6. Alan Wake Manuscript Pages

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There are a total of 106 Manuscript Pages in the game. Fifteen of them are only available during your Nightmare difficulty playthrough(s). In the game you will often find pages not in the order as they are displayed in the "Manuscript" menu (press Start while you play to access this menu, among other ones). The order of the manuscripts in this page will be the "official order" displayed in the game, and not the chronological order as you find them. For the chronological order, please refer to the Story walkthrough page. Their location will also be listed here, but the Story Walkthrough page will have the exact point in time in the game when you should get the page.

This page should mainly be used as a checklist to find pages you might have missed, searching by name. You can also use the CTRL+F function of your browser, and then either searching this page to find the corresponding manuscript page, or typing in the correct "page ID" in the Story walkthrough page, to find them. The ID is a couple of numbers, such as "1.7": the first number is the episode, while the second number (after the dot) is the official position of the manuscript in the list. Say you know you're missing the seventh manuscript of Episode One, it will be enough to type "1.7" in your browser search function (CTRL+F, again) to find it in the story walkthrough page. Remember also that in-game there will be always 10 manuscript pages displayed at once; this helps you count them faster to find the "ID"s.

Please be aware that this page will also contain the titles of the manuscripts, which are often story-related. In other words, be aware of spoilers in each of the next 106 lines.

Manuscript Pages found only on Nightmare Mode will be written in lines starting with a " * " symbol to highlight them.

Episode One

1.1 - The Title Page of the Manuscript - Collected while witnessing the white light.

1.2 - Wake Attacked by a Shadowy Murderer - On the ground you will find the page after witnessing the white light.

1.3 - Wake Fights a Taken with Light - At the base of a pallet pile, near the dip in Biltmore's Logging camp. Leave between the bulldozers forks head straight and turn left thenAs you progress deeper into the lumber yard, the page will be waiting on the path before you, just before a pile of logs comes tumbling toward you from the left.

* 1.4 - The Dark Presence Wakes Up - On the first boulder crossing the natural rock bridge, close to the second logging camp. from the supply chest backtrack to the rock bridge and cross it to find the page on a set of rocks

1.5 - Wake Attacked by Birds - Inside the Logging Hut, close to the generator in the second logging camp. The page sits on the table just in front of the door inside the office.

1.6 - Wake Finds Pages - At the top of the hill, after the Safe Haven, on the far side of the second logging camp. It’s waiting for you on the path along the way, so grab the page as you pass by.

1.7 - TV in the Gas Station - In the grass by the barrels, at the far end of the wild woods between the second and third Logging Camps. As you continue to climb, you’ll find the page on the ground.

1.8 - Wake Lies to the Sheriff - On the ground in front of the main gate to the third logging camp. Passing through the fence here takes you straight past the page, which is on the ground.

1.9 - Stucky Taken - On the garage forecourt, behind the parade float. You will find the page behind the bed of the truck with the parade float on it, in front of you as you enter the gas station.

1.10 - Rose Daydreams About Wake - Pinned to an interior wall in the ramble-shack shed with the rusty tractor, just outside the first logging camp. The path takes you down the hill, but turn left and go up, toward a small shed with a carriage in it. Nailed to the inside wall on theright is another page.

1.11 - Barry's Arrival - Stuck to a silver metal cabinet on the edge of the waterfall rapids. Follow the path toward the gas station until you see a set of downed logs making a bridge that away on the right, toward a light in the distance. Cross to the smaller island, where the page is waiting.

* 1.12 - Toby the Dog - Rear of the garage building, pinned to the left ladies' restroom door (locked) Make your way towards the toilet area and collect the page "Toby the Dog" pinned to the ladies restroom door

* 1.13 - Rose is a Fan - On a dead log, just outside the perimeter of the first Biltmore logging camp. But before you enter, make your way left to the empty create and near that should be the nightmare manuscript page on a decaying log

Episode Two

2.1 - The Sudden Stop 1 - On top of a pile of manuscript pages in Wake's New York apartment. If you pass Alice’s work room and continue down the hall, you’ll find Alan’s office. “The Sudden Stop” pages are there.

