8. Alan Wake The Signal DLCUpdate notes

Summary of the achievements

A single playthrough on "Normal" difficulty is enough to get everything.
Two achievements are story related.

There are three missable achievements: "Words Will Never Harm You", "License Revoked", "Fast and Furious". I will warn you when they're coming. The collectibles are also missable since you often won't be able to backtrack.
The last one of the eight ("Run-On Sentence") is for completing the whole Episode from the beginning to the end, without restarting a checkpoint (this implies you never have to die or "continue" the game; of course restarting a checkpoint is forbidden too).

There's only one specific suggestion for the achievements: make sure you save your Flare Gun ammo and escape as many fights as possible. There are four "bundles" of Flare Gun + Flare Gun Ammo x 1, for a total of eight Flare Gun Ammo (if you already have the gun, a new gun is counted as ammo; as usual). They will be noted in bolded notes, along with the missable achievements and collectibles.

There is one collectible achievement in this episode: Collect 10 Alarm Clocks and 6 Cartoon Standees, follow the video below to find them all.

The Signal

Investigate the restroom

Enter the men restroom and approach the sinks for a scene, at the end of which you will get a flashlight and revolver.

Exit the diner

Return to the main room and go towards the exit to trigger a fight against four Takens.
Defeat them and go in the room where the bigger one came from; search on the right to find
Alarm Clock # 01/10.
Exit through the door on the left of the same room.

Investigate the light

Back-run through the forest, possibly ignoring the enemies, and reach the bright house ahead.
There's nothing here but a manuscript page on the ground (follow the light on the first floor to reach it): pick it up to continue.

Follow the GPS signal - I

After few scenes, return in the other rooms and use your light on the word floating words to get: Heavy-Duty Flashlight,
Flare Gun+Flare Gun Ammo x 1, Batteries x 1 (the batteries of the DLCs will give you +4 charges like the lithium batteries of the main game). Then exit the house.
On the street, go right and follow the compass which points towards the hanging electric wire: a total of four poltergeist cars will attack on the way, but ignore them and sprint to reach a possessed door (just by the electric wire). Destroy the door and enter that building.
Inside the building, use the light on the word "tools" to spawn some useful objects: Revolver Ammo x 1, Batteries x 1, Shotgun Ammo x 1, Shotgun, Flare x 1. In this Episode there will be a lot of supplies, so I will usually be generic about them (I will be more specific for the most important ones).
Move on and many Takens will spawn: sprint to the exit of this building to despawn them without fighting.
Now you're outside and you will receive a phone call. Go immediately right from where you are and check the side of the building to find
Cardboard Standee # 01/06.
Move on and climb over a fence using some objects.
You're on the street once again. From where you land, go left to reach the words "tools" and then "flare" and "flash" (Flare x 1 and Flashbang x 1 respectively). Turn left again from here to find "flare" (Flare x 1) and
Cardboard Standee # 02/06.
Now return where you came from and jump down to "cross" the street and reach a green area where birds and Takens will attack you: skip the fight running to the next safe haven, ignoring the word "tools" on the way.
Inside the safe haven, wait for the birds to come at you and die thanks to the light of the safe haven; when they're no more (when the fighting music stops), use light on the previous "tools" word to spawn supplies: by now the Takens are probably back, so just return to the safe haven again to despawn them. At this point, sprint towards the supplies and grab Flare x 2 among them as soon as possible (ignore the rest of the items if you need to hurry); turn back and reach the safe haven once again with the bounty.
Continue to be on the street again: go downwards and to the opposite side of the street; on the way you will receive a phone call, at the end of which you'll be able to see the objects to climb in order to continue past a small wooden platform.
Takens will spawn as soon as you move on after landing: instead of fighting, run to the wooden stairs on the right side (considering "Southwest" the corner where you come from, these stairs are "Southeast"). There will be a red-dressed Taken on these stairs: quickly eliminate him (boosted light and revolver), then jump on the left side past a fence.
As soon as you drop, go left inside a wooden shack: here you will find "recharge" and "flaregun" worth respectively Batteries x 1 and
Flare Gun+Flare Gun Ammo x 1 (which means Flare Gun Ammo x 2 if you already have a flare gun). That's all you need as far as flare guns and flashbangs is concerned (though there are still 4x and 1x of them ahead, that is just as many as you should have now).
Use the light on the floating word here to continue.

