5. Alan Wake Collectables


Though collectables are mentioned during the walkthrough, this section is for those gamers who wish not to read through or ctrl F through the walkthrough looking for individual collectables. We will list Cache Chests, Beer Cans Pyramids, Radio Shows, TV Shows, Signs, and the Songs.

30 Hidden Cache Chests

The light of the torch is also the insignia of the Bright Falls Light and Power electricity Plant, and home to Cynthia Weaver. Apparently she has had time and the fortitude to place a total of 30 Cache Chests around and about, all marked with strange torch signs and indicating dots and arrows.

  1. Episode One Nightmare: Behind the storage bay at Biltmore's first logging camp. Past the big truck on the left to the back of the hut
  2. Episode One Nightmare: Stowed away in the shack above the second timber yard. Immediately after climbing the rocks, look left. There should be an opening near a crane, where logs are hanging above the path – and reflective paint. Follow the paint back there and up a ladder on the left, to a path that leads to a ramshackle house.
  3. Episode One Nightmare: Close to Rusty's vehicle near Biltmore's second timber yard. Leave the shack and, instead of following the path up the hill, turn left and look for reflective paint. It leads to an ancient-looking garage with a chest and flare gun inside.
  4. Episode One Nightmare: Near the track, in the half- circled boulders, near the third timber yard. You might catch a glimpse of reflective paint here. Go up to the left, climbing upward past the log mover to find the chest amongst the debris just beyond it.
  5. Episode Two Taken: The raised alcove at the back of moonshine cave. At the bottom of the stairs, across the small bridge is a sign pointing right toward Lovers’ Peak, but you’ll see reflective paint on the rock next to it pointing you left to Moonshine Cave. Enter the cave and follow the path to the back right, where you’ll get a shotgun and a chest full of lithium batteries.
  6. Episode Two Taken: The chest is in the waterfall grotto below the "Lovers Peak" lookout platform. Spin around near the logs that stretch up to support the point above, and you’ll see a steep path descending behind you. Run down and you’ll start to pick up reflective paint arrows just ahead. Follow the path to the chest and more flares and batteries.
  7. Episode Two Taken: On the upper rock near the wing of the crashed plane. Double back and walk up the ramp made of rocks to the wing and follow it to the cliff face — the chest is there, with more flares.
  8. Episode Two Taken: In the small shed, in the grass dell on the road back to the Visitors Center. Turn back around from the jackknifed truck and continue down the road. Drive the car to the right, where you’ll see reflective paint. Get as close to the chest as you can with the car, and use a flare to protect you as you loot the chest.
  9. Episode Two Taken: Beyond the wishing well, in the back garden of Rusty's cabin. Follow along the side of the house away from where you first entered the yard around it. The chest is on the back rock wall of the yard, about midway between the fence you’re standing at and the far side of the yard.
  10. Episode Three Ransom: The cave along the right side rock walls, close to the radio station. After the radio station sign and before you reach the squad car, on the right willbe the yellow dots and arrows, follow them up an overgrown path guarded by the Taken, so remember to use a flash grenade to help with the supplies
  11. Episode Three Ransom: The remains of a small cottage, just below the rail bridge. Back to the fork and take the left trail with markings on the trees. Follow them Until you reach the Supply Chest
  12. Episode Three Ransom: Inside the mine tunnel, just after exiting the Coal Mine Museum. Continue onto the junction and take the fork left path, following the marking upwardstowards the mine cart, to the cliffs edge and turn right towards another mine cart with an arrow painted in it. Follow the cart tracks into the mine tunnel to find thesupply chest.