2.2 - The Sudden Stop 2 - On top of a pile of manuscript pages in Wake's New York apartment. If you pass Alice’s work room and continue down the hall, you’ll find Alan’s office. “The Sudden Stop” pages are there.

2.3 - The Dark Presence in the Diner - On the cell bench, cell closest to door to the rear parking lot of Bright Falls Sheriff Station. In the open cell at the end of the hall, the page is located on the cot on the right side.

2.4 - Wake at Lovers' Peak - On a small rock, close to the warehouse lever, in the overgrown patch behind the Sheriff Station. The page is on a pile of dirt to the right of the rusted-out truck.

2.5 - Alice Sees a Shadow - On the carpet, in the break/radio room of the Bright Falls Sheriff Station. Turn around from the radio and face the door. On the left side of the room is a small couch behind a table with coffee mugs. On the floor between the couch and the table is the page.

2.6 - Barry Doubts Wake's Sanity - On the turn-in, at the foot of the entrance steps to Rusty's hilltop cabin, by Barry's rented SUV. Just in front of the door to the shed, on the ground, is the page.

2.7 - Rusty Dying - On the truck space interior of a parked off-roader, halfway down the road from the hilltop cabin. Inside the back of the car is the page.

2.8 - Rusty Attacked by the Dark Presence - On the corner of a low stone wall, by the entrance steps to the Ranger's Office. As you approach the stairs to the rangers’ office, look to the right for a low stone wall that’s part of the landscaping.

2.9 - Wake Reaches a Safe Heaven of Light - Inside the Ranger's office, at the end of the corridor, at the foot of the locked door. Right at the end of the hall on the floor, impossible to miss, is the page.

2.10 - Rusty's Final Thoughts - On the log picnic table near the six pack of beer, near the wooden lookout platform and waterfall. Beside this Safe Haven is a picnic table with a page

2.11 - Wake Sees the Torch Symbol - On the trail, at the foot of Lover Peak sign, near the old wagon cart. Past the Safe Haven, near the Lovers’ Peak sign, is the page lying on the path.

2.12 - Nightingale's Arrival - On a rocky outcrop, just after the Tree Ring and barricaded gate. The page is just over the fence on a big boulder.

2.13 - Alice's Fear of the Dark - Clinging to rocky promontory, just after the drop from Lover Peak lookout platform. Back on the path, the page is right before a downed log, which you can use to cross the river.

2.14 - Wake Hears a Chainsaw - Inside the second derelict hut, on the forest trail close to the aircraft crash site. Just beyond the Safe Haven, on the ground near another building, is the page.

2.15 - Barry in Elderwood - On the pile of cloth sacks, just after leaping across the old elevator inside the old mill. The page is on a pile of flour sacks on the other side of the elevator, impossible to miss.

2.16 - Nightingale Fires at Wake - Next to the trash can, by the "closed for renovation" sign, at the women's restroom entrance in the camping ground. Go to the women’s room. Just past the garbage can outside of the door is the page.

* 2.17 - Wake at the Dark Presence's Mercy - On the trail backup to Rusty's hillside cabin, after the phone call from Mott. Head up to the house and talk to Barry at the door. You’ll find the page ahead on the path with extra flares, flare gun rounds and batteries scattered around the outside of the house.

2.18 - Rose and Rusty - On the wooden floor of the lookout point, halfway down the trail from Rusty's hilltop cabin. Go out to the Phone box and follow the path to "Lookout Point".Head toward the lookout platform and climb the stairs to find the page and then make your way back to the cabin.

2.19 - Barry Meets Rose - On the ground, near the picnic table by the waterfall vista after the slight detour. The sign directs you to take the left side of the fork, so follow the path up to the right. The page is on the ground in a small picnic area just ahead of the sign.

2.20 - Sarah Thinks About Wake - On the silver rock below the perimeter logs, at the vista overlooking the old mill. Just past the barrel is a cliff overlooking the river, where you’ll find the page just beyond a downed log.