Investigate the flare

You will enter a playground: from the small gate where you come from, go just a couple of steps left and jump over two fallen trees (one is just behind a bench, the other one is on the bench). Turn back after jumping past them, and check the bench itself to find
Alarm Clock # 02/10.
Continue forward and poltergeist objects will come to life (three big ones at first, then another small one). Instead of fighting, once again, you can simply proceed: destroy the possessed gate (if you come from "South", this next gate is "North") and proceed
if you're having problems, use a flare near the possessed gate to speed things up.
Head to the church and try to enter, but you will find out that the door is locked. Go a couple of steps down the stairs, so some huge poltergeist objects will attack you (three "medium-sized" ones at first, and two bigger ones then). The top of the stairs before the church's door is a good place to take cover and keep the situation under control, and you shouldn't need to use flares or batteries.
In the middle of the fight (or simply after it), use the light on the word "key" on the street to spawn the key: you don't have to pick it up, it will automatically open the door (more or less) for you.
Enter the church.
Turn left immediately inside the church, and look for
Cardboard Standee # 03/06 behind the benches.
Pick Flare x 2 among the "tools" here; then continue to the basement.

Find a way out of the basement

WARNING - Words Will Never Harm You
The basement is where an achievement takes place. You have to shed light on all the "blast" words of this place, and there is a lot of them. Takens will spawn about everywhere, and they can be instantly killed with the blast of the furnaces. There is no trick or special advice, just go around and search for them. The only ones which might be tricky to spot are those two located immediately behind you as you drop from the broken stairs leading to the basement itself (I've shown them while going for the next alarm clock, but they're easy to find as long as you know they exist). Other than that, just be careful not to take damage from the blasts or from the Takens around you. When the last furnace has been "blasted", you will unlock:

Referring to where you come from as "Southwest area", go to the "Southwest-most" corner to find an armchair with Alarm Clock # 03/10 on it from where you land as you drop from the stairs, go forward and turn right; then turn immediately right again (ahead of you there will be the first Takens), around 4 furnaces, and then continue forward to find the armchair.
The exit is located somewhere "South", and you'll have to use the light on the word "climb" to spawn a ladder to climb up to exit — from the armchair, go left and you will see the stairs at the top of which you can spawn the ladder.

Pick up the manuscript page

Do as you're said to spawn some words: only the one "on the bench" is required to proceed. As it spawns, you will unlock:

Follow the GPS signal - II

After a piece of conversation, you'll be able to get through the gate up some stairs and continue.
Kick down a platform and switch to the Lantern after shedding light on "flashlight", then continue to pick up some batteries and trigger another short conversation.

Reach the sawmill

Use the flashlight from far on the first "Boom!" word for an explosion, and use the light on the next "Boom!" to trigger another explosion near two spawned Takens as you continue.
Make sure you get Flare x 2 from the "tools" ahead and enter a forest area.
There will be a fork with a TV in the middle of it: many Takens will spawn on the way, and actually some of them can respawn without limits. Anyway, kill the first four spawning around you (two on the left, two on the right) and take the path on the right of the TV.
After other Takens ambush you, you will see a train cart in front of you; there are many train carts in this area, but you want to check the one on the right side (considering "right" the path you should have taken at the previous fork) to find
Alarm Clock # 04/10 (you have to pick it up from outside the cart). The left fork, if you wonder, leads exactly in this same "train cart" area, but on the left side there are only goodies and many enemies; in short, it's better to take the right path at the fork.

For your information, there is another Flashbang and Flare Gun+Flare Gun Ammo x 1 inside the cart on the left, but there are infinitely-respawning Takens around it, and you may end up wasting flares to collect something that, while useful, is more than likely to result a surplus if you save your four flare gun ammo and your only flashbang for the only fight (the final boss) which needs them.

