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    *Update 24/7/2016*
    I've actually picked this title up again as there was a patch 7th July 2016 which apparently fixes the achievements, plus some of the stability issues. It doesn't however resolve the aim inversion or brightness issues. My spare time is limited but I will look to update the review with my impressions once I finally complete it. I will be fair and if it has indeed improved, I'll update the review to reflect as such.

    For the record though, even if this is now fixed, I won't be buying any more titles from Maximum Games at launch (if at all). I'll wait to see if there are any issues first, considering their subsequent game arrived even more broken than this (mentioned below in update 30/4).

    Although it's not really acceptable, we can forgive games arriving partly broken because they can be updated. I take issue with the utterly appalling level of customer service that I experienced through Twitter and email. The fact that Maximum Games acknowledged there was an issue, then fixed the PC and PS4 versions but decided not to do anything about the Xbox game was awful. This was presumably because of the smaller install base on Xbox but that's no excuse.

    It's not to say that I'm not grateful for the patch but it should be a given that you fix a broken product, not forced to because of the bad PR from those who kept up the pressure to resolve the problems. Game released 11th March, first and only patch 7th July.

    *Update 30/4/2016*
    Unfortunately it looks like Maximum games aren't even going to patch the game or address the achievement issue as they're focussing on another game 'Lichdom: Battlemage'. They published this in a far more broken state than Alekine's Gun - so bad that Digital Foundry labelled it the worst frame-rate they'd ever tested. contacted Maximum Games about Alekhine's Gun and here's the response they got:
    "We regret to inform you that right now we have no plans for an X1 patch to resolve the achievement issue, though it's something we hope to revisit when we are able to."
    Full story from here:

    This is a bit of a kick in the teeth considering they have actually patched and fixed the PS4 version. Check that out here: TrueTrophies

    Honestly, this is an appalling level of customer service and I really hope that Maximum Games learn from this or they won't be around for long.

    I know I don't have many followers on Twitter but I've tweeted here in the hope of shaming them a little:

    Original review 24/04/2016
    This is a bit of a rant but I feel my comment below from the forums should be posted as a brief review. This at least gives any other poor soul who's thinking of wasting their money, a chance to avoid the mistake I made in buying it.

    Despite the fact this is an achievement site and that's what people mainly come on here for, I was above all just hoping for a fun stealth game. I wasn't playing solely for achievements, although that would have been a nice bonus. I'm a big fan of stealth titles and due to a lack off them recently, I wanted to give this a chance. Unfortunately this is just an awful and blatant Hitman rip off that pales in comparison.

    There isn't anything here that we haven't seen before or that hasn't been more effectively executed in other games like Hitman (such as the disguises and instinct mode). I'm not suggesting that other games shouldn't use or improve on features that have been tried before, however they shouldn't go out of their way to make them worse. I accepted that this was a budget title and I'm fairly forgiving when it comes to them but even I couldn't find any motivation to continue after the first level.

    The main (but not all) of the issues that I experienced:
    - The frame rate is all over the place.
    - Character clipping/falling/glitching through walls and floors.
    - No in-game brightness settings which made the game too dark for me to play, even using my TV settings to put contrast/brightness to max.
    - No aim inversion so I had to use the Xbox controller app for custom settings - come on this is basic game design!!!
    - Graphics look like a PS2 game - which could be forgiven if the gameplay itself functioned properly (it doesn't).
    - Appallling cut scenes and voice acting.
    - The chameleon achievement is still unobtainable and thus stops 100% completion.
    Alekhine's GunChameleonThe Chameleon achievement in Alekhine's Gun worth 166 pointsObtain all disguises in the game

    Shame I wasted £30 on a broken game but it's traded in now so at least I got something back for it. I do however question Microsoft's certification process when a game this broken manages to launch.

    If you really have to play it, I would suggest renting it but don't just take my word for it, check out the IGN review - this is for PC but it's identical on console:

    I gave it half a star but only because I couldn't give it any less.
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    KanchanaburiI saw this on sale in a B&M store for $20 new and I thought... why not... until I read your review. Thank you for helping me avoid wasting a drive to the store!clap
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 18 Jul 16 at 18:30
    REDZERO UKNo problem, I've actually picked it up again and there is a patch now which apparently fixes the cheevo plus some of the stability issues. I have too many worthwhile games to play right now but I will look to update the review with my impressions once I finally complete it.
    Posted by REDZERO UK on 24 Jul 16 at 16:53
    SONofGIANTS610Yup I wish I had red this review before I bought the game, total waste of time and buggy as hell, I got a kick out of the IGN review. Nice work!smile
    Posted by SONofGIANTS610 on 17 Jun 18 at 15:48