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Defeating the final boss without continuing can be done on any difficulty. Obviously we’ll be attempting it on the easiest. There’s a couple of methods to use against the boss, one which can make life a little bit easier uses two controllers. To start with, let’s fire up the final mission on the easiest difficulty and go up against the boss one on one.

Before you actually arrive at the part where the battle kicks in, kill the fleeing soldiers to begin with in order to try and pick up a power weapon. Although they don’t make a massive amount of difference against the boss, a powerup weapon with standard range and a rapid firing rate will give you a healthy start against the enemy alien. Pick up a power weapon and let the fun begin.

As you will have experienced during your easy playthrough and the battle against the boss on hard difficulty, the enemy alien is no joke! He can be defeated with just the one controller so long as you’re quick and can remember his attack patterns. Check out this video where I take down the boss one on one on easy difficulty without the aid of a second life or idol controller:

Once the alien is no more, you’re achievement will unlock! Well done!

Perfect Fight

Defeat the Final Boss without using a continue.

Perfect Fight
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For those with an extra controller, the battle can still be quite tough but you will simply try to use your second alien as a distraction. Switching on the second controller doesn't make the fight a cake walk, as some may find the second alien distracting towards themselves! Give both methods a try if you are struggling and have the second pad. I have defeated the boss without continuing using both methods and I actually did a lot better when I was riding solo.

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