Alvastia Chronicles Reviews

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    18 May 2020 18 May 2020
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    Alvastia Chronicals is a turn-based RPG which allows you to build your own team from the 100 different monsters/allies found throughout the land. Each is assigned to a team, and each team gets to choose one of it's members' attacks per turn. It is a simple but effective system, which due to the huge number of characters available to recruit, never gets old and allows a fresh take on how each battle should be taken on, depending on the weaknesses of the current enemy and the play-style of the individual player.

    The story is surprisingly engaging. I found myself empathising with pretty much every character that was presented to me, including the ones that weren't presented so favourably. Some parts were a little predictable, but I still kept playing 'just one more hour' to see what happened. The characters had beautiful relationships between each other, and I found myself genuinely caring about each of them. Aside from the characters themselves, the storyline itself was complex yet easy to follow, deep but relatable.

    Rating: 9/10

    The graphics are extremely basic, but considering the style of game, I consider them very much adequate. The colours and layout have an almost 'pokemon-esque' feel to them. For this style of game, the graphics were beautiful, and it was refreshing to see so many different styles of terrain and enemy in this kind of game.

    Graphics: 8/10

    Each area has a specific music style, which can get annoying depending on how long you spend in an area. However, I found the music both relaxing, and for the most part, well placed. Of course you hear more of the frantic 'stressful' music in a high end boss battle, but it adds to the atmosphere.

    Music: 7/10

    This game has a generous smattering of achievements at the start, which is pretty standard in these games to draw you in. However, the achievements are well spaced out throughout the game, with no long stretch feeling it wasn't being rewarded. The two or three harder achievements feel very well deserved once you get them, and the satisfaction is very much worth the effort. The only thing that bugged me personally was the low drop-rate of the 'quest items' for the side quests (which are required to complete one of the achievements), which occasionally saw me walking in circles for 35 minutes, hunting down the monster I needed, which dropped the item I needed approximately 1 in 5 times. Even with this considered, it was a fun and relatively pain-free 100%

    Achievements: 8/10