Past this alarm clock, continue towards the light of a safe haven; on the way you will notice the word "turret": spawn it (it's a spotlight) and turn it on. Its light will cause some explosions inside a tent (located on the right side as you proceed), and you can now safely enter that same tent and pick up
Alarm Clock # 05/10 (you could also just shed light on the "Boom!"s inside the tent anyway).
Sprint to the Safe Haven.
Past the safe haven there's another "turret" word: spawn this big searchlight and use it on the three floating "bridge" words.
Train carts will fall from the sky: go inside the one closer to you (on the right) and drop below through its hole.
As you land, go right to find
Cardboard Standee # 04/06.
Then proceed left, collecting normal goodies from the "tools", and a TV will turn on in the middle of random shelves thrown in this forest.
From the TV, go left and you will see a train cart with "flaregun" (
Flare Gun+Flare Gun Ammo x 1) inside; note that you will enter this cart (to pick up the goodies) not from the window through which you will see the word "flaregun", but through its right side.
Proceed afterward.

"Flying Books" enemies here are a variant of the darkness birds, but other than the aspect they work just the same way.

Go past a bridge to reach an area filled with words. You might have noticed the word "possessed" in the previous area, and you will definitely notice that here: don't use light on them to avoid spawning poltergeist items; avoid shedding light on "enemy" since it would spawn Takens; "ravens" is also self explained. In fact, avoid using light on anything and just sprint to the opposite side (stay on the right side of the path, not in the middle) avoiding/destroying the books around you with light (there are three groups of them at first, but more will spawn on the way); if you need, move the camera so you aim at the ground with your flashlight, preventing to accidentally spawn something.

In this "words camp" there are basically only "dangerous" words, with the only exception of "flare" (Flare x 1), on the right as soon as you go past the bridge, and "tools" (it has only regular supplies; no flares or similar). A second "tools" is on the right of the next safe haven, as noted below.

Just past this area there's a Safe Haven: use it to despawn the enemies still alive, and then collect the "tools" located on the right side, before this safe haven (there are Flare x 2 among the goodies; pick them up as soon as possible, since they may pitifully roll off the edge and get lost).
Proceed forward past the safe haven.
Kick down a wooden door and continue.

WARNING - Glitch
In the next area there will be hordes of enemies, and the best thing to do is running once again. It's quite a long run, but you can make through it without fighting (use 1-2 flares if you need). The warning wasn't about this though, but it's about a more important issue: there's an alarm clock to pick up in this area, and it will be despawned at one point as you proceed. The "point" I'm talking about is barely past the next safe haven.
What will happen is this (skip this section and read from the last line of this block of text, "To be safe [...]", if you're not interested): you reach the safe haven, and enemies are temporarily despawned, you recover your health, you trigger a checkpoint, and that's all as usual. If you go back after triggering the checkpoint and recovering your health, you won't have problems: the alarm clock is still there (along with the enemies). However, if you proceed past the safe haven, you will notice that the "task" (upper-left corner of the screen) will disappear for just a moment and then appear again. As soon as this happens, all the enemies
and the alarm clock will be despawned.
Luckily, if you triggered the checkpoint at the safe haven before proceeding past the safe haven itself, you can immediately restart that same checkpoint (which triggered before you despawned everything) and go back to pick up the alarm clock (being careful, since the Takens are still in the area too).
This is what I could notice from my experience. Some people on the internet speak of this glitch as if the alarm clock despawns even if you just reach the safe haven, without going past it: I don't know if they weren't accurate when describing their experience or if they actually witnessed the despawning of the alarm clock and enemies just by reaching the safe haven, and not a few steps beyond as I noticed.
To be safe, pick the alarm clock before reaching the next safe haven at all.

From where you start, follow the path right for a short distance, then go straight north (the compass should point about Northwest) to jump down a gap; you may get slightly hurt from the fall, but it's a good shortcut to avoid the Takens spawning on the way left.
As you land, go where the compass points East/Southeast and then South, so you get through a broken wooden fence on the left side of the area. Here you will find
Alarm Clock # 06/10.
Jump down on the right side of the fenced area where you picked up the alarm clock (compass pointing Northeast, more or less) for another shortcut, and then sprint forward to the previously mentioned Safe Haven.

