2. AlienCruise General hints and tipsUpdate notes

In terms of the gameplay, it is pretty standard side-scrolling shooter fair. I didn't really care which character I picked, I did swap a little towards the end, but overall it didn't matter much for me.


cn_dpad or cn_LS - Move

cn_A - Shoot

Move + cn_LT or cn_RT - Boosted Movement

NOTE: If you stop firing your weapons, power-ups will move towards you


The powers are introduced during the tutorial as well as an image of what they look like. More come up later with particular shot patterns or variations.

Blue Nose Cone with some lines coming off it - Missiles

Green with a coffin on it - Shield

Yellow - Increase shots fired

Blue w/Fast Forward Arrows - Speed Boost Energy

Pink w/Lightning Bolt - Increased Power???

Teal w/Shot coming out - Increased missile frequency

Blue w/Heart - Increase Lives by One


  • Green Shield will allow you to take one hit. Always try to pick these up/stop firing to have it to come to you
  • If you die, you'll drop some of your power-ups. Pick them up and you'll be able to have at least some of the firepower you had last.
  • I had some glitches occur during my time with the game. The most glaring was a bunch of frame drops. I was able to cope, but it definitely had me concerned that I would be unable to dodge enemy attacks.
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