2. Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space Story walkthroughUpdate notes


From the start, pick up the snack on the floor. It will automatically drop two snack items. Grab one and go over to the red soda can under the far shelves. While still holding the snack, attempt to combine it with the soda can. You’ll unlock Mad Scientist. Drop the snack and pick up the red soda can. Switch to the drink action (looks like a tonsil in a mouth) and keep drinking it until you die to unlock Crazy Drinker, Redshirt, and Deadly Drink.

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Reload the checkpoint after you die. Pick up the snack again, and when the two snacks fall a rat will appear. Pick it up and keep picking it up to unlock Rat Bite and Deadly Rat.

Reload the checkpoint once more. This time, we’re going for Speed Runner. First, grab the snack and quickly grab the two items it drops. Put the first in your inventory with cn_Y quickly so you can grab the 2nd before the rat gets it. Combine the 2nd with the trap nearby, in front of the vending machine. Pick up all four of the bricks and put them in your inventory. This goes toward Hoarder later on. Now pick up the rope to your left (facing the rat trap) and combine it with the vending machine. Don’t grab it yet. Look for a box on the floor. Open it to get the device and put it in your inventory. Facing the vending machine, this box is in the corner to the left of the machine.

Above the box is a valve on a pipe up high. Take the valve and place it in your inventory as well. Now, grab the rope attached to the vending machine and walk beside it, near the box/valve area. A monster will show up. When it goes over to the trapped rat, activate the ‘pull’ arrows with cn_X to kill the monster. Exit through the door behind where the monster arrived to unlock Speed Runner.


Right off the bat, just step into the fire and back out again quickly before you die to unlock Pyroman.

Attach the valve wheel you got in the previous room to the pipes on your right when facing the fire. Turn around and look for a hose on the ground. Attach it to the faucet above the sink. Pick up the hose, and aim it with the right stick toward the fire, sweeping it up/down/left/right until it’s extinguished. When the fire goes out, an eyeball monster will attack. Just keep punching it with cn_X until it dies for Eye Pop.

Now look around for a bucket. Place it against the door at the far end, behind where the fire was when you started. Pick up the eyeball from the dead monster, get close to the bucket, and ‘shoot’ it at the door just above the bucket. Cycle through your commands till you see the one that has up arrows, as this is the command for throwing the ball rather than dropping it. As long as it touches the top of the bucket before it hits the floor, you’ll unlock Two Points. Back up further down the hall (about where the fire was, or a bit further to the sink) and shoot again at the door above the bucket to hit it and unlock Three Points.

Next, fill the bucket with water from the hose you used to put out the fire, then grab it and look for two frayed wires to the right when standing near the door and facing it. Drop the bucket between the two wires to complete the circuit and unlock the door, as well as unlocking Don’t Try This At Home.


The first achievement here is a bit annoying. Look for some boxes in front of you. Grab the one nearest you and try to flip it so the side with the lighter area in the middle is on top, in the light. There are three small black dots on this side. You should get a prompt to ‘examine’ it without actually switching to the eye-symbol (examine) on your interaction options. When you examine the three black dots, it will say ‘A futile detail’ and unlock Investigator.

Look at the drawers with the two padlocks next. You should see a spider moving up and down in front of them. Take out the snack from your inventory that you picked up in the first room and combine it with the spider to unlock Arachnophile. Then put it away and try to grab the spider. It will bite you and unlock Arachnophobia.

Now grab the bottom padlock since its open and put it in your inventory. Open the bottom drawer and remove the bottom. Take the papers out, and switch to the open-box icon in your interaction wheel. Use this to take the paperclip off the papers and drop them, fanned out. Use the same icon on the paperclip to unwind it, and use the straightened clip as a lockpick on the top padlock. Remove it and place it in your inventory as well. Now pick up the papers one at a time and ‘examine’ them (eye icon in your hud). You’ll examine a graph-looking one and unlock Bachelor Degree.

Go to the left side of the room and open the dumbwaiter access. Combine the two padlocks you got off the filing cabinet, one at a time, with the upper and lower pieces of the chain to reconnect it. Press the button beside the dumbwaiter. Open the toolbox that arrives to get the screwdriver, and use it to remove the four screws on the vent up and to your immediate left. Directly behind you now, opposite this vent, you should see a red fire extinguisher on the ground. Pick it up and combine it with the now-open vent to push a key into the elevator. Open the elevator, grab the key, and combine it with the button inside the elevator. Use the elevator button on the right to finish the area and ride down to The Boiler Room.