Continue and you will notice that your task, "Reach the sawmill", will disappear and re-appear immediately after: that's when the enemies (and the alarm clock, if you didn't get it) will be despawned.

Past the safe haven, stay on the right and you will find
Cardboard Standee # 05/06.
Climb up the objects to the opposite side of the barricade (this triggers another checkpoint), then drop below.

Follow the GPS signal

WARNING - License Revoked
In the next area there will be several "wheels" words spawning cars. You can spawn them, but you can't "enter" the cars, because an achievement requires you to avoid using them. The achievement is "License Revoked" and it only requires you to avoid getting in any car. If you get on a vehicle by accident, you can restart the last checkpoint and try again: this will allow you to unlock the achievement regularly.

As soon as you drop down the logs, spawn and open the red box for regular supplies; then proceed straight forward from where you landed (compass pointing Northwest) to find a possessed truck. Avoid it, and continue going forward to find
Alarm Clock # 07/10 on a wooden pole.
Then go towards the light on the opposite side of the camp, but eliminate the trucks (there will be two by now) and Takens (there should be two on your way to the alarm clock, three more when you reach the alarm clock and another group of three when you reach the light) instead of ignoring them this time. Use two loads of boosted light (use a couple of batteries for an instant recharge) on each of the trucks; on Normal mode, that is.
Activating the switch near this Safe Haven will break the light of the safe haven itself, open the door which was near the red box where you landed, and spawn more poltergeist objects. If you left no survivors behind you, it should be a joke to backtrack; take the same path you cleared on your way to the light, so you won't find new Takens.
As you enter the garage, Takens will attack you: aim at the red explosive canisters to quickly get rid of most of them, and then finish off the rest.
Go up either of two sets of stairs, then exit outside and drop below.
At this point, if you didn't get on any vehicle in the previous area, you will unlock:

Grab some goodies here and continue ("spawn" a memory too if you want).
When you come to a TV, Takens will spawn behind and before you: sprint ignoring them, possibly staying on the left side, and use a flare to buy some time while you use light on the "climb" word to spawn a ladder near a wall at the end of the path.
Climb the ladder up and turn immediately left, behind some wooden stacks: you'll be on a short wooden dock, at the end of which you can pick up Alarm Clock # 08/10.
Continue to trigger a checkpoint and get more goodies, among which the Heavy-Duty Lantern; pick up Flare x 1 on the left side before proceeding.
Enter the wooden-stack area and you will immediately hear the noise of an engine: continue and you'll be ambushed by a chainsaw Taken and several more minions behind you. Use a flare near the chainsaw one and flee past him; turn immediately right and reach the next Safe Haven (you can do this without the Flare, but it's dangerous).
Near the safe haven there's also a red box with regular items if you want.
When you're safe and the enemies are despawned, from the safe haven turn around so the compass points about East, to the opposite side; search near a fence to find
Alarm Clock # 09/10. Be quick, since the enemies are going to respawn while you go (unless you defeated them, of course).
Now kick the wooden door near the safe haven and continue: you will be in a huge warehouse with many Takens everywhere. Red explosive canisters are also common in this place, and they are perfect to make some nice fireworks.
The place isn't complicated, and there's only one way to go (there are false forks which soon reveal themselves as dead ends). The enemies are really everywhere though, and there's little room to fight: immediately use flares if you feel in danger, and eliminate everyone as soon as possible. Expect enemies on the top of the stacks and behind any corner.
When you come to a wooden stair, check around for "flare" x 2 (Flare x 1 each) and then go upstairs to find "red box" with regular supplies.
The next room is a more simple version of the previous: backtracking to the previous room to fight them all is probably a better idea than fighting in the mess of shelves and explosions, especially because some Takens (at least one, but probably two) will spawn in the previous room and not in front of you.
Reach the opposite side of this room when the way is clear, and drop below.
From where you drop, go right and then turn right again to find
Cardboard Standee # 06/06. If this is your sixth cardboard standee, you will unlock:

