2. American Fugitive Miscellaneous Achievements & Gameplay TipsUpdate notes


Try to always carry a crowbar, a shovel and a fully loaded firearm. Crowbars are needed if breaking into doors, shovels are used to dig up hidden stashes and the loaded firearm is for shooting people in the face.

If you see someone hanging around outside a residential property, knock them out with a melee weapon and search them. They will, more often than not, have the key to the property on them. You can then use this key to enter the property without setting off the alarm, giving you all the time in the world to search for valuables!

Save up 8 upgrade points and buy the metal detector first, to help you locate the hidden stashes. It will even beep if you pass a house with one inside, even if it's in a safe. Using the maps at the end of this walkthrough as a guide combined with the metal detector will allow you to find every stash.

I will reiterate this in the collectibles chapter, but out of the 20 collectible paintings, one of them is a mission item. The other 19 are freely lootable whenever you have access to an area. SOME paintings are hidden inside bunkers with stashes, or even inside safes with stashes. When you collect a stash, it automatically closes the container you're looking in, so if you see a painting, either collect it first or go back in to get it after taking the stash.

My recommended priority upgrades are, in order of preference from most to least:

Metal Detector

Burglar's Instinct








The remaining ones can be whatever you like. The missions and collectibles reward you with enough points to upgrade everything in the game to the max.

Use the Kamara for the stunt jumps. The hot rod looks nice, but it's like a shopping trolley with nitrous when driven.


You can knock these out at any time you see fit. Return to this page if you want a break from the story to let loose and get some of these done. Most of them can be done right away in Act I.

An easy achievement which you can get as soon as you start the game proper having escaped from prison.

Look at your map, and you'll note a spray shop very close to where you start.

At the north end of the spray shop, a tow truck is parked up. Steal it, and drive it left out into the road. As soon as you see a car drive past, catch up to it and pull in front of it, hitting cn_X when you're aligned with the vehicle to tow it.

Achievement unlocked!

If for any reason the truck isn't there, one can always be found outside Dwayne's.

Start breaking into houses or killing civilians until the cops show up. As they do, run and steal their squad car, and floor it! Driving like a lunatic and beating up the car will cause it to burst into flames. Keep it floored and the achievement will pop when you get up to speed.

There's no speedometer in the game, but mine popped moments after it burst into flames just by accelerating off again.

Press cn_Y to dive out when it pops unless you don't mind being blown up along with the car!

Another method which worked for me is to drive around the railway into the oncoming train. The moment I hit it on my second account, I unlocked the achievement.

"Dead" easy dance, and can be done as soon as you're in the game proper after escaping prison.

Steal any standard car/van that has a boot (trunk).

Now go and run over a civilian/get out and beat them unconscious.
When they're down, go over to the body and press cn_X to drag it to the boot (trunk) of your vehicle. Press the button again to stow it inside.

Now bring up the map and find the closest body of water - for me it was the river the runs east to west in the top left corner of the map.

Drive the vehicle straight into the water - don't worry, you can hit cn_Y to get out and swim to shore!

The achievement will unlock when the vehicle with the body hits the water.


Break into any standard residential house, and head to the bathroom. It will almost always have a toilet brush. Take it, and escape the house.

Now head to somewhere populated, such as a carpark, children's park or even a graveyard. Equip the "weapon", making sure you don't have it holstered and go to town on the peeps.

Of course, it helps if you've upgraded your melee attack for this one, but as long as you have enough people, time isn't an issue.

Another easy achievement here folks!

Go and stand by either railway bridge at the very north of the first island and wait for the train to come. As it arrives, run towards any rail carriage and your character will automatically grab hold.

Now sit tight and don't press anything until the achievement pops a couple of minutes later as you circle around to the bridge where you started. It will pop whilst riding the train.

I recommend the bridge as the train is guaranteed to cross them - standing by a smaller section of railway, which splits several times, may cause you to miss the train as it takes a different path.

There isn't a speedometer in the game, so you just have to go for it.

Easily achieved in either a police car or a Kamara. If you're further into the game and don't mind the handling, the hot rod is an obvious choice too.

Just find a nice long stretch of road and floor it! I find the west to east run along the upper-most island on the top left of the map the easiest spot to get up to speed. Alternatively, you can get yourself a fast run up to a stunt jump - when going at speed, you get a little boost off the end of the ramp to increase your chances of making the jump. According to my stats, my speed record went up to 184mph after the stunt jump over the lake to the Beanz Coffee Shop.

