2. Aliens vs. Predator General hints and tipsUpdate notes

With this game, be prepared to deal with arguably one of the worst matchmaking systems on the planet. You can be the only people searching, but if the game doesn't want to put you together, it won't put you together. It is, therefore, important to find two people who can find each other easily, and have them as the party leaders. Some modes, however, require you to search alone. The boosting for the XP is simple enough and isn't as long as some other grinds. The rest of the MP isn't hard, but, once again, you may find it hard being paired up with your fellow boosters.

The single player is split into three campaigns: Marine, Predator, and Alien. The Marine campaign is essentially an FPS, not too dissimilar to the Aliens: Colonial Marines campaign, albeit with some cosmetic and aesthetic differences. It is the longest of the campaigns and is also the toughest on harder difficulties. The last two levels of the Marine campaign on Nightmare difficulty are arguably the toughest in the game. The Predator and Alien campaigns are much more stealth focused. The Predator has access to some long-range weaponry, i.e. the plasma caster, smart disc, etc., but these can't be expected to give you an edge against large groups of Marines.

Like the Predator in the movies, you will have to stalk your prey and pick them off one by one. The Aliens, however, tend to rush you, but since they only have melee weapons, you don't need to worry too much. Don't rely exclusively on the plasma caster, as that drains power quickly, and don't make the mistake of thinking the active camouflage makes you completely invisible. Marines will still spot you at close range and avoid water. The Alien campaign requires more stealth, but you have the ability to climb walls and ceilings, which presents you with more options. However, the first person perspective can make things a little dizzying at times.

Back to the marine campaign, the scoped rifle is hands down the best weapon in the game. You can one-shot aliens with it and wreck combat androids relatively quickly. A close second is the smart gun for its autotrack aiming system and large ammo capacity. The pulse rifle is a good all-rounder as it has a lot of ammo and a grenade launcher. The shotgun is useful for close encounters, but be careful when using it on aliens as they can explode, and their blood will damage you. The flamethrower is probably the least useful weapon.

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