music is great in this game and you can strum along with the rhythm if you wish with your guitar while strumming your fire modes. Very good rock music on each of the levels certainly helps you get a good feel for the game and definitely adds a lot of bonus points to the enjoyment of the game.

The game will offer some replay value as once you have finished all the medium levels, hard unlocks and you can again work your way through these if you wish but once they have been done there is not a lot of replay value to be had from this game.

Achievement wise I ended up with 1000/1000 in approx. 4-5 hours, most are gotten by working your way through the levels and getting a certain amount of kills with the 8 guitars, there is a slight grind at the end for getting to level 30 but should only take an hour or so longer to achieve.

Overall this was an enjoyable, easy completion that doesn't require much skill using the controller where I think the Kinect version will take some skill to achieve 1000/1000. Its a good game to play if you want some quick points and also if you fancy a bit of mindless gaming if you like that sort of thing. I would recommend it for a fun game especially if the price does come down as well or they add in a multiplayer element.
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Posted on 03 July 17 at 09:37
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Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition Review
Developed & Published by Virtual Air Guitar Company
Release Date: June 15th 2017

Finnish developer Virtual Air Guitar Company are noted for their dedication to the almost forgotten Kinect peripheral. The black box that many people didn't want or even use. But there is a small group of gamers that will still use their Kinect for one reason or another. Whether that be for using voice commands or playing Kinect games. Their catalogue is littered with family friendly games, which won't set the world on fire, but are still good enough to warrant a purchase should you use your Kinect for gaming purposes. They're silly, they're fun and will get you off your backside for some exercise. However, they've now taken their Air Guitar Warrior title and turned it into a game that you can use your controller to play it. Or gamepad as the case may be.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, it plays as a side scrolling shooter. Your rock star avatar wields his axe (rock slang for guitar) and plays lead or rhythm sections that determine your firepower to vanquish the enemies on screen. Sometimes riding an eagle, or a robotic T-Rex. It's quite a silly game that has no intentions of being serious. Unadulterated fun all around.

It's not going to offer an insurmountable challenge, and even on the hardest difficulty it won't leave you an impossible task ahead. Although it does up the ante from easy as you travel through various locations each with their own unique enemies as you work towards defeating Zeus.

The music that accompanies the American is a generic rock track, as licensing would undoubtedly cost an arm and a leg. But pulling off solos means that they can change the music at will to allow your solo moments to fit right in. So it's not all doom and gloom. Saying that, without a Kinect you don't get to strike a pose once an album is completed.

Gameplay via a controller for me was a weird experience having played the Kinect edition. Aiming felt easier with analogue sticks, given my Kinect has been damaged thanks to my son throwing it across the room whilst still plugged in. Overall, it was less of a strain on the arms than physically playing air guitar, but not quite as fun.

During your play time, you will unlock new guitars to use, each with their own unique look and firepower. With your final guitar being totally customisable. Each one has an achievement related to it for defeating a set amount of enemies.

The game itself is an enjoyable romp, and if you're after an easy completion then look no further. The full 1000g can be unlocked somewhere between 2-3 hours of game time.


Colourful visuals to appease the eyes. Not a 4k affair, but that's never been a main concern of VAGC. They provide fun games that focus on gameplay, and smother the screen with a vast array of colour. Even though they're not the AAA quality some people would want from their games, they're still good looking games.


As mentioned earlier, it's a generic rock track that changes with the way you play. Whether that be lead solo or rhythm attacks. Just a shame there wasn't a couple of licensed tracks to play along too. Guess you can always choose your own music in the background and pretend.


Easy to get to grips with, and playing as a side scrolling shooter many people will feel comfortable with a genre such as this. Aim, smash out a solo and defeat the foes. Simplistic fun at its core.


Once you've finished the game, you will likely only have one achievement left to unlock and that won't take forever. Unfortunately, there is little reason to come back unless you're looking to improve your scores. But in the time you do play it, Air Guitar Warrior will provide some amusing fun.


A very easy set that's exactly the same as the Kinect edition. Meaning you can stack and get an easy 2000g boost to your overall Gamerscore. None are difficult to unlock and you will get all but one with natural progression.


The only difference between both releases is how you play it. Kinect or controller. A great purchase should you be after an easy completion to boost your score. Personally, I prefer this for the fact my arms weren't aching after. But Kinect allowed you to play left or right handed and allowed you to pose upon completing an album. Otherwise it's exactly the same game. Not serious in any way, and if you wanted to give it a try and don't have Kinect, now is your chance.
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