2.21 - Deputies at the Logging Site - On a tiny, partially enclosed balcony, outside and halfway up the old water mill. The outside balcony you reach as you climb the stairs has the page.

2.22 - Wake Feels the Dark Presence - On the closed chest behind the large crate in the storage barn above the old mill. After the phone call, make your way back up to rusty's cabin. Enter the shack and grab the hunting rifle, then jump on the lower, stacked crates to climb onto the bigger ones. Drop down behind them for the page.

2.23 - Wake's Despair - In the blocked tunnel, at the foot of the jackknifed big-rig, en route back to the Visitor's Center. Down the road is a fork, where more logging vehicles are blocking the way intothe tunnel. Jump out of the car a make you way towards the foot of the logging truckto find page

Episode Three

3.1 - Randolph Calls the Police - At the threshold of Rose Marigolds trailer grounds, after leaving. On the Porch before you leave is the page pick it up and move to the car, and a cut scene

3.2 - The Dark Presence Sleeps - On a log at the start of the trail, after leaving the law enforcement and dry river bead. Make you way towards the light, down the dry river bed until you come to the end.Turn left and make your way through the trees and brush until you come to a dropand now fall down to find a trail walk forwards find a log with the page

3.3 - Nightingale in the Radio Station - Further down the path from the train depot vista, pinned to the fence. Drop off the outcrop and make your way towards the old barn and water tower to findthe page pinned to a fence.

3.4 - Sarah Distrusts Nightingale - On a small boulder, along the wooden path before the view of the railroad track and valley. Along the trail on a small rock you will find the page and also an ammo box.

3.5 - Wake Attacked by a Possessed Object - On the tree stump at the trail junction overlooking the rail bridge. Along the right path, on a tree stump you will find the page.

3.6 - Wake and the Dark Presence in the Lodge - Lying near a pile of rusting girders, close to the ladder up to the water tower foundation. Making your way up the path towards the ladder to find the page.

3.7 - Wake Attacked by the Dark Presence - On the banister post at the top of the depot warehouse deck steps. After you exit the warehouse, make your way towards the page sitting on the top post of thedeck steps.

3.8 - Rose Visited by the Dark Presence - By the fallen trees, at the upper end of the road where the somersaulting cop car tumbled from. You will come to a fork in the road with a truck, follow it to the right by the fallen trees, at the upper end of the road where the somersaultingpolice car tumbled from. Walk up to the fallen tree to find the page.

3.9 - Rose Touched by the Dark Presence - On the flat cliff above the small river gorge, just after the ruined building, but before the radio station. After you have defeated the Taken make you way back across the crevasse tofind the page ( just after the ruined building, but before the radio station)

3.10 - Walter Fights Danny - On the concrete pad of the radio mast, at the summit of the radio station. Follow the path, winding up to the summit, be cautious of Taken along the way and on the one of the concrete pads under the radio tower you will find the page

3.11 - Wake Attacked by a Bulldozer - Pinned to the perimeter gate, and the dead-end trail just after the derelict barn ambush. Exit from the old barn through large doorway, turn left and down the path you will find the page pinned to a wooden gate

* 3.12 - Wake and Night Springs - Stuck to the tree stump, on the far right edge of the bluff under the water tower. Make your way along the path turn right to find the page.

3.13 - Sarah in the Radio Station - On the wooden walkway, near the rusty tractor, by the Coal Mine Museum entrance. On the corner of the wooden walkway near the rusty tractor, by the entrance of the museum you will find the page

3.14 - Thomas Zane in Love with Barbara Jagger - On the gravel, prior to entering the maze of the train yard carriages. Making your way towards the train carriages you will find the page on the gravel in front of you before entering the maze of train carriages.

3.15 - Wake Touched by the Dark Presence - Top floor of the main depot building, on the corner of a tarp- covered timber pile near the exit. Follow the markings to find the page on topof the tarp covered timber.

3.16 - Wake and Barry in the Cell - On a small, in a forest glade path, on the way to the mine tunnel and sinkhole. On the small rock at the foot of a tree you will find the page.

