1. Alan Wake Walkthrough overview

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Welcome to the TrueAchievements Walkthrough for Alan Wake! This is a comprehensive Walkthrough, fully detailed and without spoilers. We will guide you through the entirety of the game in the most efficient way unlocking every achievement in the process.

The locations of all of the collectibles in the game have been integrated into the Story Walkthrough in chronological order. There are also a few cumulative achievements, mainly involving weapon kills, but these are very easy and not worth worrying about. A minimum of two playthroughs are required to unlock all achievements. This is because some collectibles will only appear in Nightmare difficulty mode and this mode requires the game to be first completed on either Normal or Hard.

In addition to the original 1,000 G, there are also two DLCs available; they consist of one extra Episode each ("The Signal" and "The Writer"), and each of them has 8 achievements worth a total of 250 G.

The collectibles are the most painful task of the game, with a grand total of '286' they are the main reason why you will want to follow a comprehensive Walkthrough on your first run. You do have the option, however, to play the game through on Normal and just enjoy yourself, then find all the collectibles at once during a second Nightmare playthrough, this is not difficult at all, but the choice is yours.

1 - Start the game up on normal difficulty. During the course of this game you will be getting all of the story line achievements, all of the collectibles and basically all of the other achievements. Any of the non-collectible achievements should unlock during this one playthrough with the sole exception of the hunting rifle perhaps and "Meet the Deadline" as this one can be tricky. However, we will address this achievement in particular during the Walkthrough itself.

2 - After completing the Normal playthrough of the game you will have unlocked the Nightmare difficulty. Completing the game on this difficulty will unlock "Alan, Wake Up", as well as "Hardboiler Writer" (implied in "Alan, Wake Up"), and this playthrough will also allow you to collect all of the Nightmare-only Manuscript Pages, required for the "Collector's Edition" achievement. You should also mop up the rest of the miscellaneous achievements in your second playthrough.

3 - If you failed to get any achievements now is the time to go back and clean up. If you still need to get some miscellaneous achievements, select the Episode and/or chapter of the Episode you need (chapters are visible when you choose among the "Episodes", in the main menu) and get them.

Completing the main body of this game only takes two playthroughs and, depending on how quickly you complete the game, it should take between 20-25 hours of time invested in completing everything.

Regarding the DLCs, please refer to their specific pages.

The Walkthrough will be structured in a similar way both for the main game and for the DLCs. In particular, there will be an "Comprehensive" page where the game will be described step-by-step, including all collectibles and any miscellaneous achievements which takes place at a specific moment. You don't *need* to follow all the steps to proceed: they are included more for a context-reference to the collectibles than to find the way out.

There won't be spoilers in the Walkthrough pages, and all the collectibles will be highlighted with "bold text"; the one-chance-only achievements will also be noted with "WARNING - [Missable Achievement Title]"s.

Whether to follow each line of the guide or to look only for the bolded notes and ignore the rest of the text is up to you. You can also use the collectible videos included at the beginning of each Episode (the order in the videos is the same as the text), and barely follow the text just to have an expectation of "how far" the next collectible is.

On the other hand, the text will also warn you about items to pick up (ammo and similar), enemies on the way, and so on, suggesting "how to play": a second goal of the text is teaching you how to get used to item conservation, "training" you for your Nightmare playthrough.

Now let's get down to business.

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