That's now at 195mph after doing the central lake stunt jump in a Kamara.

  • Scot Free

    Broke into a house stealthily and stole goods worth $100 with a clean getaway.

    Scot Free

I've found the best way to do this is to check out the detached houses around the centre (ish) of the first island.

You'll see people coming and going from the houses, especially at dawn and dusk.

When someone leaves the front or back door, or if someone's heading towards it, clobber them with whatever melee weapon you like to knock them unconscious. Now press cn_Y to check their inventory, and they should have a house key on them to the property you're at. Case the joint to make sure nobody else is inside, then press cn_Y by any of the doors to get in without triggering the alarm.

You can take as much time as you want to move from room to room, just make sure the amount of goods you steal is valued at a total of $100 or more. Pretty easy in the big houses, as they often have jewelry and silverware to nick.

Once you're sure, leave the house via the most incongruous entrance.

If you do that without getting a wanted star, BOOM! Another easy but fun achievement in American Fugitive.

Simple achievement, obtainable on the first part of the map you have access to after starting the game "proper".

Make sure you have a car. Now drive around until you see a black rubbish bag - they're all over, outside stores, houses, trailers, etc.

Walk up to the bag and press cn_X to pick it up. Drag it to the boot (trunk) of your car, and press the button again to put it inside.

Now drive your car to the very northeast point of the island on the top left of the map, to the north of the telephone icon and the time trial icon. You'll know you're in the right place because of the garbage trucks outside the dump.

Drive into the dump site, retrieve the bag from the car by approaching the rear of the vehicle and pressing cn_X, and drop the bag on any of the huge piles of rubbish which litter the place.

Now pat yourself on the bag for doing a good deed and enjoy your achievement!

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you haven't yet collected all the paintings, then grab two of them by following my collectibles guide and sell them both at the same time to the art dealer.

Alternatively, you're going to have to upgrade your inventory and go for the big hauls from many houses without getting killed or arrested in between. Gold bars ($100), diamond rings ($75) and watches, necklaces and bracelets ($25-$50) are what you're looking for.

Check your inventory and calculate the worth. When it's over $1000 go to Reese Pawn and hit cn_Y to sell everything at once.

You're almost guaranteed to unlock this just by playing the game, but just in case:

Lock 'n' Load folks, it's time for some indiscriminate killin'!

Press cn_up if you need a shotgun or shotgun ammo; it'll be delivered close by.

Now, head to a public spot: A park, motel, graveyard... How appropriate. Unleash hell! When the cops show up, keep shootin'. Just kill everyone, all of the time. Your achievement will pop in no time.

There are a few ways to try and get this next achievement to pop, but I found the easiest method was the following.

Take a tow truck from Dwayne's or the body shop, or press cn_up and buy one from the car dealer. Now drive to any store and back into the ATM until the small black circle with the 'tow' symbol appears by it. Hit cn_X and drive off!

You'll be able to swing it around a lot faster than if you were towing something heavier, such as a car. Now head to one of my favourite pedestrian massacre spots (park, motel, graveyard) and either swing the tow truck around in circles or, preferably, reverse at speed into a peep. If they are merely knocked unconscious, repeat the process!

If you're struggling with the ATM method and towing a car is too slow on reversing, tow a car to the crusher found just north of Dwayne's on the first island, and tow the resulting cube after crushing the car.

Grab a tow truck from your preferred place - Dwayne's, Fix + Spray or the car dealer - and tow any other vehicle. Jump out of the tow truck, shoot or beat the car you're towing until it catches fire, then jump back into the tow truck. Start to drive away, then press cn_X to detach it before it blows up.

The jump has to complete to qualify. Distances are shown when you've landed the jump. It's possible on many jumps, the jump mentioned below is where I did mine.

Drive a cop car or a Kamara to the lake which borders the Endtimes outdoor supply shop. Head around going west until you find the stunt jump which heads over the lake. Now, take a huge run up and floor it. If you successfully land the jump by the Beanz Coffee Shop, your achievement will unlock.

Another easy achievement is available right after the prologue.

The bank in question is on the first island and marked clearly on the in-game map. It's fairly central, near the donut shop. The map key is on the left of the screen.

Approach the bank from the front entrance, and drive around the left-hand side of it. Now drive out to the rear left edge of the bank's carpark, and on the grass verge ahead you'll see a stunt jump, fashioned out of corrugated steel.

Get a good run up from over the street, and drive off the ramp aiming for the bank. If you land on the roof, gently back off it and your achievement will unlock!

