9. Alan Wake The Writer DLCUpdate notes

Summary of the achievements

A single playthrough on "Normal" difficulty is enough to get everything.
Two achievements are story related.

There are five missable achievements on the way: "Whirlwind", "Heartbreaker", "Creative Space", "Go Gentle Into That Good Light", "Iron Will". I will warn you when they're coming. The collectibles are also missable since you often won't be able to backtrack.
The last one of the eight ("No Punctuation") is for completing the whole episode from the beginning to the end, without restarting a checkpoint (this implies you never have to die or "continue" the game; of course restarting a checkpoint is forbidden too).

There's only a specific suggestion for the achievements: make sure you get all the flares you can from the infinite supply you will find by spawning them (using light on the word "fireworks") on the way, soon past the area where "Whirlwind" takes place. This will be noted with a bolded note. Flares are important for a short fire-less section (to achieve "Go Gentle Into That Good Light"), but are even more important to have better chances to achieve Iron Will against the final bosses: try to save about 10x flares for the ending.

There is one collectible achievement in this episode: Collect 10 night spring video games, follow the video below to find them all.

The Writer

Find a way to Barry

Rotate the light post to shed light on the word "crumble" (rotate the pole with its green-lighted switch and make it swing so the light can reach the word), then climb over to the opposite side.

Pick up the flashlight

Get the Heavy-Duty Lantern and use it to shed light on the word "surprise": kill the "surprise" which will rush behind you.
Use your light on the words inside the wooden shack to spawn some supplies, then exit outside and climb up the ladder you also spawned.
From the roof of the shack, walk left on the ledge and jump through the hole in the wall to enter the maze.
Use the light to spawn Batteries x 1 (the batteries of the DLCs will give you +4 charges like the lithium batteries of the main game), then proceed and spawn Pump-Action Shotgun.
Now there will be a fork: go left and follow the several turns to eventually reach Night Springs Video Game # 01/10.
Back at the previous fork, go right and continue.

Continue with the next two tasks and enter a gate.

Survive the assault

There is Shotgun Ammo x 3 near an infinite supply of revolver ammo; the revolver will be spawned as one of the "tools". There are only three waves of enemies: three enemies at first, then some more spawning from the top of a roof, and then some more from the "fireworks-worded" area.

When it's done, enter the building — there's a "recharge" (Batteries x 1) on the right before the entrance if you want.

??? (task not written for spoiler reasons)

Search in the middle of the room, from the opposite side of where you entered, to find Night Springs Video Game # 02/10 by the fireplace.
Some poltergeist items will attack you, but something will get rid of them for you.
After this happens, exit outside through another door.
When you are outside, go down the stairs and head straight forward; at the corner, turn left and you will find Night Springs Video Game # 03/10.
Pick up a manuscript page after some scenes and shed light on the words which will appear.

Reach the lighthouse - I

Use the spawned rocks to reach a boat; on the boat, use the light on the anchor to destroy it and "sail" to a platform you also need to spawn. At the end, spawn a cabin.
What's written here with words is probably easier to understand in the video, but anyway: jump in the cabin and exit back immediately as the TVs turn on. The cabin will start rotating: from the previous "safe" platform, wait until it rotates almost completely. You want to see the roof: one half of the roof has the next video game collectible on; the other half has the typical outstanding part of an attic. You want to jump on that outstanding part when it is almost parallel to the floor where you're standing, so you can land on it. When you land, try to "climb" to where the video game collectible is (this will be possible when the cabin will rotate even more). You will eventually be able to reach Night Springs Video Game # 04/10; now just wait in a good position (from the half of the cabin's roof where you got the video game) to land automatically on the next platform.

WARNING - Whirlwind
The next section is where an achievement takes place. "Whirlwind" requires you to get through the next area in under 60 seconds; it's a good amount of time, but hasting too much might cause you a death. It's also true that if you die and restart a checkpoint you can still get it (even if you reload the checkpoint in the middle of this section), so it's not a problem (unless you're also attempting "No Punctuation").
There's also another warning: before this section starts, past the TV, there's a lighter and suspended wooden platform (you can clearly see it, as it's much more thin than the rest of the floor) which will collapse as the TV turns on (which happens as you continue). Be aware of this to avoid an accidental death for being on it when it cracks.

This platforming area is quite simple: pick up a manuscript page to spawn several "bridge" words and use light to spawn random objects. Jump on the first you can ride and wait for it to take you near another platform which you need to spawn using light on the word "path".
On this "middle" platform a checkpoint will trigger; a Taken will assault you immediately after, from the left (give him a quick shot of boosted light and run past him), and then you will find a "tools" word (avoid it; if you come close to it you will get damage).
Past the "tools" word there's another set of "bridges" taking you to another landing platform which you need to spawn first.
Climb up the ladder you will find on this second platform and if you were fast enough you will unlock:

At the top of the ladder, enter a train cart and expect a poltergeist barrel at the top of it; defeat it and make your way to an area with "roll" words (past a tree used as a bridge).
Some Takens will come after you here: "roll" words are a good aid to defeat them.
Use some "rolls" to clear the way and escape from the few survivors to quickly reach the next Safe Haven.
Past this safe haven you will soon see a word "falling" into a pit. Past this pit, there's the word "fireworks": use light on it to spawn a crashed car with infinite flares nearby.
Stock up on flares and throw one in the pit. Get your flare back from the infinite supply, so you have 20x Flares again, and proceed through the now-broken pipe.
Inside the pipe, follow the way to drop down to another pipe.
In the second pipe, go forward and you will spawn Takens; take the turn left when you can, then right, and expect a chainsaw Taken as you go (use a Flare if you're not confident with dodging). There's a hole in the ground just past him, leading you to another pipe.
Proceed through this third system of pipes to enter a quite original rotating place.
The concept here is simple: proceed forward to the next door when the rotation allows you to do so (if it doesn't, wait for the environment to be turned much enough as to continue). Just be careful not to get "lost" (i.e. taking the same door from where you came and backtracking); this isn't likely to happen at first, but it might happen in the last rooms.
When you see some dark water in front of you, wait for an animation showing "someone" diving, then do the same to continue.
At one point there will be two giant items blocking your way; gravity will soon clear the path, and this is obvious. What may not be obvious is after them: apparently there's only a wall in front of you, and if you look around there will be two "doors" (passages where to go). To continue, you need to enter the passage which has a light above it, and not the other one, since you came from it. You should also see a yellow arrow (if you shed light on it) on the floor past the correct door.
The armored door you will see at one point will open automatically as the place rotates. Soon after it, you will come to an elevator to ride, unlocking:

Grab some supplies and then exit the building where you landed after the ride.
And as soon as you are outside, turn right and be ready to run: run right on the street (on the right of the deer festival cart; the compass should point about South) ignoring the enemies which are spawning behind you. When your stamina is almost over, turn back and use your light on the closest "Boom!" to possibly defeat most of the enemies chasing you. What matters is picking up Night Springs Video Game # 05/10on the side of the street, anyway; the direction is the one I just told you, and you will find it on the left of the road (off the road; left considering the direction where you're coming from), about when the road is interrupted.
When it's done, don't bother fighting against more enemies since they will spawn, spawn and spawn continuously. Instead, get your compass pointing North, to the light of a Safe Haven, and reach it.
Cross a tree-bridge (jump down from it when you can land) and use your light on three "wire" words and a "bridge". As soon as the bridge is spawned, three Takens will come from it and another one from "your" side of the bridge: fight them with your flashlight and revolver.
Cross the bridge afterward; use light on another "wire" word and then start the generator here.

Use the log lift

Head to the brand new Safe Haven and use the switch there to move some tree logs all the way right.

Reach the lighthouse - II

Carefully use them to go to the opposite side: be aware that the slightest touch of the sides of these logs will make them spin; be careful when you go on them.
You will come to a street-bridge: you will immediately see a crashed tree-log-truck on the right side. Jump over one of its logs, on the right, and move forward to find Night Springs Video Game # 06/10.
Now go on the left end of the street and spawn some supplies; then go up the stairs and follow the path.
When you're going up a second set of stairs a Taken will appear: defeat him.
Continue onwards, defeating another couple of Takens, and then three more altogether just using the "Boom!" word in the middle of their position (there's also a poltergeist barrel near them).
Continue and check at the bottom of some televisions (they turn on as you continue) to find Flashbang x 3.
The path ahead is full of "Boom!"s and "crumble"s: the latter will create holes in the ground. Takens will spawn on the path too: instead of getting involved in a messy fight, sprint past them towards the light of the next Safe Haven (you shouldn't need to use a flare here, but do so if you need).
A cutscene will show a giant tree to use as a bridge to continue.
Past the tree-bridge, go on the left and check in the furthest end on the left to find Night Springs Video Game # 07/10.
Spawn some goodies (though you probably don't need them), then proceed creating your way with the light.
Quickly, but carefully, go past an unsteady bunch of thin wooden platforms, then move on expecting a Taken in front of you and a bunch behind you: defeat the former (use a quick flashbang if you want) and then get rid of the latter the traditional way (flashlight and revolver ammo). There's actually a fifth Taken on the opposite "mountain", but it's better to ignore him at first, and then take him out when the other ones are defeated.
Make sure you use your light on the "flash" words (one before another wooden bridge, one after it) to turn on two giant automatic searchlights which will soon be helpful.
As a matter of fact, when you'll go past the wooden bridge a lot of birds will attack you, along with four more Takens. "Help" the searchlights with your powerful flashlight, and be careful with the Takens (it might be a good idea to quickly backtrack to the previous side of the bridge, so you have a larger and safer spot where to fight).
You'll come to another Safe Haven.
Continue past it, and you'll come to another bunch of unsteady platforms to cross: the first group of them can be crossed without jumping (just walk/run on them); they aren't going to collapse under your feet.
Then you'll have to spawn a rock and a Taken will climb up from it: defeat him and move on.
The next and last two platforms are best crossed jumping.

WARNING - Heartbreaker
You will enter a hallway and then a room; in the room you have to wait until the end of the (quite long) conversation, then play and wait to the end of a tape record, and finally wait to another piece of conversation in order to unlock one achievement. Do not exit the room before the end of the second conversation, when the lights will turn on, or you will miss the achievement.