First grab the bricks on the floor near you to finish up Hoarder.

Next, go up to the floating orange/white fish. DO NOT EXAMINE THEM. It’s not a huge deal, you can just reload the checkpoint, but it saves time if you don’t. Take out your handy snack once again, and attempt to combine it to one of the fish to unlock Fisherman. Then climb up the sloped pipe to your right when facing the fish. At the top, turn 180 degrees and you’ll see a vertical pipe to the right. You need to stand on the horizontal pipe, then jump out and turn back in to jump around this vertical pipe. You’ll find a fat green floating fish. Examine it for Dopefish.

Drop back down, and behind where the orange and white fish were, you should see a plastic curtain. Go through, and pick up the wrench on the floor. Use it to bludgeon the eyeball monster to death to unlock Wrench, then reload your checkpoint to restart this area.

After restarting, walk through the plastic curtains again. This time, press the button on the boombox to your left to turn it on, then pick it up to unlock Boombox. Right next to it is a beer. Pick that up and switch to the drink icon. Keep drinking to unlock Beer and shatter the bottle. Use the broken bottle to bludgeon the eyeball monster to death to unlock Fancy A Beer.

You should see a pair of cutting sheers nearby. Pick those up. On the far wall from where you came through the plastic curtains, remove the dead lightbulb from the light. Take the working lightbulb out of the desk lamp and put it into where the dead one was to reveal the ivy blocking the vent. Cut down all the ivy. On the desk, pick up the ink pen and use the open box icon in your hud to open the pen and remove the spring. Grab the Pad on the desk under where the ink pen was. Take the briefcase off the desk and drop it on the ground. Use the open box icon to open the briefcase, and examine all of the blueprints inside.

Pick up the boombox again and drop it on the ground. As long as its back is showing, or its standing vertical so you can walk around behind it, you’re good. If not pick it up and drop it again. When you can access the back, open it up, use the right thumbstick to move the slime out of your way, and hit cn_X to take the battery. Go back into the previous room and up the sloped pipe again, where you found the fat green fish. You should see some gnarled pipes to your left at the top. Use the wrench on them to fix them (this won’t be an option unless you saw the blueprints). Just use cn_LT to skip the puzzle. Jump back around to where the green fish was and use the cutting sheers to cut the ivy up here to unlock Green Thumb.

Drop down below and look at the base of the door near the bottom of the sloped pipe for a slip of paper that wasn’t there before. Pick this up and put it into your inventory with cn_Y. Now that the pipes are fixed, you’ll find a hand floating in the tub below the vent where you first cut down a bunch of vines (in the boombox room, far end from where you enter). Pick up the hand and use it on the scanner to the left of the door, then enter the door to finish this area.


When you first enter this room, take the hand out of your inventory and toss it across the room. The eyeball monster will go after it. While it’s distracted, start punching it. Circle around so that you punch it in the ‘face’ (the front of the eye), then move away before it can kill you. Whether you die or not, as long as you land a punch on the front you should unlock Brave. Climb the stairs on the far side of the room and eat one of the snails climbing up right handrail as you go up the steps to unlock Escargot.

Now grab another snail once one comes out and toss it across the room to distract the monster. Grab the glove off the far shelves (right from where you entered, left from where you should be now), and the flashlight helmet beside it. You can’t put the helmet in your inventory, so drop it at the top of the steps and toss another snail to keep the monster distracted. Beside the steps you should see a large tank with two valves. Turn the left valve, and combine the glove with the air-spewing valve. It will inflate. Once it gets big and you get the ‘pick up’ symbol on it, go ahead and grab it. Place it in your inventory.

Climb back up the snail steps and use the battery from your inventory on the helmet on the ground. Open the casing with your screwdriver, remove the dead battery, and place the good battery and spring from your inventory into the case. Now put the helmet on using the head-and-shoulders icon in your hud. Throw one more snail to distract the monster, and interact with the manhole cover on the floor a few times to open it. Climb down into the sewer.


