1. Aliens vs. Predator Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello, and welcome to the Aliens vs. Predator walkthrough. I shall be giving a run-down on how to earn every achievement in the game.

You will need a decent and dedicated boosting group in order to complete the multiplayer, but due to the quirks of the AvP multiplayer matchmaking, it is almost impossible for people in different regions to play with one another. Some believe you can only play with other people in your country, but given that I was able to boost the game with some Americans and a German guy, there really does not seem to be any logical pattern in how the game puts people together.

The single-player achievements are more or less straightforward, consisting mostly of story-related and difficulty-based achievements. Some, however, require you to accomplish specific feats and can be tricky. The multiplayer achievements are also relatively unobscure. A slight grind is required to earn 18,060 xp, but the greatest challenge is simply getting paired up with your boosting partners since, as aforementioned, the matchmaking for multiplayer is TERRIBLE.

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