After the place turns all dark, wait to the end of the conversation and eventually some light will point out a record tape; play the record and listen to it. More conversation will follow, and then the lights will turn on again.
At this point, exit the room through the door and continue; Alan will start talking, and the achievement will unlock:

Proceed and you'll eventually have to climb up some rocks.
At the top, get some supplies if you need, then shed light on "tremor" to reveal the path.
Jump on the wing of the plane and continue on it; at one point you can drop in the hole of the other wing: do so (you'll land safely, don't worry).
From here, enter the plane from its back side and inside you will find Night Springs Video Game # 08/10. Be aware that as soon as you turn back, several Takens will be spawned: use a flashbang for the whole of them and call it day.

WARNING - Creative Space
In this same area there's a secret passage to a cave worth some good supplies and an achievement. Visit it before proceeding.

Facing the "entrance" to the plane (facing its back side), go right and forward and search on the right side of the mountains to find the passage. The compass should be pointing South/Southeast when you head there. Anyway, just check the video if you need. Once inside, you will unlock:

"Use" the giant item in this cavern to spawn four words: use light on them to spawn and collect Batteries x 1, Flare Gun, Flashbang x 1, Flare x 3 (you can do this only once).
Return to the plane and expect three Takens in the area around the cavern as you exit. Fight them and you should see no more Takens for most of the next path.
You will only spawn another large group of Takens before turning to the next Safe Haven (take a turn left at one point, so you reach it) — don't waste time with them and just sprint to the safe haven.
A short conversation will trigger when you continue, followed by another manuscript page; pick it up to spawn two words: memory and ignite.

WARNING - Go Gentle Into That Good Light
The next section of the episode is where an achievement takes place. In order to get "Go Gentle Into That Good Light" you must not fire your weapons in the next area. It works exactly like the similar achievement of the main game ("Gunless Wonder"), and if you reload a checkpoint after shooting, provided you didn't shoot until the last checkpoint triggered, you can reload the checkpoint and still get the achievement.

This task is also made easier since there will be an extremely powerful help on your side: an automatic light will clear the way from any enemy. All you need to do is using flares (you should have a lot of them, possibly even still 20x) to keep enemies away for the time necessary to shed light on some "clear" words to unlock the path. This devastating light (it doesn't hurt you by the way) will also be able to hit more Takens when you clear the path.
Flashbangs can be used (not the flare gun of course), but you probably won't need them.
Checkpoints, one of which being a Safe Haven, will trigger on the way, making the task even easier (though you don't need to run the risk of death: use flares if you're out of stamina to run or you're in danger for any other reason).
There's not much else to suggest other than this, and it's even possible to get through without shooting and without using flares at all. Try to continue being conservative, since you will need as many flares as possible (10x or more) to make the last bosses much easier.

When you'll reach the second Safe Haven at the top of the path, go forward a few steps (don't enter the lighthouse tower yet) and the achievement will unlock:

Climb the lighthouse tower

Before entering the tower at all, hug its left side and proceed to find a red armchair with Night Springs Video Game # 09/10. You can also reach it from the right side, but it's closer from here; anyway.
Enter the tower afterward and go all the way up, until you reach the top by climbing up a ladder. Spawn a ladder shedding light on "return" and climb it up.

Enter the cabin – I

After some scenes the word "bridge" will appear, but don't proceed yet. Go all the way up, where in the main game you found a coffee thermos, to find Night Springs Video Game # 10/10. If this is your 10th night spring video game, you will unlock:

Return from where you came, and spawn the bridge. This bridge isn't the best one you ever stepped on, and there are several parts of it where you can fall off (especially in the "rocks" parts linking the wooden bridges). As long as you walk in the middle of it and not on the edges you'll be fine.

By the end of the bridge a special Taken will spawn: taking down his shield will be enough to defeat him.

Survive the assault

WARNING - Iron Will
The final bosses of the episode are those related to the last missable achievement of this episode. In particular, you don't have to get to critical health (black and white screen) at all in order to unlock "Iron Will". Restarting your checkpoints if this happens is ok, as long as you didn't get hurt to critical health before triggering the last checkpoint. It works exactly like "Child of the Elder God" of the main game.

There will be infinite supplies of revolver ammo, batteries and shotgun ammo. There will be some darkness puddles, mainly in the areas closer to the cabin, but don't pay much attention to them since they won't disturb you. The strategy for every of them will be the same: keep a flare lit near you to be safe and use boosted light all the times on the main opponents.
The first boss is a fast-moving Taken accompanied by birds.
The second bosses are two fast-moving Takens accompanied by birds again.
The third is a single boss accompanied by birds.
The fourth is another single boss accompanied by birds.
The fifth and last is another fast-moving Taken: nothing extraordinary.

At the end of the fight, regardless of your performance you will unlock:

If you could make it without going to critical health status you will also unlock:

At last, enter the cabin to trigger the final scenes of this game. If you could make it without reloading any checkpoint, you will unlock:

Congratulations and thanks for reading!

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