  13. Episode Three Ransom: By the rock and mist-filled vista above Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town. The path splits so first take the lefthand side, with the tree trunk and follow the markings to the rocky cliff to find the supply chest
  14. Episode Three Ransom: Close to the rock wall, by the rope bridge. In the rock wall to your left, you will find a alcove with the supply chest.
  15. Episode Four The Truth: In the shaded stone alcove of Hartman's upper garden. Head over to the darkened path on the left side of the garden, and make to thecorner to find a stony path that leads onto a cliff where you will find thesupply chest.
  16. Episode Four The Truth: In the root cellar underneath Walter Synder's cabin. Make your way out of the window and down to the cellar area, and grab the supplies, including the flash bangs in the Supply Chest, in the corner of the cellar.
  17. Episode Four The Truth: Inside the empty cabin, on the road to thr Ranger's Station. Inside the cabin you will find the supply chest by the wall, in the corner.
  18. Episode Four The Truth: Anderson farm near the stage, in the small barn near the rusty tractor. Back to the barn near the pile of tractors and inside in the far end of the roomyou will find the Supply Chest.
  19. Episode Five The Clicker: Below the pallet on the broken pier, far end of Harbour Street. Back up Harbour street towards the deer float and to the left, cross onto thepier past the corner of the metal fence to find the supply chest.
  20. Episode Five The Clicker: At the top of the shoreline, cannery building steps. Pass through the hole in the gate and follow the markingsalong the jetty, in between the buildings towards the Taken fishing.Drop a Flare then seen them to the light and proceed to the top of the stairs to find the supply chest.
  21. Episode Five The Clicker: Tucked away in the rafters of the Town's Hall attic storage room. In the corner of the box room you will find the supply chest hiding in a cubbyhole.
  22. Episode Five The Clicker: Inside the potting shed, in the parking lot of the bookshop. Before entering the playground, make your way over to the small shed to find the door on the other side past the wood pile. Enter to find the supply chest on the floor.
  23. Episode Five The Clicker: Behind the spool , at the entrance of the transformer yard. Just beyond the spool of cable you will find the much needed supply chest
  24. Episode Five The Clicker: On the base of the power plant, near the waters edge. Make your way to the end of the cliff by the river, following the markings with your torch to find the supply Chest tucked away.
  25. Episode Five The Clicker: In the rocky alcove above the trail to the dam elevator. Around the to the left side of the wooden shack, and cross the rocky ledge abovethe shack and you will find the chest.
  26. Episode Six Departure: Inside the derelict jut, at the bottom of the hill, by the logging yard. Stop at the two large boulders and make your way on foot, following the markings through the crack in the wall to find the Supply Chest.
  27. Episode Six Departure: Under the roof of the wall-less barn, behind the scrapyard garage. After defeating the Assaults the supply chest is over towards the back of the yard.
  28. Episode Six Departure: Inside the shack by the ruin bridge, before the ghost town. Inside the Shack you will find the sign of the yellow mark....what no arrows? and below the mark is a supply chest and other supplies
  29. Episode Six Departure: The base of the ravine below the mining cart bridge. Pass the mine carts and proceed left to the bridge to find the supply chest under the support beams and a shotgun close by.
  30. Episode Six Departure: Ground floor of the first building in the old miner's camp. From the stairs, make you way passed the old car and enter the remains of the oldbuilding to find the final supply chest in the concealed fire place.

