1. Alien: Isolation (Win 10) Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for Alien: Isolation. This guide will focus on getting you the achievements the quickest way possible, in order to minimize overall playing time.
The game, however, allows for extensive exploration - for example hunting for all the collectibles (only about 2/3 of all available collectibles count for achievements) will have you gain some insights on the background story and the events that happened on the Sevastopol Station before you set foot in it.

Important note: The game has various difficulty levels, from Novice to Nightmare. The use of Nightmare is not recommended when hunting for achievements: Even though one achievement requires you to finish the game on the highest difficulty setting, completing the game on Hard will get you there. Novice difficulty, on the other hand, is suggested for any additional playthrough, as it significantly lowers the chance to be spotted and caught by the Alien or any other opponents.

In theory, you can get all of this game's achievements on a single playthrough on the beforementioned Hard difficulty. This is achievable if you manage to not die even once, and grind for another achievement which requires you to get killed by the Alien 100 times by reloading a specific mission again and again afterwards. The easier way to complete the game is going for two playthroughs, starting with the playthrough on Hard. Here you will focus on finishing the story, grabbing all story-related achievements along the way. Playing on Hard will have you dying often, in fact very often, which makes the grind for 100 deaths way less tiring.

Your second playthrough should be on the easiest difficulty (Novice). With the story achievements out of the way, your focus should now be to stay alive, while gathering all required collectibles. This difficulty also makes it easier to avoid killing any human NPC, thus netting you another achievement in the end.

The overall difficulty of the game can be considered as medium to hard. The Hard playthrough will keep you on the edge while trying to find ways to sneak around the Alien and any other opponents, constantly hiding and patiently waiting for the right time to move on. The Novice playthrough still poses a challenge, as you have to stay alive at all costs, and in certain areas of the game (explained in a later section) death is just a wrong move away.

Depending on your survival and hiding skills, along with your desire to explore, the game will require about 30 to 50 hours to complete.

So close the curtains, dim the lights, and prepare to get scared - let's get started!

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