If you clear the bank, then you've added another successful stunt jump, going towards:

I recommend a car with decent acceleration, such as the Armadillo buggy you can find parked opposite Dwayne's scrapyard office.

No real strategy here, just make sure you're always stealing parked cars. If you need to grind this out at the end of the game, load up your inventory with melee weapons and/or bricks and stones, then run circles around the car dealership. Break into each and every car, then immediately jump out and boost the next one. By the time you've done a full circle, the first load of vehicles should have been replaced with fresh, locked ones. You can find several mallets and crowbars as you circle around, too.

Drive to the area where the Endtimes outdoor supplies shop is. Rob it. Now run east to the Beanz Coffee Shop. Rob it. Finally, run southwest to the bar. Rob it. Run north back to Endtimes, which should now be open for business again.

Rinse and repeat!

As an aside, you don't have to actually take anything from the store. You just have to successfully kill/incapacitate the owner so the building blueprint shows up.

Drive to the cemetery on the second island, and take the hearse which is always parked here. As long as it's daylight, there are loads of people here coming and going. Pancake them all, then drive out past the southern road and come back and do it again!

Be aware that the hearse is VERY fragile, so I recommend upgrading the amount of damage your vehicle can take.

Flyers are advertising leaflets for the various in-game businesses and can be tracked on the statistics screen.

There are 15 flyers to collect.

All flyers can be found on the first island of the game if you're looking to get this out of the way early, as well as the rest of the map when it opens up, but they are almost entirely random in their placement. The only constant is that they are collected by burgling premises. Flyers can be found in any room in both residential and commercial properties.

Each flyer can be collected several times, but you'll know every time you pick up a new one because you'll get an on-screen text stating that a new note has been added to your journal.

The only way to obtain this achievement is by indiscriminately robbing every property you come across, which you'll be doing anyway to search for paintings and hidden stashes.

The list of flyers, presented for information only:

Gas Station Flyer
Outdoor Store Flyer
Gun Store Flyer
General Store Flyer
Car Lot Flyer
Bar Flyer
Body Shop Flyer
Donut Store Flyer
Clothing Store Flyer
Cafe Flyer
Pharmacy Flyer
Pawn Shop Flyer
Art Dealer Flyer
Salvage Yard Flyer
Diner Flyer

I had burgled over 30 stores and countless houses before finding them all. The final flyer I found was for the Gas Station, which I found in the office of the pharmacy during the Foul Play mission. I had robbed that pharmacy and searched every room each time about a half dozen times before finding it, proving again they appear completely at random, like any other loot.

Make sure you're constantly robbing places and selling the loot. Selling all the paintings will bring a total of $10,000 dollars towards this alone.


I was going to do video guides for these, but they were useless. No, really, they were - I made two of them before realising that it was just me going around the track and getting gold. Unlike racing games, there are no special shortcuts to use whilst driving and no secret hidden routes. It's either lapping around a track or getting from point A to point B. As such, the video guides weren't guides at all. Having said that, I will offer you some tips for finishing them:

  • All you have to do is drive quickly, but carefully.
  • The world carries on around you, including the police presence.
  • Sometimes you'll fail just on dumb luck. I reached a checkpoint where a train was totalling a pickup, ruining my run.
  • DON'T take any stunt jumps en route.
  • For the circuits, treat the first attempt as three practice laps, getting to know the feel of the car and your racing line.
  • For point-to-point races, you can bring up the map, which allows you to plot a safe route in advance whilst the timer is paused.
  • If you're driving a vehicle with a nitro boost attached, DO NOT allow the boost to get into the red. Your vehicle will set on fire. Having said that, if you're nearly finished and running low on time, just hold it down - even when it lights up, you can still finish the race if you don't explode.
  • Every time trial will appear on the map for the act you are currently in once you've finished the first couple of story missions in that act.
  • You'll know if you've already completed a time trial, because when you go to start it again the medals will have green ticks next to them. So if you're looking for the last one you haven't got gold on, you need to drive to each one and attempt to start it. If a medal has a time next to it instead of a tick, then you haven't beaten that medal time on that trial yet.

Completing all of the time trials and getting gold in each one will unlock you the following slew of achievements:

Additionally, when racing the time trial that takes place in the quarry where you drive an armadillo (the icon is found towards the top left of the first map), it's easily beatable without hitting anything at all. Get gold whilst not harming your vehicle to unlock the final miscellaneous achievement:

Okay, on with the show! Return to this page at any time to work on these.

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