When you arrive, swim down into the water and grab the hammer off the long flat portion, near the toolbox. Go back up to get your air full again, then dive underwater and stay down until you nearly run out of air. You should unlock Submarine without having to suicide, but if for some reason it won’t unlock just stay down until you run out of air and die. There is a monster in the water you can kill, but you can just ignore it as it swims slowly anyway.

Go back up the stairs out of the water and move the four barrels out of your way so you can get to the console. Pick up the disk in it and put it in your inventory. Cross the room to the T-shaped platform with another console and two levers. Hit the two levers, put the disk into the console, and activate it. Drop down into the water and you should see two openings in the underwater wall. Enter the right one to go into the Control Rods area.


If your air gets low, pull out the glove you inflated and use the mouth/tonsil icon in your HUD to take a breath. You can take up to four breaths, but if you’re quick you shouldn’t need more than one or two. Interact with the control rods. There are several different symbols here and I accidentally edited out the first two turns in my video. The solution is four turns: Horizontal Bar – Up, Bar Sticking Forward (you can basically only see the end, like it’s pointing toward you rather than vertical or horizontal) – Turn Left, Vertical Bar – Turn Left, Horizontal Bar – Turn Down. This should allow you to ‘grab’ the control rod and pull it out. Just drop it in the water anywhere.

Exit back into The Sewer and activate the console on the T-shaped platform with the two levers (it should say ‘OPEN’ on it until you activate it. Remove the disk from it and place it back into the first console. Before we can activate this one we have to turn on the generators, so climb back up into The Generator Room. On the far side from the stairs where we ate the snail, you should see two levers and a 3rd one that’s missing. Flip the left two levers. In the missing one on the far right, combine the wrench from your inventory with it, then flip it as well. Finally, go back down into The Sewer and activate the console to shut off the water from the right tunnel and enter it to reach the next area.


All those bricks in your inventory might serve a purpose here finally, although you can just keep using the two bricks on the ground here as well. There are several tentacles hidden in the walls that will kill you if you walk near them. Just toss bricks down the tunnel – left, right, and center – to cause the tentacles to bust out. Then simply walk down the tunnel, giving them space so they don’t kill you. At the far end, on the right, you’ll find a large bag. Open it with the ‘open box’ icon in your hud, then look for a small compartment on the left side that has a disk in it.

Pick this up and combine it with the pad in your inventory, then examine it. The passcode is 834. This will show a screen that says ‘Make the Area H inaccessible’. Head back down the tunnel and look for a new path off to your left. Go to the end of it, take out your hammer, and break through all of the bricks walling it off. Climb up the ladder to the right past the faux-brick wall to reach the next area.


First off, shut off the three consoles that look like they have bar graphs on them by interacting with the screen. Go to the shelving unit on the side of the room and grab the four rivet gun ammos, as well as the jack handle and the lighter. Put them all in your inventory, of course. On the opposite side of the room, use the lighter to melt the ice on the left end to reveal the rest of the jack. Grab it and combine it with the jack handle to create a usable jack.

You should see two tables. Between these, against the wall, is a tall bookshelf/cabinet. Combine the jack with it, remove the two wooden plank supports, and use the lever four times to knock it over. Open the top-left drawer to get the rivet gun. Look in the other drawers for four round weights. Pick these up one at a time and place them on the two tables nearby. It doesn’t matter which one you put them on, even all four on one is fine. This will break the support pipes down from above. You should now see a sloped pipe coming down from above. Pick up the broken pipe pieces one at a time and combine them with the sloped pipe, using a rivet (only one is needed) to hold each in place. You’ll need to attach five broken pipes to the sloped one to create a ladder to the exit, then use the exit to leave.

Room #10 – The Ducts

The Ducts could be considered a separate area, but it’s just a simple maze. From the start, take the 1st left followed by the 1st right, and climb down the ladder. At the bottom of the ladder, facing away from it, you’ll have a tunnel straight ahead and one to your right. Take the right tunnel, and when you reach a 4-way intersection go straight ahead. At the next turn, take a left, then the first right you come to, to reach a ladder going up. Go up the ladder and turn 180 degrees at the top. Take a right at the T-intersection and go all the way to the end, following it around the corner to the left. At the end, take the ladder down or just drop down. Go forward and take a left at the first intersection, followed by another immediate left, then an immediate right. Head forward down this tunnel, and take a right at the 2nd opportunity, and an immediate left to drop down to the vent and exit the area.