Use the light on the three words here and give a push at the wooden platform which spawns with one of the two "bridge" words, so it creates a small ramp which right now leads nowhere.
Then use the switch which spawns with the other "bridge" word and go back to that ramp: wait for a moving platform to come at you and ride it to the opposite side.
Be careful! The moving platform will stop for a few seconds in front of you, there's no need to jump on it randomly. Take your time and step on it when you feel safe, or you will risk a game over just for being too hasty.
When it drops you to the opposite side, carefully step down (Takens are waiting for you) and use a flare to buy enough time as to climb up a ladder (it's located in front of where you land, on the right side).
Climb up another ladder past a "memory" and go on the rooftop.

WARNING - Danger
Make sure you have at least three bars of health (possibly full health) before proceeding, because you will probably take damage to fall in a hole and go on. The damage taken can vary depending on where you land, but three full bars are enough to be safe in any case. If you don't have enough health when you land, it will count as death and you'll restart a nearby checkpoint (this is a consistent problem for your "Run-On Sentence" achievement).

When you have enough health, drop through the hole of the rooftop.
In the next room, feel free to ignore the dialogues and go past the white curtain, and then past a white door; continue downstairs and go through some objects to enter another room.
In this room, pick up Flare x 1 and Batteries x 1 on a desk, and then go right through another door.
In the hallway, go immediately right again into a familiar room, and check on an armchair to find
Alarm Clock # 10/10. If this is your 10th alarm clock, you will unlock:

In the previous hallway, pick up Flare x 1 on a furniture on the left, before the living room, and then continue, grabbing Sniper Rifle Ammo x 2 in the room as you listen to a conversation.

??? (task not written for spoiler reasons)

WARNING - Fast and Furious
The final battles of the game are about to start, and you have to defeat four sets of poltergeist items to be able to proceed. There's an achievement for defeating them all within 90 seconds, and it's a really large amount of time. Moreover, you can even die between the phases of the fight, and still unlock the achievement if you complete it in an overall time of 90 seconds (or less).

WARNING - Glitch
After defeating the fourth and last of the final bosses, do not rush too quickly to the end of the stage, or the game may freeze. If this happens, you can probably still unlock the "Run-On Sentence" achievement (provided you didn't die/reload the checkpoint) if you restart the game. By "restarting the game" I mean opening the guide menu (central button of your controller) and pressing " Y " to go to the dashboard from here. From the dashboard, launch the game again and the achievement may pop up during the intro. If it doesn't, you're out of luck.
Some people also witness that the achievement popped up restarting the whole system (turn off the XBox and then turn it on again) to run the game again instead of going through the dashboard without restarting everything.

Defeat the first enemy with simple boosted light (if you have three or more Flare Gun ammo, use one to instantly end the fight; if you don't have three or more, save them).
Jump down past the hole left by the first enemy and move forward to find the second boss in front of you (it looks like the first boss again). Some minions (poltergeist items and Takens) will spawn along, but don't bother with them and use a shot of your flare gun on the main enemy to end the fight immediately. If you don't have any flare gun, use a flare near the main enemy so you keep the minions away while you work with boosted light on the main opponent.
Sprint forward when it's defeated, and do the same on the third enemy (a shot of the flare gun if you have it, otherwise flare+boosted light).
Continue and grab 2-3 flares on the ground as you walk (if you already have 4-5 flares, don't bother picking them up); a boat will fall in front of you: use a flare, all your flashbangs and flare gun and finish the work with boosted light if necessary. Be careful with some "book" enemies which will spawn
if you're quick enough they won't have time to become a threat.

Despite the long "description" provided here, it will be actually very easy. If you succeed, after defeating the boat you will unlock:

Move on to some other cutscenes (pray for the game not to freeze) and watch the last scenes of this DLC. At the end of them you will unlock:

If you could make it without reloading any checkpoint, you will unlock:

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