12 Beer Can Pyramids

Wake's thirst for collectables quite quenched yet, as somebody -- possibly a cohort of Doctor Emil Hartman -- has left "presents" consisting of small
Can Pyramids dotted around. These appear much more infrequently, and some are devilishly difficult to find.

  1. Episode One Nightmare: On the fence near the small ammo dump. After the Taken is dead and the light releases you to keep going, look to the right side of the area where you killed the enemy, over the fence and beside a big rock. You’ll see a stack of red cans there. Shoot it to knock it down and put a notch toward finding the 12 pyramids that are located in the game.
  2. Episode One Nightmare: By the second lumberyard on the table near the broken stairs. At the end of your log bridge, turn left and you’ll see a picnic area bordering the small cliff you just traversed. A pile of cans sits on the table. Take a shot at it to knock it off your list.
  3. Episode Two Taken: On the old barrel by the mill vista, along the black river. Standing at the river, turn around and face the barrel where you found the ammo.To the left is another barrel with a can pyramid you can shoot.
  4. Episode Two Taken: On the picnic table over in the corner pastures down from the visitor's center. Standing in the Safe Haven, facing the picnic table, you’ll see a second table behind it, to the left of the blue trailer. It has a can pyramid on it you can shoot.
  5. Episode Three Ransom: On the old truck in the open shed, near the barn with the fallen tree on it. Inside the shed near the train depot, there is a trunk with the Pyramid cans to shoot and some ammo on the floor.
  6. Episode Three Ransom: Up on the cable car platform after exiting from the silver mine. Just after your encounter with the train and boulder, head towards the cable carplatform to find more supplies and the Pyramid cans
  7. Episode Four The Truth: On the perimeter wall, of the long pergola of the garden. To your right before the Gate is the Pyramid Cans on the perimeter wall.
  8. Episode Four The Truth: On the spool at the base of the silo, in the barn before the harvester. Around the backyard to the back of the silo, you will find, near the wingbacked chair and rusty barrels, on a wooden wire spool, are the Pyramid cans.
  9. Episode Five The Clicker: Stacked on the roof of the hotdog trailer, near the auto supplies. At the junction, make you way left to the hotdog trailer and search the roof of thetrailer to find the Can Pyramid.
  10. Episode Five The Clicker: On the power plant perimeter wall, near the kill switch. before you use the kill switch you will find the cans on the concrete wall near the button.
  11. Episode Six Departure: On the lower wall in the Majestic motel parking lot. From the Tan sedan make your way to the low perimeter wall to find the Beer Cans.Leave the car and make your way back around to the Motel and enter the waitingroomand office.
  12. Episode Six Departure: On the deck attached to the scrapyard post office, near the gate. Along the wooden walkway you will find the last can pyramid to shoot.

11 Radio Shows

Disc jockey Pat Maine, the "Night Owl" of Bright Falls, has a dedicated fan base, many of whom listen to his shows in a variety of out-of-the-way locales, These are indicated below.

  1. Episode One Nightmare: Out on the back porch of the cabin on Cauldron Lake. Out the door in the kitchen is a deck with a staircase that leads down to a dock. Next to the stairs, to the right of the door, is a radio.
  2. Episode One Nightmare: Up at the hut, on the far side of the second logging camp. Go from the picnic table to the street lamp, where you’ll find a shack. Inside is a radio, and on the windowsill outside is some shotgun ammo.
  3. Episode Two Taken: Back out of Walhberg warehouse loading dock behind the police station. On the back of the loading dock, behind the sheriff Station you’ll findthe radio is right next to the thermos, so hit the button.
  4. Episode Two Taken: Inside Rusty's second cabin from the hilltop summit, above the visitors center. Right in front of the door is a radio you can switch on while you’re here.
  5. Episode Three Ransom: On the back porch of the trailer near the gate, in the trailer park. Make your way back to the gate and turn towards the trailer.On the back porch of the trailer is a Radio shows and next to it.
  6. Episode Three Ransom: At the remains of the old stone building, near the small bridge. Go to the old stone house and inside you will find some crates and the Radio show
  7. Episode Three Ransom: At the radio station (listen as there isn't a radio to find) At the Outdoor furniture Pat Maine shows starts playing
  8. Episode Three Ransom: At the Loggers Hut close to the red wingbacked chair lookout, before the broken bridge.
  9. Episode Three Ransom: Ranger's Station interior, above the old coal mine overlook. Inside the rangers station....you cant miss it.
  10. Episode Four The Truth: Ranger's Station interior on the road from walhburg's cabin to the Andersons farmstead. Inside the Ranger Station you will find the Radio Show.
  11. Episode Four The Truth: Top of the grain storage silo over at the Anderson's farmstead. Climb the ladder ascending to the next floor and make your way across to the radio for your last broadcast.