3.17 - Wake and Casey - On the edge of the bridge, near the first telegraph pole, resting on the sleepers in the Gray Peak Gorge Ghost Town.

3.18 - Nightingale in the Majestic - By the blocked tunnel, in the circular junction chamber, inside the silver mine. Along the wooden bridge and drop down to the lower level of the bridge to find a junction with a mine cart. grab the ammo and make your way over to the blocked tunnel you will find the page.

3.19 - Mott at Cauldron Lake - On the narrow cliff path, across from the small, broken wooden bridge. Move across the bridge to find the second bridge unusable so use the trail leading down,and follow the ridge around to find the page by some rocks and a small dogwood shrub.

3.20 - Wake Wakes Up in the Lodge - Halfway down the weather-beaten wooden deck stairs, on the path decent. Continue back to the path and make your way to the wooden stairs to find the page.

3.21 - Mott on the Ferry - On an old trunk, at the top of the first mine tower structure, before the mine's entrance. Make your way along the catwalk and up the stairs to cross some rafters thatlead you to a ledge to find the page lying on a old trunk.

3.22 - Hunters Taken - At the very bottom of the cave tunnel decent, near the waterlogged mine shaft. At the water logged mine shaft turn around and at the base of the tunnel behind a rocky outcrop you will find the page.

* 3.23 - Doc Examines Barry and Rose - In the small shack on the left side of the track, in the Gray peak Gorge Ghost Town. After exiting the barn ruins, straight across is a small ruin shack lies on the floorthe page.

* 3.24 - Wake Reads a Page - Place on the rockfall debris and the entrance behind the Gray Peak gorge Ghost Town. Head towards the mine cart and a long barn with an adjacent water silo, at the end turn left and follow the cart tracks to the filled in tunnel to find the page on the fallen rocks at the end of the tunnel.

3.25 - Tor Hits Nurse Sinclair - On top of the cube-shaped vista platform, on the top of mine mountain. At the top walk over to find the page right there on the platform. Take the stairs to exit the Silver Mine area.

Episode Four

4.1 - Thomas Zane's Writing and Assistant - Handed to Wake by Odin Anderson, during their recreation room conversation in the Cauldron lake Lodge. Doctor Hartman gives you the “Thomas Zane's Writing and Assistant” page during the conversation with him.

4.2 - Barry in the Lodge - At the top of the stairs, on the mezzanine level, found once the commotion starts in the Cauldron lake Lodge. Leave room 1 and make your way back to the staircase and take the mezzanine level tofind the page sitting atop of the stairs.

4.3 - Hartman Watches Wake Fall - On top of the stack of manuscripts pages inside Hartman's office, in the Cauldron Lake Lodge. Inside the unlocked room you will find the manuscript page

4.4 - Hartman's Mission - In the small withdrawing room, near the television, accessible only during the escape from the Cauldron Lake Lodge. Through the gap the bears left into a small room to find the “Hartman's Mission” page on the chair before you exit the small supply room.

4.5 - Wake Sees the Old Gods Stage - At the base of the tree in the square-shaped flagstone patio area of the garden hedge maze. At the base of a tree you will find the page.

4.6 - Barry Attacked by a Taken - On the stone walkway by the Can Pyramid, just after heading under the pergola bridge. Just on the steps after shooting the cans on the perimeter wall and stepping back,you will find the page at your feet.

4.7 - Mott in Charge - Inside the potting shed on a cloth sack, just before entering the walled garden. Under the "Safe Haven" of the light, make your to the near by garden shed and search the wheelborrow for the page

4.8 - Mott Fails Hartman - Found on the table in Hartman's interview room, where Lane's painting are stored, in Cauldron Lake Lodge. Before investigating the noise turn left and enter Doctor Hartman's Office to find the page and some painted pictures of the Taken.

4.9 - Hartman and the Power Failure - On a bench in the middle of the garden hedge maze. More Taken will be waiting to stop you from getting to the patio, so burn them with a Flash grenade or torch and gun combo, and make your left to the dead end to find the page on a bench.