From the start, quickly turn 90-degrees to your left and run straight ahead until you reach an opening in the fence to the right and can enter the door to the shed by this opening. At one point the game will pull your view back behind you, but just turn around and keep going to the shed. Inside, first grab the key off the chair. Turn around and look for a pig’s foot behind some gross vine-like things. The game calls the pigs foot a ‘crowbar’, lol. Try to use the pig’s foot to open the ammo box 9 (the ‘combine’ icon) a few times to unlock Zampone.

Pick up the shotgun to the left and put it in your inventory. Pull the ammo box out from under the shelf. Pick up the candlestick and combine it with the lock on the ammo box. Enter 7610 from bottom-to-top (aka 7 on the bottom, 0 on the top) on the combination, then click unlock. Collect the shotgun ammo from the box and reload your shotgun. You’ll need it. Exit back outside, and just run around the field until the aliens abduct you in a most… interesting fashion. Hit cn_LT to skip the swallowing puzzle.

ROOM #12 – Alien Abduction fight

This is basically just an FPS fight, shotgun vs eyeball alien monsters. After you kill around 25 of the monsters, a scene will ensue. I killed 26 personally, but this might simply be timed, where you have to survive for X amount of time to progress. When the scene is over, the ‘silicon’ scanner enemy is present. Grab a nearby eyeball (flashes green on easy difficulty) and place it in the enemy’s path so it scans and destroys it. Pick up the lens (flashes green) that pops out, and combine it with an abnormal-looking rock formation. Most of the rock formations are tall and pointy, but one is lower and flatter. That’s the one you’re looking for. The scanner enemy will scan the formation, and its laser will be deflected back onto itself, destroying it and sending you to the next area, where we’ll get the final two achievements.


From the start, go down the ramp and look to the left on the camera screen for the remote control. Use it to move the crane on the ceiling. Use the right arrow twice, then the up/down arrow, and finally the ‘grab’ command (side-by-side left/right arrows) to grab the backpack on the upper-right ledge. Now use the left arrow twice, then the up/down arrow twice to drop the backpack in front of you and grab it. Look on the shelves to your right and grab the metallic capsule and put it in your inventory. Pick up the copper spool to the right of it and combine it with the charging box directly opposite where the spool was. Interact with the charging box once.

Place the metallic capsule into the spool, then interact with the charging box again to magnetize it. Take it out and combine it with the claw on the crane. Take out your shotgun, and shoot the two pipes above the pool of goo on the floor in front of you that is blocking the path. This will destroy the pipes so that the deadly acid-rain stops falling from above. Now use the remote control to move the claw all the way across the ooze until it grabs the cart on the far side via the magnetized capsule you placed in it, then move it back to you as far as it will go. Climb onto the cart and use the remote control to move the claw (and consequently your cart) back across the ooze. You’ll have to jump over the remaining part of the pool on the far side.

On the far side, look for a box directly in front of you. Open it to find your strange tool inside, then pick up the box and put it in your inventory. Turn 180 degrees so you’re facing back at the pool of goo, then look to the alcove 90-degrees to your left to see some boxes stacked up. Between the ones on the right in this alcove, you should be able to spot a ghost trap straight out of the ghost-busting movie from the 90s. Examine it for the Stay Puft achievement.

Interact with the switch that says ‘error’ left of the elevator for a puzzle that you can skip with cn_LT. Interact with the switch again now that it says ‘open’, and step onto the elevator. Keep interacting with the screen that says Turbolift on it to skip through the dialogue and be taken to ‘Area T1’, although you actually wind up in ‘Area H’.


If you haven’t by now, use your medkit from your inventory so you can pick up another one. Look on one of the tables in this room for it, and grab the medkit here. Examine one of the slumped bodies on the floor to hear some dialogue about zombies, and they’ll reanimate. Pull out the medkit you picked up in this room and attempt to ‘combine’ it with one of the reanimated dead, and you’ll unlock the final achievement of the game: Dr Mccoy.

There is still about 10-15 minutes of gameplay left, which I have included in the walkthrough video. However, we’ve wrapped up the full 1k now so I won’t carry on with the text instructions. If you’d like to play out the rest, or watch it in the video, enjoy. Congrats on your latest 1k and thanks for using my guide!

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