2. Alien Hominid HD General hints and tips

The achievements in Alien Hominid HD are a poor reflection on how difficult the game really is. You’ll die over and over throughout ALL of the levels no matter what! With there being no real punishment for dying, the urgency to stay alive, naturally, just isn't there. However, being that you’re reading this walkthrough, you’re probably looking to hammer through this game as quickly and efficiently as possible, so let’s look at some of the best ways to make it through each level with the minimal amount of deaths.

As soon as the game kicks in, you’ll witness a boy with a cap unfortunately have his ice cream stolen from him as the FBI make an escape with the critical parts of your alien ship. These youngsters will help you out throughout the game with a range of different weapons that they offer to you in the form of different coloured Orbs. These weapons vary in power, range and rate of fire but unfortunately, they will only last until you either; die, finish a level or run out of ammo in which the amount can be seen at the top-left corner of your screen.

Your standard alien style plasma pistol still packs its own decent punch. Rapidly tapping cn_X allows for a pretty decent rate of fire and most of the FBI agents and other enemies you come across will drop from one shot. A common feature of the pistol you should get yourself acquainted with is the charge shot. Holding cn_X for two or three seconds shoots a ball of pure alien plasma fury towards enemies for a decent amount of damage. The charge shot comes in use best for when you need to concentrate more on dodging enemy attacks, especially when fighting bosses.

Your friendly neighbourhood alien can also bury into the ground. Hold cn_down & cn_Y to hide your alien underground, this will keep you safe for a short amount of time (as your alien needs to come up for air eventually) and proves to be very useful against certain bosses. Don’t overuse it though. Sometimes digging into the ground can be pointless as the only ‘attack’ you can use whilst buried is a deadly close-range grab attack which basically pulls the enemy underground with you turning them into a quick snack for the alien. Upon jumping back up for air, you can be shot down mercilessly, making the trip underground a waste of time.

Another form of attack, which you will need to eventually master, is the head bite. Jump, and land on the enemies head by pressing cn_A again. Once sat comfortably on the enemy, you can either bite his head off using cn_X, jump back off of him, or throw him into another enemy. Staying on the ground is obviously a no-no in pretty much any run & gun game, but with Alien Hominid HD, you can get a bit of hang-time when it comes to jumping thanks to your pistol. Once in the air, shoot directly downwards rapidly to stay in the air for a second or so longer. It may not seem like much at the time, but doing this will make for smoother progress through most levels when the screen becomes quite full of enemies.

Lastly, this bad ass alien comes with a nippy little roll which to be honest, can be really hard to master. Pressing cn_LT or cn_RT makes your alien quickly roll respectively to the left or the right. Let’s say you are about to meet death through something that might be about to crush you, the dive is a split second quicker than just running in a particular direction. For me personally, with the roll feature being assigned to the bumper buttons, I didn’t make much use of it throughout the game as I’d always either forget to use it completely, or just press the wrong direction at the times I needed it most.

All of these tips & tricks are all well and good and will most certainly help you throughout the missions. Ultimately, these techniques and features of the game will just save you a bit of time here and there. With no threat of having to start the entire game from scratch should you use all of your continues, there’s no way that you can’t make progress through the game. That is unless you SUCK really hard and somehow manage to lose EVERYTHING in one level! laugh If that’s the case, you shouldn’t be playing this game. Jokes aside, sometimes you will undoubtedly be hammered over and over in some missions, but there’s more than enough lives and continues to make it through each mission.

Ready to roll? Hold up! Take a quick look at this video for a solid idea of what’s to come in the game!

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