2. Albert and Otto General hints and tips

The controls are pretty simple:

cn_LS - All directional movement

cn_RS - Aiming

cn_A - Jump

cn_X - Zap

cn_RB - Telekinesis

cn_RT - Shoot

cn_LB - Pick up Otto

That is all. As with many games, the longer you hold cn_A, the longer you jump, and this is amplified by holding Otto, but we'll get to that.

Also, this game currently has a very useful glitch in it.

This is an achievement to complete this game in 5 deaths or under;


Complete Episode One with 5 deaths or less

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableBuggy +

As of 25-Jun-2018 (the last date this was confirmed), no matter how many times you die, when you finish the game, you will unlock this achievement.

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