4.10 - Hartman Sedates Wake - On the pergola bridge overlook, on the far wall, in the formal walled garden. Before turning left and running up the stairs, take the walkway above the gate youburnt and at the very end on a stone wall you will find the page.

4.11 - Nightingale Arrests Wake - On the wooden platform near the generator, close to the possessed gate. Turn around from the generator switch and walk out onto the platform ahead of you tofind the page next to the rusty machinery on some planks.

4.12 - The Patients Escape the Lodge - On the ground in front of the ruin, in the woods just before Walter's cabin. Arriving at some old ruins, up the path for the flashlight. Infront of the ruin searchthe pile of scattered wood for the page

4.13 - The Dark Presence at Large - On the stone protrusion near the tree trunk, after the possessed gate and a talking to by the light omnipresence. Making your way along the path until the light starts talking to you again and during the scene the “The Dark Presence at Large” will float down from above and land before you.

4.14 - The Anderson Brothers in the 70s - Stuck to the small viking stone, on the upper floor of the Anderson barn. Continue your way up stairs and make your way around the balcony from the stairs to find the page attached to a carved Viking stone.

4.15 - The Mystery of the Missing Week - on the upstairs landing, inside the Anderson farmhouse. At the top of the stairs, on the landing, at your feet you will find the Manuscript page.

4.16 - Walter at the Anderson Farm - At the end of the dead-end tunnel, inside the hillside by the overgrown mine yard. Burn the Darkness from the possessed wheelbarrow and continue passed the metal shelving that rocks n' rolls to find the page at thevery end of the tunnel.

* 4.17 - Hartman During the Missing Week - Pinned to the outhouse, in the back field near the small barn and wind mill. To your left passed the old wind mill in a field there is wagon with some markings. So follow them passing through the open fence, passed the old tractors and eventfully into the nearby shed for the Nightmare mode page

4.18 - Hartman Considers Mott and Wake - On the porch rug of Walter's cabin. After exiting the cellar, make your way around to the back porch of the cabin tofind the page on the rug outside the door.

4.19 - Mulligan Questions Nightingale's Orders - Stuck to one of the electrical breakers, on the right side of the Gods of Asgard Stage. On the electrical breaker, left hand side of the stage, you will find the “Mulligan Questions Nightingales Orders” page.

4.20 - Nightingale Finds the Manuscript - On the wagon cart, in the far corner of the side field, close to the big barn. Before ascending the ladder to the barn, follow the path around to where you saw Barry, in the field, just after the crash. Follow the boundary around to a gate that leads to the car wreck to find the page onthe old wagon near the wreck.

Episode Five

5.1 - Nightingale Reads the Manuscript - on the floor of the cell corridor, dropped by Agent Nightingale. After the scene where Nightingale is taken away, exit the cell and turn right to findtwo pages at your feet. near the door. Pick up the page.

5.2 - Nightingale Attacked by the Dark Presence - On the floor of the cell corridor, dropped by Agent Nightingale. Pick up the “Nightingale Attacked by The Dark Presence” page finally after all thistime.

5.3 - The Dark Presence Set Back - On the corner of the stage, in the debriefing room of Bright Falls Town Hall. Down the staircase, past the grandfather clock, into the debriefing room and make yourway to the stage to find the page.

5.4 - Cynthia's Work - On the corner of the counter at the back of Bright Falls Bookstore. Near the back door you will find the page on the counter.

5.5 - The Dark Presence Hunts Wake - Sitting on the wooden pulpit, inside Bright Falls Church. Inside the church make your way to the platform and you will find the manuscript page on the altar to your left

5.6 - Alice Trapped in the Dark - On the corner of the picnic bench, sitting on the wooden lookout platform near the top of the hill. On the platform you will find a flare on the wooden railing and over on the picnicseat you will find the page.

5.7 - Barry in the Sheriff's Station - Pinned to the wall at the far left end of the dark corridor, inside the Oh Deer Diner. Make your way down the restroom corridor to find the page on the wooden runner on the corridor wall. Exit the dinner

5.8 - Barry in the General Store - On the floor of the yellow haul truck container on church street. Before going near the stairs of the Church, make your way to the yellow haul truck to find the page on the floor.

