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Posted on 12 August 17 at 09:32, Edited on 17 August 17 at 07:52
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Just over 1100 tracked gamers at the time of writing, and under 200 completions, its safe to say that this game hasn't really got much attention. I was even more surprised to see that there were no reviews written. Having read several reviews online, which blast this game, I thought I would write my own.


Earth has a mining outpost on an asteroid, drilling for some kind of superfuel. Soon, this work is uncovered by a race of highly religious aliens who turn on their human allies, and of course its up to you to stop them. Some really cool ideas could have been explored with this premise, but unfortunately this is not done. The story is there, but ultimately you are running and gunning down endless passageways and sometimes more open areas, with the story feeling quite optional for the player, unlike games like halo or gears of war, where the story in undeniably immersive. The aliens are religious, but except for a boss taking the form of one of their gods, this is barely discussed. interesting, but ultimately disappointing


This game feels very polished and slick. Controls are identical to call of duty layout, so there wont be any problems there. This game is satisfyingly challenging, even on easy mode some of those bosses are tough! Hard mode is VERY challenging, unless you have the unlockable super pistol, which makes is a breeze by comparison. Guns are fun to use, but not that accurate. It feels a little bit too easy to pull off a headshot using the highly effective auto-aim. The rocket launcher and sniper rifle are basically useless. All up however, nothing to complain about. They've used the tried and true formula for FPS gameplay, and this is a fine example. However as mentioned earlier, trapsing through the many corridors may feel a bit mundane after a while. Most levels = Kill hoards of aliens, press a switch, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, Boss. There are somethimes rail segments, or one part where you use a mech suit, but ultimately these parts are a bit forgettable, and serve mainly to break up the gameplay. Ultimatey, fun, slick, but forgettable. You'll barely remember this in a few years.


Every thing is shiny, and looks fantastic. Crisp and clear. it looks more like it belongs on the XBone than the 360. Absolutely great visuals. Backgrounds in outdoor areas look good, bad guys and guns also look really cool.


OK music, gunfire sounds ok too. Compliments the games other elements well, but nothing that stands out either.


None. I feel this is a waste, could have been fun!


A very obtainable list. Fun, but nothing that really stands out. No "kill bad guy in a certain way" ones. You'll get just about all of them in one easy playthrough. Do play through easy first to unlock the super pistol to make the hard playthrough MUCH easier. Easy is challenging enough without it, let alone hard. All up, most people should be able to complete it without too much trouble.


A fun little title which deserves a lot more attention. Its gameplay is sleek, visuals are fantastic, achievements are satisfying to complete. Its got its downsides, but the game isn't thaaat long (but not short!) so it doesn't outstay its welcome. Well worth a look for any shooter fan or achievement junkie. Perfect weekender.

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