14 TV Shows

There seems to be a lack of variety in television shows on offer to Mr. Wake, according to the evidence, only 14 programs are available to watch: part of an old drama series called Night Springs, or more alarmingly: a ranting single-camera show starring the author himself. There is another television, en route out of Cauldron Lake Lodge. This is particular set plays adverts, earns you a specific achievement, but isnt part of the TV shows that needed to be watched.

  1. Episode One Nightmare: Night springs Episode 1 The Quantum Suicide On the table near the gate switch, on a small steel shed outside timber yard three. switch on the TV set on the back wall of the office to watch your first of 14 available TV shows.
  2. Episode One Nightmare: Writer in the Cabin Inside Stucky's garage, on the work bench. The TV turns on just before you enter the store, so just wait
  3. Episode Two Taken: Writer in the Cabin In the Sheriff station cell area on a TV mounted to the corner wall, above the door. Go back to the cell block to find the TV switches on.
  4. Episode Two Taken: Nightsprings Episode 2 Man in the Mirror Inside Rusty's third cabin, in Elderwood nation Park, just uphill from the Visitors Center. The cabin does hold a TV, where you can watch an episode of “Night Springs” and add it to your statistics.
  5. Episode Two Taken: Writer in the Cabin Elderwood National Park camping grounds, men's restroom. There some ammo on the counter and in the change rooms in the back is a TV show.
  6. Episode Three Ransom: Writer in the Cabin Rose Marigold's trailer, in her bedroom. Once you make it to Rose's trailer make your way into the bedroom to find anotherTV show.
  7. Episode Three Ransom: Nightsprings Episode 3 A Family Occasion Inside the train depot warehouse. Inside the warehouse, before you exit to the yard.
  8. Episode Three Ransom: Writer in the Cabin In the Miner's shack, at the far end of Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town. Plays as soon as you use the key to enter the miner's shack.
  9. Episode Four The Truth: Writer in the Cabin On the mezzanine floor of Cauldron Lake Lodge. Make your way back to the Lobby and up the stairs to the balcony and make your way right, around the mezzanine to find the TV Show.
  10. Episode Four The Truth: Writer in the Cabin In Walter's cabin, square bedroom before the road trail. As you leave Walters room a door with a bright light reveals a bedroom with yournext TV Show
  11. Episode Four The Truth: Nightsprings Episode 4 The Dream of Dreams On the ground floor shelf, inside the large barn at the Anderson's farming property. Inside the barn on the floor near the ammo boxes you will find the next TV Show and then grab the supplies in the area.
  12. Episode Five The Clicker Nightsprings Episode 5 Taken in his Prime Bright Falls Town Hall, upstairs record room. As reach the top of the stairs you will find the next TV Show, walk over and turn on this edition of Night Springs.
  13. Episode Five The Clicker Nightsprings Episode 6 An Absence of Creativity Inside the second bridge control booth, close to the power plant. Inside the broken bridge control room you will find the second last TV show.
  14. Episode Six Departure: The Harry Garrett Show In the living room of Alan Wake's apartment, upper eastside New York City. Walk over to the coffee table and hit the remote for your final TV Show.

25 Signs

Wake toured a number of interesting places during his excursions, and many of them had various posters, plaques or notices providing interesting or useful information. Reading them is key to a broader understanding of the local area.

