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Posted on 09 May 19 at 20:53
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Is this game any good? You "otto" play to truly find out.

Albert and Otto Review

Albert and Otto is a puzzle platformer that immediately reminded me of the amazing game Limbo because of its aesthetic and 2D gameplay. However, despite its simalarities, Albert and Otto contains more apparent flaws than its superior older cousin.

The presentation of this game is nothing short of splendid. The (mostly) black and white package present a haunting and desolate world. There aren't too many instances of creatures, but the two unique boss fights and mini-boss are all unique. The decision to have Otto be red and stand out interesting and welcome. The score is minimalistic, which helps retain the tone set by the appearances. There isn't so much as music as there is ambient noise. Sounds like fire and water are crisp and pleasant on the ears. That being said, the sheep can be a little annoying in the sound department.

The gameplay resembles that of Limbo or other 2D puzzle platformers. The jumping limitation of Albert sans Otto creates an interesting dimension. On the note of jumping, it doesn't feel as precise as the game may want it to be. Sometimes, you'll slip off things for no reason, and there is an airy feeling when you double-jump. It's not a major flaw, but it's there. Having a gun isn't utilized too creatively as it only serves two purposes: killing crows and dropping boxes/ladders. It doesn't negatively affect the game, but it had more potential to be used in more puzzles. The last major function is the gravity ability that Otto has that allows Albert to pick up objects like rocks and crates. This mechanic is not precise at all, but the concept almost makes it up for it. It was my least favorite mechanic, but it did lead to some tense moments in the game.

I also experienced a glitch. During one of the sections in which you ride on a box in water, I was not able to stand on the box. Albert would slide off the box as it progressed through the river, so I constantly had to jump to stay on the box. It only happened once, but it was extremely frustrating.

The achievements for the game have a nice balance of challenge and progression. While what would probably be the hardest achievement is glitched at the moment of writing this (fewer than 5 deaths), the achievements related to not dying during certain sections provide a nice little challenge. It is annoying to have to start the chapter from the beginning upon failure, but the game isn't long enough to warrant too much hate. Two collection-based achievements are welcome and the crow-killing achievements are fun as well. The game is very quick to complete and is challenging without being relentless.

Final Thoughts
I personally enjoyed the game for the most part. There were frustrating moments and glitches, but the overall taste it left in my mouth was more positive than negative. Apparently, this is only episode 1, but it's currently the only "episode" out right now. I wouldn't mind playing through a sequel. While it doesn't hold up to Limbo, Albert and Otto does provide brief enjoyment in the same vein.
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