5.9 - Wake's Plan - On the red wing-backed chair, set atop of the metal cargo container, at the edge of the transformer yard. On top of the shipping contain, near the wingbacked chair you will find the “Wake's Plan” page.

5.10 - The Falling Helicopter - On the rocky track below the giant water pipe, en route from the pipe to the helicopter. Drop down and along the path you will find some supplies at the base of a dead tree and continue along the rocky path to find the page.

5.11 - Zane's Shoebox - On a rock, in the curved trail behind the three large spools, close to the dam summit. After destroying the spools climb over the fence from where they came from, make your way up the path, between some rock to find the page on a rock

5.12 - Cynthia on Her Way to the Dam - On the ground, Beside the first electrified transformer cables, in the yard. Now on the other side of the entrance, make your way over and grab the manuscript “Cynthia On Her Way to the Dam” page behind the live cables.

* 5.13 - The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 4 - Sitting on a small rocky outcrop, behind a mesh fence near the power plant security hut. Turn left from the end of the stairs and follow the rocks and grass along the perimeter fence and river towards the back of the security hut to find the nightmare manuscript page on the rocks.

* 5.14 - Children of the Elder God Lyrics 1 - On the road by the side of the crashed bus, close to the swing bridge. Make your way over to the bus, with the white sedan crashed into it, before entering the control room to find the Nightmare mode Manuscript page

* 5.15 - Children of the Elder God Lyrics 2 - On the middle part of the fallen tree trunk, spanning the gorge fissure between the water pipes and the helicopter. There's a red emergency box with supplies then at the other end of the fallen tree you will find the nightmare manuscript page.

Episode Six

6.1 - The Dark Presence Wants to Stop Wake - On the highway road, close to the light, just after day turns into night in the tunnel. Continue down the highway to find the page, placed on the tarmac like an afterthought, close to the light.

6.2 - The Trail of the Dark Presence - At the far end of the tunnel before the scrapyard, by the red truck near the Safe Haven light. Under the light you will find some supplies on the road and in the emergency box,continue back to the truck you passed on the way to the light you will find the page.

6.3 - Thomas Zane's Last Dive - On the rusting stove, at the foot of the small control tower near the container lift, in the scrapyard. On the walkway make your way right, around to the back, near the ladder to the tower's control room, you will find some needed supplies and the manuscript page on the old stove.

6.4 - The Dark Place - Inside the decrepit chapel, at the far end of the southeast Cliffs Ghost Town. Inside the remains of the Chapel, make your way over to the altar/fireplace? and you will find the manuscript page.

6.5 - The Way through the Dark Place - On the wooden elevator platform above the mine encampment before the fissure. As you step our of the elevator you will find on the floor in front of you the final manuscript page.

* 6.6 - The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 1 - Inside the Majestic Motel reception room, on the green couch, right of the entrance. Inside the waiting room as you enter, look beside the green couch to find the nightmare manuscript page between two pots of ivy.

* 6.7 - The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 2 - On the shelf at the far end of the garage barn's upper loft, after the monster truck. Climb to the loft above and make your way to the shelves at the opposite side of the garage barn to find the nightmare manuscript “The Poet and the Muse Lyrics Part 2” page.

* 6.8 - The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 3 - On the small table between the two metal shelves, in the upper office of the yard manager's garage. On the small desk under the window in the office you'll find the nightmaremanuscript page and supplies on the table.

6.9 - Sarah and Barry in the Well-Lit Room - On the foot well of the parked green truck, at the entrance of the blocked tunnel, below the scrapyard. At the barricaded tunnel you will find a the foot well on the truck has the manuscript page stuck to it.

* 6.10 - Zane's Poem - Pinned to the mesh fence surrounding the old generator, in the mine encampment. On the platform near the old generator you will find the nightmare manuscript page in the wire mesh fence. circle around to collect it, and be cautious of the awaiting Taken.

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