  1. Episode One Nightmare: The 68th Annual Deerfest In the back of the shop, inside Stucky's garage. At the close end of the middle aisle is a sign for Deer Feast, the first of 25
  2. Episode Two Taken: Have you seen this Man? On the wall of the corridorto Sheriff Breaker's office, inside the Sheriff Station. There are some Missing posters on the left wall of this hallway. Read them to add a Sign notch to your stats.
  3. Episode Two Taken: The Skeleton of a Colombian Mammoth (Mammothus columbi) Inside the Edlerwood Visitor's Center. To the left of the door is a skeleton of a mammoth. The sign is underneath it.
  4. Episode Two Taken: Moonshine Cave Grotto of moonshine cave, in Elderwood National Park. Inside the cave you’ll see a rock pillar where the ceiling is open and a big sign that says “Moonshine Cave.” Read it for a little backstory about the cave’s history.
  5. Episode Two Taken: The Great Old One Base of a tree, in Elderwood National Park. The sign in front of the big tree and goes toward your statistics.
  6. Episode Two Taken: Tree Ring Small picnic area near the cable car, in Elderwood National Park. The tree ring sample has a sign next to it that you can read for some information about the exhibit.
  7. Episode Three Ransom: 7a Founding of the Mining Company By the display cabinet, at the Bright Fall Mining Company entrance. First sign is located at the Coal Mine entrance just near the boarder up tunnel by the display case 7b Decline of the Mining Company After the display cabinet of the Bright Falls Mining Company entrance. The second sign is around the otherside of the display case 7c Closure of the Bright Falls Mining Company At the Bright Falls Mining Company. On the corner of the museum building, near the wooden walkway at the entrance of the Coal mine museum entrance
  8. Episode Three Ransom: Gray Peak Gorge Just after the bridge, in the middle of Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town. Jump from the bridge on to the otherside of the graveyard ground and make you wayto the sign, located on the information container.
  9. Episode Three Ransom: Cauldron Lake Mirror Peak lookout, overlooking Cauldron lake, just before the rope bridge. Make your way towards the Mirror Peak Lookout. At the top follow the path towards the wooden poles and the sign is there just before the ropebridge.
  10. Episode Four The Truth: Sundial Inscription On the foot of the large metal sundial, stone platform next to Cauldron Lake Lodge. Check the massive clock dial on the ground for the sign and then, walk over to finish the conversation with Doctor Hartman
  11. Episode Four The Truth: The Creator's Dilemma Book cover poster, in the Cauldron Lake Lodge reception area. The sign is a book covered poster near the coffee thermos in the reception area.
  12. Episode Four The Truth: Tenets of the Lodge Framed poster, on the wildcats corridor wall, near the recreation room. Open the door to the room with the wildcat in iron above that and make your way down to the right, near the recreation room with the waiting Doctor and on the wall with the framed photos is the Sign.
  13. Episode Four The Truth: "Suspended" Front driveway, at the base of the sculpture, on the plaque. On to the driveway you will find the next sign at the base of the sculpture.
  14. Episode Four The Truth: The 1975 Ragnarock Tour Old Gods of Asgard poster, upper floor of the large barn. Make your way around to the another side of the balcony, to the hay bale storage tofind a poster of the OGOA tour poster on the wall
  15. Episode Five The Clicker: History Of Bright Falls Historical plaque at the foot of a statue, in Bright Falls Park. At the statue you will find a plaque to read at its base.
  16. Episode Five The Clicker: Alan Wake Book Advert Sheet of paper on the wall, inside the Bright Falls Bookstore. Just behind you near the manuscript page, there will be a wall full of paper, read it to find your next sign.
  17. Episode Five The Clicker: Church Events, Fall schedule Noticeboard, In front of the Bright Falls church. In front of the church is a big white noticeboard, read before proceeding up the stairs to sarah.
  18. Episode Five The Clicker: Lt Williams T.G Randall Memorial Bridge Road sign, right side of the road, just before the swing bridge. As your reach the highway you will see a sign just along the road ahead, towards the bridge.
  19. Episode Five The Clicker: Warning Sign Wall of the power plant, just right of the entrance. At the top of the mountain, finally at the power plant, remember to read the signbefore you enter the parking lot.
  20. Episode Five The Clicker: Floodgate Control Left of the switches controlling the three small dam bridges, leading to the killswitch. Just to the left of the gate controls you will find the sign
  21. Episode Five The Clicker: Decommissioned Notice By the switch, at the entrance to the dam. Next to the green button you will find a warning notice.
  22. Episode Six Departure: Majestic Motel Advert Large billboard road sign at the second vista lookout. Exit the car at the big billboard near a caravan just across the bridge and read the sign.
  23. Episode Six Departure: Majestic Motel Regulations Inside the reception room of the Majestic Motel, on the wall by the restrooms. As you exit the restroom, turn to the sign on the wall.
  24. Episode Six Departure: Scrapyard Warning Sign Near the Larsen's sign, by the open gate, at the entrance to the scrapyard. Make your way to the mesh fencing and read sign. Just one more to go.
  25. Episode Six Departure: Scrapyard Visitor's Sign On the wall of the yard Manager's garage, adjacent to the entrance. Make your way back around to the garage to find your last sign on the sliding door.

