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    24 Jul 2016
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    Hi guys. This is my second review of a game and i try to give my best to get you to know the game.

    At first, this is a 2d never-ending game with beautiful graphics, nice music and a steril-looking background. You're task is simple: Just try to get as far as possible, when moving right with your snowboard on a endless snowy mountain with hills and some obstacles, while trying to make a nice trick combo to maximize your points.

    There are a few characters who have specific abilities like faster grinding, better combo-streaks and so on and with every char you have exactly 30 different tasks divided by 3 per level, which can be quite challenging.

    When you've managed to complete all the tasks, you are awarded with a new character every 10 levels and it starts again.

    When you are running, you are collecting llamas. Yep, no joke, you hit them and you are collecting them, which is rewarded by an achievement. Most of the achievements are cumulative and it is no more than grinding, a hell lot of grinding. Though it has nice graphics, the game has some weak spots, like:

    The music and the sounds are repetitive and always the same, so at some point, you are so used, that it will begin to annoy you.

    While you are snowboarding, you will regularly meet an elder who will chase you and hit you with his whip, and the only option to get rid of him is to jump over a cliff.

    When you have collected enough coins (which is a big grind too), you can purchase upgrades for your characters, but it is somehow expensive. I only own the scarf so far, so i can't say if you will unlock more, when you are buying the others.

    Another really disturbing thing you already know from F2P games are the ads. The games' ads are extremely disturbing, because every few tries there is an unstoppable, loud, 30sec ad.
    When you die in your current game, you can watch an ad to continue, the ads from this takes mostly about 10-15 seconds.

    Now the conclusion:

    -Nice gameplay
    -Nice atmosphere
    -Beautiful sterile graphics
    -No aggressive method of sales for buying coins
    -Challenging tasks (like a doubleflip after a grind)
    -Changing weather conditions and special places appearing (like forests and lines)

    -Horrible grind for the achievements (like collect x llamas)
    -Really, disturbing ads - lots of them
    -The stats, achievements and so on aren't clearly visible ( I realised the tabs when clicking on options, but a lot later)
    -Achievements are not described - you have to watch for an description
    -Boring, repetitive gameplay and music (just like these Angry Birds games)

    These were the characteristics i noticed. If you just want a simple, nice graphics game whenever your internet is gone, you can just kill time with it. It is available for free on Win10 operating systems.

    Additional info: Game is only single-player, no online mode - but of course you have to be connected to get achievements.
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    OlivierL57Thanks for the review, the grind was predictable unfortunately. I'll pass on this one, I've already started too many of these crappy things.
    Posted by OlivierL57 on 12 Aug 16 at 19:05
    cenGii91Honestly, i didn't play it for long time now.
    Posted by cenGii91 on 14 Aug 16 at 10:05
    KingOfWeightThe ads ruined the game for me. I wish there was an ad-free version.
    Posted by KingOfWeight on 10 Jan 18 at 22:22
    KiRRAYNEGood review, +1. Nearly finished with this :)
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 25 Apr 18 at 16:53
    SONofGIANTS610Yup just started the game and these achievements are going to take forever and having ads in this is annoying too but it isn't that bad otherwise so good review +1 from me
    Posted by SONofGIANTS610 on 11 Jun 18 at 18:02
    cenGii91Thanks :) Appreciate that.
    Posted by cenGii91 on 11 Jun 18 at 21:35