16 Songs

Pat Maine and KBF-FM have a number of pop and rock classics in heavy rotation, and these can be listened to as soon as they are heard the first time. When the station chooses to play them is detailed in the following and final chart.

Most Songs are earned during or after a Radio Show or once you have passed a certain place like the stage fight for example. Here's how to find it's location and unlock it.

  1. Episode One Nightmare: Harry Nillson; Coconut: Once it has been played for Odin Anderson, in the Oh Deer Diner. Once in the town, you’ll start by looking for Carl Stucky at the Oh Deer Diner. Examine the Alan Wake cardboard standee with B, and oblige the locals by turning on the jukebox the same way.
  2. Episode One Nightmare: Roy Orbison; In Dreams: After the first arrival at Diver's Isle, on Cauldron Lake. Go back to the car to listen to a song
  3. Episode One Nightmare: Violet Indiana; Air Kissing: After listening to Radio Show #1 on the back porch of the cabin on Diver's Isle.
  4. Episode One Nightmare: Nick Cave & the Badseeds; Up jumped the Devil: After listening to Radio Show #2 up at the hut, on the farside of the second logging camp.
  5. Episode Two Taken: Among the Oak & Ash; Shady Grove: After listening to Radio Show #3 back of the Walhberg Warehouse loading dock, behind the station.
  6. Episode Two Taken: Barry Adamson; The Beaten side of Town: After listening to Radio Show #4 inside Rusty's second cabin from the hilltop summit, above the Visitor's Center.
  7. Episode Two Taken: Poe; haunted: Once the Episode is overthe song will play.
  8. Episode Three Ransom: Anomie Belle; How can I be sure: After listening to Radio Show #5 On the back porch of the trailer, near the gate in the trailer park.
  9. Episode Three Ransom: Dead Combo; Electric Cadente: After listening to Radio Show #6 at the remains of the old stone building, near the small bridge.
  10. Episode Three Ransom: Charles Brown; Black Night: After listening to Radio Show #8 at the loggers hut close to the wingbacked chair lookout, after the broken bridge.
  11. Episode Four The Truth: The Rumble Strips; Backbone: After listening to Radio Show #10, Ranger Station interior, on the road from Walter's cabin to the Anderson Farm.
  12. Episode Four The Truth: The Old Gods of Asgard; Children of the Eldergods: Once the Anderson farm stage is defended, before entering the big barn.
  13. Episode Four The Truth: Black Angels; Young Men Dead: After listening to Radio Show #11, top of the distillery tower grain silo, at Anderson farm.
  14. Episode Four The Truth: The Old Gods of Asgard; The poet and the Muse: Once the Episode is over.
  15. Episode Five The Clicker: Poets of the Fall; WAR: After switching on the radio in the warehouse, before the transformer yard. Pressing the green light switch in the warehouse will activate this song
  16. Episode Six Departure: David Bowie; Space Oddity: Once the Adventure is over. (Any Difficulty)
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